Rags To Riches Chapter 686

 Qin Ming was very surprised, he had just heard Zhao Pan and the others bad-mouthing Sun Changxi and was immediately annoyed, in his anger, he poured strength into his two fingers, his Qi sank into his abdomen, and at a distance of only two or three centimetres, he exploded with power and struck through the wooden board in one blow.

                "Ow, it hurts like hell, it's swollen, my fingers are swollen." Qin Ming stiffened for a moment and immediately dropped the plank, covering his finger and screaming miserably, the so-called ten fingers are connected to the heart, one hurts, which one hurts.

                Song Yiling said in a light-hearted manner, "That's not normal? Are you not a university student? The force is mutual, you hit through the board, your fingers must be injured, always understand, right? Do you think you can protect your body with qigong?"

                Qin Ming covered his finger, it was actually swollen?

                He said, "Then how did you survive the martial arts training since you were young?"

                "Boiled with my life." Song Yiling held out her own hand towards Qin Ming, covered with thick calluses, each finger was scarred, and it was obviously a woman, but it was as thick as a man.

                Song Yiling said with a smile, "When it hurts more, the body gets used to it. It hurts and hurts, so you don't feel the pain anymore. Senior brother, you're quite good, you've learnt it in half a day, almost as good as I did back then."

                Qin Ming was surprised, "Eh? I'm very talented now?"

                Song Yiling smiled and said, "Don't move, let's put medicine on you first, then switch to the other finger and continue practising, make sure you are comfortable with it. Moreover, the use of inch power is not only in the fingers, but also in the knees, elbows, wrist fists and other body parts that can quickly approach the enemy and can explode. Have you seen any videos of him fighting with people?"

                Qin Ming shook his head, "No, I have seen Jackie Chan's. Can I watch Donnie Yen's? I watched the final chapter of Ip Man two days ago, I felt the fight was very energetic."

                "Ip Man is not powerful, it's his disciples who are powerful... If I were in the present, Ip Man wouldn't be able to beat me." Song Yiling gave him a blank look, pulled out a medicinal oil and said, "Forget it, bring your hand."

                "Ip Man that's a master of the generation, a real person." Qin Ming was secretly staggered, this senior sister of his was so powerful?

                Song Yiling grabbed Qin Ming's hand and said, "Not everyone who practices kung fu can achieve something. Bear with it and apply the medicine."

                Qin Ming immediately screamed in pain as soon as the medicine was applied, "Ai yao yao, Sister, be gentle, what is all this? It's cold."

                Song Yiling said, "Anesthesia medicine, it doesn't hurt when it's anesthetized, keep practicing."

                "...... Crouch, merciless." Qin Ming wanted to cry, what kind of people are these na.

                At the same time, Zhao Pan and his group quickly fled the scene, for others could not quite understand what Qin Ming's one finger piercing the wooden board after three centimeters meant, as if it was a very common thing.

                But Zhao Pan had studied kung fu and fighting for real, and he understood that in a real fight, there was no such thing as an inch of strength for a user.

                That sudden burst of power through a three-centimetre-thick wooden plank at a distance of only two inches could equally open up a bloody hole if it hit a person.

                Zhao Pan said to himself, "That punk, he must have been secretly learning martial arts for years, there is no way he could have achieved this much in just a few months of learning martial arts. Hmph, he's even stirred up someone from the Yellow School, isn't he going against the Zhao family? Don't you know that the Zhao family and the Li family are old friends who have been friends for generations? As a son of the Zhao family, yet you have brought the Zhao family into disrepute, people like you don't deserve to stay in the Zhao family."

                Zhao Pan walked to the entrance of the school and said, "Bai Mingyu, I'll trouble you with this one. You wait like this ......"

                Zhao Pan muttered a few words in Bai Mingyu's ear, and Bai Mingyu nodded his head one by one.

                Zhao Pan patted Bai Mingyu's shoulder and said, "After it's done, there will be less benefits for you. Your Bai family used to be a powerful family in Beijing, but now that it has fallen, you are not yet a member of this family. If you want to get rich, you need opportunities, and I am your opportunity, understand? Get the job done for me."

                Bai Mingyu was busy nodding, "Yes, yes, yes."

                Zhao Pan drove alone to a certain courtyard in the first ring district, where the Li family's lord had retired.

                The two lords of the Li family, one was Li Shun's grandfather, who was the head of the family, and the other lord was Li Xing Hong's grandfather, the two lords were two brothers at the beginning, the elder brother, Li the elder, inherited the Li family, and Li the second split it off.

                But when they grew old, the two eldest brothers liked to go back to the courtyard to recuperate.

                This is where Li Xinghong is currently recuperating from his injuries.

                It looks like a courtyard on the outside, but inside it is quite large and has a special medical room with advanced equipment and 24-hour doctor's attention.

                In the courtyard, Li Xinghong's foot was in a plaster cast and had silver needles inserted, next to some elderly grannies who were holding his hands, constantly massaging and pushing, while Li Xinghong was obviously not moving, but was sweating profusely.

                Zhao Pan walked over, glanced at him and was very envious.

                These grannies were pushing and holding a tray of medicine next to them, what was inside was synthetic medicine that could strengthen the blood, strengthen the muscles, and think of boosting the strength of the body's muscles.

                This is different from the gym, fitness people eat protein powder, protein powder to create the kind of just false muscle, the Li family's this can synthetic drugs massage, rub under, can really enhance the explosive power of the muscle.

                Zhao Pan looked at it with great envy and said, "This drug is too expensive and, moreover, there is no market for it. It costs more than 300 million RMB a plate, it's a money grab."

                "Coming?" A beautiful woman walked out of the house, wasn't it Li Xinghong's own mother?

                She didn't even look at Zhao Pan and asked, "How did it go?"

                Zhao Pan said humbly, "Mrs Li, that cousin of mine, Zhao Zhengyin, he has already practised inch strength, I saw with my own eyes that he broke through a three centimetre thick wooden board at close range, simply by using the strength of his wrist."

                "Tsk, there really is some discipline." Mrs Li grimly gritted her teeth, "That bastard, injuring my son, I won't let it go."

                Li Xinghong said blandly, "Mom, what's the panic? It's just an inch of strength, I know it too."

                With a snap, Li Xinghong punched the wooden pillar of the old house next to him, making a shallow fist mark.

                Li Xinghong looked at his fist and said confidently, "I was just lazy before and didn't take it seriously, but now it's different. Mum, this is between him and me, don't meddle, in half a month's time I will make him beg for mercy on his knees. Sun Changxi will also know that she has no choice but me."

                Mrs Li said, "Son, it is obvious that Zhang Quanzhen has trained that wastrel well, he may have spent a lot of money on him, and you should not be rash and careless. In a couple of days, there will be a hidden auction in the capital city, there will be a good medicine, you are practicing our Li family's breathing door method, practice with that medicine, it will complement each other."

                Li Xinghong asked, "The Zhao family won't secretly give him money to compete with me, will they?"

                Zhao Pan hurriedly shook his head and said, "Don't worry, my fourth uncle has already explicitly said that he will cut off his financial resources to teach him a lesson. At the same time, I've sent his alumnus Bai Mingyu to keep an eye on him, and he'll send a message as soon as he makes any move."

                Mrs Li nodded in satisfaction and said, "Well, that's good. Zhao Pan, you know your stuff, and I have my eye on your father Zhao Song Xian, the future heir to the Zhao family. Go back again with that little gift and say hello to your parents for me."

                Hearing this, Zhao Pan was overjoyed and said, "Thank you, Mrs Li, for your trust."

                Zhao Pan took the gift and left the courtyard happily.

                Inside the courtyard, Li Xinghong said disdainfully, "Mother, this Zhao Pan is also a mediocre person, at most a lapdog, why do you give him money?"

                Mrs. Li said, "The Zhao family is very important, don't easily get into trouble with people who may inherit the Zhao family, understand? Zhao Zhen is old and will be one of the three sons to inherit the Zhao family after all. It's just that the one who pissed you off this time is the son of the illegitimate Zhao Songli, then we're not afraid, we have to make him pay in blood."

                Li Xinghong clenched his fist, satisfied with his power, and said, "Yes, dare to steal a woman from me, I will waste him."