Rags To Riches Chapter 683

 Qin Ming accepted the blood amber given by Chang Rui, and at the same time made a note of Chang Rui as a woman.

                According to Ao Mei's research, Chang Rui often lives in the Zhao family manor, and there is a Buddhist temple behind the manor, where Chang Rui believes in Buddhism and usually stays to recite sutras.

                As soon as Chang Rui left, Zhao Zhen appeared, his head held high and his presence dignified.

                Zhao Zhen still gave the impression of being very oppressive, with a powerful aura, but it felt different from at the banquet.

                Qin Ming clearly felt that Zhao Zhen was not looking at him with the same sense of oppression.

                Zhao Zhen waved his hand towards Zhao Songzhi and the others, and the three of them immediately indicated that they would leave first.

                He muttered in his heart, "When I appeared as Zhao Zhengyan, the sense of oppression was indeed not so strong, could it be that Zhao Zhen still cares quite a lot about Zhao Zhengyan, his grandson, in his heart? I really can't tell."

                Zhao Zhen was more proactive and said, "Young Qin, nice to meet you."

                Qin Ming also took the initiative and extended his hand, saying, "It's a pleasure to meet you, Old Zhao. It's just the two of us now, so I'll get right to the point. I also just got off the plane and only found out that my men had captured that fatty Liang. It made me not even have a chance to rest properly. They said that my missing bodyguard, Wu Long, was captured by you? Isn't that a joke? We'll soon be joined in marriage as in-laws. My righteous father also used to say that Zhao Lao is a man of ability, so we should learn more from him in the future."

                "Look, I'm not resting, so I'm bringing Mr. Liang over to see you right away. I am really guilty of disturbing Elder Zhao's rest."

                Zhao Zhen laughed, Qin Ming's words were so well spoken that he could be said to have no temper left.

                He said, "Young Qin is quick to speak, not unlike Chang Hongxi. Since young Qin has asked so much, we didn't arrest your men, the police did. I remember last couple of months, we had a shipment of huge value and very important cargo ships coming close to the port of Guangzhou, and someone ended up sabotaging them, and when we caught the person, we found out that the person was called Wu Long, your bodyguard. We were just doing official business and handed over to the police."

                Qin Ming cursed Zhang Quanzhen for a while longer in his heart, it was all because that guy had set up a trap, failed, and dragged Ah Long into it.

                He said, "Old Zhao, can this loss be measured in money? If you can, put a price on it."

                "One hundred billion." Zhao Zhen lightly uttered a figure that drew in a cold breath; sixty billion was not a small amount, or one could say astronomical.

                And it was also far beyond the value of its goods.

                But for the Huan Yu Century Group, it could still be taken.

                Qin Ming smiled lightly: "Elder Zhao, are you not making it difficult for me? My righteous father is still here, how can I move that much money? Besides, you know the structure within Huan Yu well, some of the money is in the public accounts and has to be apportioned down at the top board, it's all everyone's money."

                Zhao Zhen laughed and said, "Little slick, you're still a bit young to be playing with me."

                He said, "Young Qin, a hundred billion is a difficult thing for some of the gentry. But it is not difficult for you. You control the arms trade outside Asia, do more business in Europe, and won't you be back?"

                Qin Ming cursed straight in his heart, "You fart, old fox, don't your men want to eat? Don't the arms cost anything?"

                Qin Ming said, "The real price, I know from Fatty Liang, twenty billion, no more. Zhao Lao, I know it, you guys are not honest, I haven't counted the matter of Chang Xue, this is a real thing, the witness is still Officer Sun of that Sun family. I also know that in the course of Huan Yu's development, fighting is inevitable, everyone is not willing to be subordinate, however, my righteous father was very angry about your arrest of Chang Xue, and I was the one who suppressed it."

                Zhao Zhen took a deep breath and looked at Qin Ming, at the scar on his forehead, he was outwardly ancient, but inwardly he was very upset: "This little slicker, threatening me. But catching Chang Xue out of trouble has fallen into place. Now is another extraordinary time, other board members might take the opportunity to cause trouble."

                Seeing Zhao Zhen's pensive look, Qin Ming added, "A while ago, your illegitimate son Zhao Songli, whose family invested in an oil field in Africa, had an accident. The old Qin family in Haicheng also came to me to make connections, and Zhao Songli has also met my secretary, so I thought we would all be joined in marriage in the future, so I would help if I could."

                Zhao Zhen said, "In the end, you still have full control of the African oil fields. You don't have to lose out either."

                Qin Ming laughed, "We'll make money together, but I'll be the one who gets the lion's share."

                Zhao Zhen stood up and picked up his mobile phone, he was waiting for news, he had just sent someone to Zhao Zhengyan's university dormitory to see if it was really Zhao Zhengyan who was at the university, and it was about time to do the math.

                Zhao Zhen's mobile phone sent a picture of Zhao Zhengyan lying down and sleeping.

                Zhao Zhen read the message and immediately deleted it.

                Zhao Zhen looked relieved and turned back to say, "Since this time is a misunderstanding and young Qin came over in the middle of the night, I am not good enough to be too calculating, seven hundred billion."

                Qin Ming bit off more than he could chew, saying, "Twenty billion can't be more. Oh, Zhao Lao wants Xinran's bride price so early?"

                Zhao Zhen narrowed his eyes, looking at Qin Ming's deadpan manner, he could also see Qin Ming's determination, he sighed long and melancholy and said, "Fine, forty billion, young Qin, this is the biggest concession I can make, otherwise it is free of negotiation."

                Qin Ming got up and said, "It seems that Zhao Lao is not at all sympathetic to a junior like me. Twenty billion, when Elder Zhao thinks about it, when will you return the person to me."

                Zhao Zhen saw that Qin Ming was going to walk away, and even though he was used to seeing big storms, he was still surprised by Qin Ming's unprecedented method.

                This person would not be saved? This compensation was not negotiated either?

                Of course Qin Ming wanted to save Wu Long, but he was not the one who could let Zhao Zhen lead him by the nose, he wanted to take the initiative.

                Zhao Zhen couldn't hold his breath any longer, as Qin Ming was already at the door, he hurriedly said, "Young Qin, please stay, $20 billion is $20 billion, our Zhao family has suffered a heavy loss this time, it is really your fault. Twenty billion is still a loss to our Zhao family."

                Qin Ming smiled blandly and did not say anything, any more would expose Zhang Quanzhen.

                He turned back and said, "Old Zhao, don't joke about it, you can make no profit, but definitely no loss."

                It didn't take long for Qin Ming to have Ao Mei deliver the medicine that had brought Fatty Liang back to consciousness, and Zhao Zhen sent someone to get Wu Long from the prison.

                Wu Long had suffered some, but his arms and legs were healthy, so there was nothing serious wrong with him. When he saw Qin Ming, before he could move his lips, Qin Ming hugged him and said, "Don't say anything, suffer brother."

                Wu Long's tiger body shook and a line of hot tears immediately flowed down his face as he said, "Young master, I've made you lose face."

                Qin Ming took Wu Long to the car and left, while at the entrance of the Zhao family's manor, Zhao Zhen quietly watched Qin Ming and his group leave.

                Not long after, Phoenix, the pretty woman who had tested Qin Ming earlier, walked over and said, "Boss, Liang Xing has woken up, the medicine is working."

                Zhao Zhen nodded and said, "Well, send more men to keep an eye on this Qin Ming. He, is not simple."