Rags To Riches Chapter 681

 Xuanyuan Wu was originally from the Zhao family and had been lurking in the armed ranks of the Huan Yu Century Group.

                As a result, Qin Ming had a falling out with Chang Hongxi and wanted to support his own forces, so he removed many of his old employees at once, and by accident, he got Xuan Yuan Wu down.

                At this time, when Xuan Yuan Wu saw his old master again, his heart was also a bit complicated.

                Qin Ming hooked up with Fatty Liang's shoulders and walked out, which made the Zhao family's dead soldiers dare not act rashly, as Fatty Liang was still their head in terms of position.

                Qin Ming saw these ten men who were heavily armed and looked like a special team, he was also a bit nervous inside, bullets have no eyes, whoever is close to a gun going off will be killed.

                "What's the matter? You treat the future son-in-law of the Zhao family like this?" Qin Ming moved himself out and said, "I just got off the plane and only found out that Old Liang had been captured, I'm sorry I couldn't stop it in time, take me to see Zhao Zhen."

                Xuan Yuan Wu and the others looked at each other with covetous faces, what was this all about?

                The top board of directors of Oneworld Century, there are currently a dozen other oligarchs, each very powerful, economic tycoons and political dignitaries from countries around the world.

                It's a feature of Oneworld that you can be killed last night and have to smile the next day because it's inherently cruel and by default a code of rules.

                But you can't be caught out exposing it or you'll be swarmed too.

                It is such a unique and hypocritical environment that has created the current top board of directors of the Huan Yu Century Group.

                Xuan Yuan Wu looked at only the two of them, Qin Ming and Fatty Liang, this was the perfect opportunity to shoot down Chang Hongxi's heir, but no one could have predicted this situation, so he didn't know how to judge, after all, it was true that the two families were currently joined in marriage.

                Qin Ming said, "I didn't come to the capital for anyone, it was for my fiancée Zhao Xinran."

                The moment he spoke of his fiancée, Qin Ming's stomach ached, he was now a man with two identities, his fiancée could really be many .

                The dead soldiers of the Zhao family all looked at Xuan Yuan Wu, trying to wait for his order, while Xuan Yuan Wu hesitated, Qin Ming was about to walk towards the door.

                "Don't move!" Xuan Yuan Wu and the others pointed their guns at Qin Ming.

                But Qin Ming was smiling and pointed at them, saying, "Look behind you."

                The three men looked back, but found that they were already surrounded behind them, and the infrared aim was already against the back of their heads.

                The ten men who had originally planned to fight in a firefight were now completely disrupted by Qin Ming's plan.

                Fatty Liang, who said he was being held by Qin Ming's shoulders, was actually drugged and confused, and his meat mountain-like figure was still the perfect shield for Qin Ming.

                Xuanyuan Wu said, "What do you want?"

                Qin Ming looked at Xuanyuan Wu, hearing a somewhat familiar voice, and had an impression in his mind, but did not move and said, "Release my men, and I will release Fatty Liang, and I am still a good son-in-law of the Zhao family. Are you in a position to decide this? Let the one who is in charge come."

                Xuanyuan Wu said, "I'll bring the man back, ask for instructions from above, and get back to you."

                "That's fine. Take it." Qin Ming gave Fatty Liang a push and pushed him over.

                Xuanyuan Wu picked up his old partner, but took Fatty Liang's eyes dull and lifeless, calling out twice and not responding, knowing that this was a special drug that had been injected into him. The Huan Yu Century's pharmaceutical system was very developed and a global leader, and had always been held in the hands of Chang Hong Xi, and the Zhao family had no way to easily get the corresponding antidote.

                Xuanyuan Wu said, "Tell your men not to shoot."

                Qin Ming laughed, "I'll wait for you."

                Sure enough, half an hour after Xuanyuan Wu left, a Mercedes Benz sedan from the Zhao family drove to the entrance of the Huan Yu Trade Building.

                A slim and beautiful woman, wasn't it the woman called Phoenix who had just tested Qin Ming in the school dormitory?

                Phoenix slightly owed her body and said, "Hello young Qin, I'm here to pick you up on behalf of the Zhao family."

                Qin Ming had changed his clothes a long time ago, and the aura he could create was different from the way he looked at school, becoming sharper and rather majestic as a superior, with a big man's aura in every move, his usual scumbag aura was gone.

                Phoenix looked at Qin Ming carefully and thought to herself, "The heir to Huan Yu really does look exactly like Young Master Zhao Zhengyin, but there are wounds at the corners of his eyes, and, Young Master Zhao Zhengyin has a different aura. But the boss has orders, so we have to try him out even later."

                When Qin Ming wanted to get into the car alone, Song Ying worried, "Young master, it's better for me to accompany you."

                Qin Ming shook his head and said, "Stick to the plan, trust me, Zhao Zhen will not let me die. Because if I die, the Zhao family will have lost an opportunity. They won't know that righteous father will push any more people into power. That's my bottom line."

                The more Qin Ming understood the infighting at the top of Huan Yu, the more he admired Chang Hongxi, feeling that he was a generation of masters who had spent his entire life reforming the Huan Yu Century Group, the world's super corporation.

                Based in the magnesium country, which is known for its freedom, and with a large group of masters who are loyal and protective of their masters, is completely overpowering the Zhao family.

                Although the Zhao family is also a member of the top board, its limitations are too low and limited to China, so it does not have enough influence on Chang Hongxi, who is far away in Magnesia.

                Now that Qin Ming was to inherit Huan Yu, the Zhao family joined with him in marriage, also as a special means of protection.

                Once Qin Ming dies, the consequences are uncontrollable and unpredictable.

                The Zhao family's car took the front, and behind it was the assassination squad following, Song Ying immediately took out her mobile phone after Qin Ming got into the car, dialed a number and said, "Are you ready?"

                Qin Ming's voice came out of the phone, "Ready."

                Song Ying whirled and chided, "Yang Xiaoxuan, turn off the voice changer, you don't need the young master's to talk to me."

                Yang Xiaoxuan chuckled, "I'm just trying it out, if I can't fool you, how can I fool the Zhao family? Hmm? There's a phone call coming in."

                It turned out that the person staying in Qin Ming's dormitory at this moment was Yang Xiaoxuan, who had been given a day off tonight as Sun Justice's righteous son, but the situation was so special that Qin Ming had called him in for overtime again.

                Yang Xiaoxuan picked up the phone that had just come in, yawning and confused, "Who is it? It's the middle of the night and no one is allowed to sleep."

                "It's me, your uncle Zhao Songzhi."

                "Oh, what's wrong? Didn't we just finish talking?" Yang Xiaoxuan looked like he had just woken up, but in his hand he was holding a piece of information, all about the conversation between Qin Ming and Zhao Songzhi not long ago.

                Zhao Songzhi said, "Oh, Zhengyan, you're in the dormitory."

                Yang Xiaoxuan said, "If you're not in the dormitory, where are you? Uncle, if you have something to say, say it quickly."

                At this moment, in the middle of the Zhao family, Zhao Songzhi held his mobile phone and threw a look at Zhao Zhen who was at the side, then took it away and said, "Put, it seems to be okay. You don't need to have any more doubts, do you? That Qin Ming sneaking in to the capital may just be an accident. We just tried him out just now, ah."

                Zhao Zhen's face was pensive, he just thought that tonight's events were a bit coincidental.

                Zhao Zhen said, "Don't be too much trouble, be careful. They look too much alike, and if they are used without our knowledge, that's not a good thing to say. You arrange for someone to go to Zhao Zhengyan's dormitory and check on the others."

                Zhao Songzhi said, "Dad, suppose, suppose it turns out that Zhao Zhengyan is no longer there? What about that Qin Ming secretly using two identities?"

                Zhao Zhen clenched his fist and murmured, "Then we won't let him walk out of the Zhao family alive to avenge my grandson's death."