Rags To Riches Chapter 682

 In the Zhao family's Mercedes Benz sedan, Phoenix crossed her long legs, an open cheongsam showing the curves of her body, Qin Ming felt his tongue ache just looking at it.

                If this girl hadn't seduced him in the dormitory, would he have bitten his tongue in order to suppress his physiological reaction?

                Phoenix snuggled over, and that veiled hand was rubbing towards Qin Ming's chest, "Young Qin, you are so young and have so much wealth, people are so envious, if only I could find a man like you in the future, young Qin."

                Qin Ming's arm clearly felt what soft fleshy mass was squeezing, that sour feeling, the evil fire rubbed up.

                But he didn't say anything.

                Seeing Qin Ming's stern face, Phoenix fortunately called out whiningly, "Young Qin, don't be so high and mighty. On the way to the Zhao family's manor, people are your dish. This is our Zhao family's way of hospitality."

                Saying that, Phoenix's hand was not honest and went directly towards Qin Ming's bottom.

                The rest of Qin Ming's eyes looked towards this woman, what an incomparable beauty, to be able to let go of her body, to have a face that was still beautiful in its vegetation, and to be a spy, the Zhao family had so many talents, ah.

                The cold little hand touched, Qin Ming a bloodthirsty teenage boy, soon lost his armour, shameful stone more.

                "Ah!" Phoenix's heart jumped, he had tried two men in one day and the reaction was still obvious.

                Immediately after Qin Ming let her test the waters, he pulled her hand away and angrily scolded, "Enough, offend me again and I'll get angry. I have a marriage contract with Zhao Xinran, I don't know what your intentions are, but I don't want to betray my fiancĂ©e."

                Phoenix immediately moved away from the car, bending over with a frightened look, and apologised, "I'm sorry, young Qin, I, I was wrong. It was a momentary mistake on my part, please don't tell my boss, I need this job badly."

                Qin Ming said in a deep voice, "That's enough, sit up front."

                Phoenix was happy to do so, she had achieved her goal anyway.

                The car stopped and Phoenix sat up front.

                And as soon as Phoenix left, Qin Ming immediately sent a message to Song Ying: "Zhao Zhen's trial is not over yet, tell Yang Xiaoxuan to be careful."

                Qin Ming sent the message and was apprehensive, thinking, "In order to help this awful old man, Zhang Quanzhen, my identity is being suspected. Alas, Zhao Zhengyin is now a vegetable, so it won't be easy to fix it in the future."

                Not long after, the car pulled up at the entrance of the Zhao family's grand manor, and at the entrance stood Zhao Songzhi and his wife, as well as their daughter, Zhao Xinran.

                Qin Ming was quite surprised, wasn't this grand daughter of a wealthy family studying in Eungoku?

                When he was in Guangzhou, Zhao Xinran gave him the impression that she was dignified and virtuous in front of people, but debauched behind the scenes. Of course, Qin Ming did not know that it was Zhao Xinran who was pretending, because she was also forced to go on a blind date.

                She thought that if she pretended to be annoying, Qin Ming would give up on her, but in the end, Qin Ming agreed.

                Zhao Xinran pouted and hummed, "It's after eleven o'clock, what's she doing here in the middle of the night? It was agreed that I would not get married until I graduated."

                Zhao Songzhi reprimanded, "Xinran, how can you talk like that? If you can marry Qin Ming, you will be able to enjoy a lot of wealth and prosperity in the future, and your parents will also be honoured.

                Zhao Xinran hummed, "I know, sacrificing me for the sake of the family, right?"

                The car stopped and Phoenix immediately went inside to find Zhao Zhen.

                Phoenix said, "Boss, that Qin Ming is undoubtedly, he is physically responsive and has no hidden illnesses."

                Zhao Zhen nodded majestically and said, "You tell Zhao Songzhi to take Qin Ming to the living room, and you go and bring up his bodyguard."

                In the living room, Zhao Songzhi was eloquent, gossiping about some family matters and pulling his daughter in to interact.

                I don't know what other people thought, but Zhao Songzhi was very happy that his daughter was married to Qin Ming, which would help him to inherit the Zhao family in the future.

                Zhao Xinran did not dare to be reckless because her parents were around, and she was just coping with the situation.

                Zhao Songzhi said, "Young Qin, I still think it's not good to cancel the engagement ceremony, it's not good to let our Zhao family organize it, you just need to be there. After all, we are all decent people, and it is better to make such an important event widely known."

                Qin Ming shook his head, "No, my righteous father is kind of sick, and I may have to go to Magnesium to see him often. The doctor said he has six months to go, and counting, it's only these last two months, which happens to clash with the engagement, so ......"

                Zhao Songzhi hurriedly said, "Understood, young Qin is really a filial son."

                Qin Ming was really a bit ashamed that he had adopted Chang Hongxi as his righteous father, yet he hadn't even visited Chang Hongxi recently, instead he was busy helping Zhang Quanzhen.

                Zhao Xinran said, "If you don't do it, you don't do it. Not even a phone call."

                Zhao Songzhi quickly reprimanded, "You girl, Qin Shao is managing countless businesses, how can he be busy? In the future, if you marry Qin Shao, you will have to learn to help him manage his large family business."

                Qin Ming smiled falsely, but in his heart he thought, "My father is afraid that the Zhao family will turn against me if I marry them. This is just a delaying tactic. When my righteous father is gone, I will be completely free, and when I withdraw this marriage, the Zhao family will no longer have anything to do with it. I can't let Haitang ...... well, and Xiaoqiao and the girls wait for me anymore. I want to be a good man."

                "This is the heir of Huan Yu Century, Qin Ming, right?"

                Suddenly, a woman draped in a mink fur cloak walked by outside the living room, looking at her movements as if she was incredibly old, but looking at her face, she was just under fifty, evenly built and well-built.

                Qin Ming said politely, "I am, may I ask if you are ......"

                "Oh, this is my mother." Zhao Songzhi said, "Mom, are you still awake at this late hour?"

                Qin Ming's pupils shrank, she was the woman that Zhang Quanzhen had been longing for? Chang Rui? The woman who had caused the five brothers, Zhang Quanzhen, Zhao Zhen, Mu Hai Ran, Chang Kai Shen and Bai Mu Yang, to turn against each other?

                Qin Ming could still see her beauty when she was young, and her phoenix-shaped eyes still had a unique charm.

                Qin Ming was very pleasantly surprised. He was thinking of swapping back Ah Long in the meantime and then meeting Zhao Zhen and the Zhao family, but he ended up meeting Chang Rui.

                Chang Rui came forward and said politely, "Young Master Qin, you are really ...... good looking. For you to be married to our Xinran, our Zhao family can really be honoured."

                "Grandma~" Zhao Xinran took Chang Rui's hand somewhat shyly and said, "You all don't like Xinran and are looking forward to getting rid of me."

                Chang Rui laughed, "If we don't marry you off sooner, you'll learn badly from all those foreign devils in those aristocratic schools in Eungoku."

                Qin Ming said hypocritically, "Old Madam Liao praised me. It is my good fortune to marry Xinran."

                Chang Rui said, "Hahahaha, what old lady? Qin Ming, you can just call me Old Mrs. Chang, or Old Mrs. Chang is fine. I know you are here, so I am giving you a gift, this is a treasure that I have carried around for more than fifty years, a blood amber tribute from the imperial family in the early Eastern Han Dynasty."

                Qin Ming reached out and took a box, inside was a thumb-sized white jade amber, and it was wrapped in blood, this was the finest of the finest amber, the blood colour is absorbed by people wearing it for years and years, wearing it from time to time can smooth the qi and lift the spirit, it is very beneficial to the body.

                After giving the gift, Chang Rui said she was sleepy and left.

                Qin Ming was surprised, this Chang Rui specially came to give him a treasure, it is too much to value him, right?

                When Chang Rui walked to the door, she suddenly turned around and glanced at Qin Ming, who was surveying the blood amber, with an unknown meaning.