Rags To Riches Chapter 685

 In the morning, in a playground at Tsinghua University, Qin Ming had a pile of wooden boards used for people's taekwondo practice in front of him.


                Qin Ming violently rubbed his five fingers against a plank, and then cursed in his heart, "Crap, merciless."

                When I say five fingers, it was actually the middle finger of the palm that was subjected to the most severe force, and it didn't take long to practise before Qin Ming noticed that his nails were broken and his fingers were numb, just short of bleeding.

                He complained, "I say, I don't want to be the richest man in the world either, I'm an economics student, I can write a paper for you if you ask me to simulate the financial environment, but you want me to practise the One Yang Finger or the Ruthless Iron Hand?"

                Song Yixing said, "What Yi Yang Finger, you were making a TV series with Jin Yong? Breathe, breathe. You are at least a university student, why can't you understand? Forget it, sister, you teach, there is a girl over there who is very decent, I will ask for a weibo."

                "......" Qin Ming was speechless, how could this girl be a human senior brother?

                Song Yiling on the side was more silent, she was here all morning with her phone to brush Taobao.

                "Senior sister ......" Qin Ming asked in a depressed voice: "This breathing, what's going on? I'm already learning it while old man Zhang is teaching it ......"

                Song Yiling interrupted him and said, "Call the teacher, people who practice martial arts should respect their teachers."

                "Thanks to senior brother you have money yet, you wait for me to clear these shopping lists, then I will talk to you." Song Yiling tapped her phone beautifully.

                Qin Ming had a dark face, okay, the two siblings had great respect for Zhang Quanzhen and no respect for him.

                Qin Ming was torn when a group of people walked next to him, wasn't that Bai Mingyu?

                Qin Ming hadn't seen this guy for a while, he had been much more honest after he had been punked with Bai Jingchen last time.

                And Bai Mingyu was accompanied by a few men and women, who looked uncommonly well-dressed.

                What was more surprising to Qin Ming was that people from the Zhao family were also here.

                Apart from Zhao Zhengting and Zhao Ruo Shi, the other few were the ones he had seen at last night's banquet.

                Bai Mingyu inexplicably got his breath back and mocked, "Yo, isn't this our young Zhao? What? Is Young Zhao worried about the competition in half a month?"

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes and said, "Yes, Bai Mingyu, what do you want by bringing a group of people with you?"

                A man at the head of the group said, "You should give up, the Li family practiced martial arts in their time, their family even produced military generals and special soldiers in the army, Li Xing Hong's status is even more honourable than yours, why do you want to go against the Li family?"

                Qin Ming looked at the man, about twenty years old, dressed handsomely, a typical educated son of a rich family.

                But the tone of voice was also typically arrogant, seemingly polite, but in fact he despised Qin Ming very much inside.

                Qin Ming asked rhetorically, "What's your name?"

                "Zhao Pan, I'm your cousin." Zhao Pan arrogantly held his chin up and said, "Did I say something wrong? Not only did you injure Li Xinghong last night, you angered Li Shun even more, who is the absolute expert of the younger generation of the Li family and will inherit the Li family in the future."

                Qin Ming laughed and said, "Oh, could it be that the Li family's people will fly into the sky and live forever?"

                Zhao Zhengting, who was discontented at the side, said, "Zhao Zhengyan you have you been watching too much anime? Since you hang around with Zhang Quanzhen, join the Huang School and practice poking the plank here, you should know that the real kung fu. Brother Zhao Pan is one of the only few people from our Zhao family who can go to the Li family to learn kung fu."

                Qin Ming said disdainfully, "If you can't fly to heaven and earth and live forever, which is a hammer?"

                Zhao Pan raised the corners of his mouth very proudly and said, "It's not clear to talk to a foolish person like you. But you're learning inch strength? Is this something you can learn in half a month? What a fool's errand, you don't even weigh up who you are. Furthermore the breathing techniques of the Yellow School are very backward, relying on drugs to support your body, and without money you're finished, you're only self-indulgent ......"


                Suddenly, a big, pale hand swung across at an angle and slapped Zhao Pan.

                Zhao Pan immediately dodged, and then saw the person coming, it was Qin Ming who suddenly attacked, and he made one move after another, grabbing Zhao Pan's throat with his backhand, and sweeping his feet three times in a row.

                Zhao Pan was taken by surprise and his neck was grabbed with five finger marks, while he was kicked down by Qin Ming.

                "You!" Zhao Pan was immediately helped up by a few people and stared at Qin Ming with an angry face.

                Qin Ming laughed, "Weren't you selected by the Li family to train in martial arts? I've only recently started learning kung fu, and it looks like you're not very good either."

                "You sneak attacked." Zhao Pan said defiantly, "It's just that I'm a gentleman and won't bother with your unintelligent brother. But you want to learn inch strength in half a month, it's impossible."

                Qin Ming was annoyed, "What if I can do it?"

                Zhao Pan grunted, "It took me five years of study to learn it, and you give me half a month to complete it? Who do you think you are? If you can do it, then I'll pee upside down."

                "Zhao Zhengyin, don't forget that you're just an invalid."

                "It seems your brother has said you, be sensible and stop antagonising the Li family."

                "That's right, you're still getting in the way of Li Xinghong getting a girl, the Sun family's Missy is the one Li Xinghong is after, what are you doing sticking your nose in."

                "And you've offended the Li family, you're a real troublemaker."

                "I think you should stop practicing, hurry up and apologise to the Li family, maybe things can still turn around."

                The sons of the Zhao family counted off Qin Ming with your words, feeling that Qin Ming had done something to damage the face of the Zhao family last night, and at the same time hindered Qin Ming from contacting kung fu.

                Qin Ming secretly gritted his teeth and adjusted his breathing, his lungs inhaling air, adjusting the strength of his muscles and gradually coalescing them towards his fingers, his essence and energy all adjusted to an excellent condition.

                Coldly, Song Yiling scoffed, "You guys are jealous of my senior brother because you can't be heroes, right? Last night anyone could see that Miss Sun was impatient with Li Xinghong, it was Li Xinghong who was not a gentleman at all and pestered. And none of you stood up to help, not even a man can be considered."

                As soon as Song Yiling spoke, these people from the Zhao family stopped responding, the truth they all knew, the truth they understood, but they could not admit they were just incompetent.

                Zhao Pan said unconvincingly, "What kind of words are you saying? A man's pursuit of women is not more normal? How do you not know that it is Miss Sun who is lusting after her? Zhao Zhengyan what ability does he have to provoke the Li family? It's not for the plague ......"


                Suddenly, Qin Ming, who was brewing, punched two fingers through the wooden board, the crowd was startled by the sound he made and looked back, but it was the wooden board Qin Ming was holding for practice that was punched through.

                Qin Ming let out a long breath and turned his head and said viciously, "I know Sister Chang Xi and I have a good relationship. I won't forgive anyone who humiliates her, Zhao Pan, watch your words."

                Song Yiling said in surprise, "Senior brother, you've practised this inching power? In just half a day?"

                The young sons and daughters of the Zhao family were all dumbfounded, they were still mocking vigorously just now, how could Qin Ming have suddenly practised the inching power?

                "Impossible! I've been practicing for years without success, how did you ......" Zhao Pan looked at the wooden plank in Qin Ming's hand in shock, it was three centimetres thick and poked through with two fingers at close range, this inching power was considered practiced.

                Qin Ming threw the plank in front of the Zhao family and said, "Who wants to pee upside down? Perform one?"

                Zhao Pan's face turned blue and he said defiantly, "Don't be complacent, this is just a coincidence, you will definitely lose the competition in half a month."

                Zhao Pan's intention was to harass Qin Ming, but it turned out that Qin Ming did it all at once, he was so depressed that he led a sharp line and ran away, saying as he went, "Go quickly, go and inform the Li family."