Rags To Riches Chapter 680

 The lower ground floor of the Huan Yu Century Group's office building in Beijing.

                On the surface this is the trade building of the Huan Yu Century Group, but below it is where the Assassination Squad is stationed on a daily basis. The basement level is large and includes an escape route, a rest area, a practice area, and information centralisation facilities.

                Coralie? Olsen had been involved in information gathering activities here since she arrived in the capital.


                With a loud and serious shout, all the squad members lined up in two rows, saluting Qin Ming who was slowly walking towards them.

                Qin Ming had quite an air of an officer.

                Although he had known of the existence of the assassination squad in the past, he had not come to the base, for one thing Qin Ming did not like playing with guns, and for another, he did not have much time.

                But when he looked at this team of his, the spirit was crisp and sharp, and they were all equipped with fine weapons.

                Apart from going into battle to kill the enemy, their daily cover identities and the work of agents were also their speciality.

                If not for the recent successive defeats to Song Yixing and Li Xigang, Qin Ming felt that they were the safest team of bodyguards in the world.

                Tonight, however, he had come over to arraign Fatty Leung, the hitman of the Zhao family in Beijing, who might still have a lot of secrets, especially the whereabouts of Ah Long.

                Although it was Zhang Quanzhen who had created the problem, Qin Ming was worried about Ah Long and could not wait a moment.

                The two women, Ao Mei and Song Ying, were waiting at the entrance of the interrogation room early. The two women, one with an Oriental face and the other with a Western face in line with Eastern aesthetics, were both stunningly beautiful and Qin Ming could not get tired of looking at them, very eye catching.

                After waiting for Qin Ming, Song Ying followed Qin Ming all the way and said, "Young master, as the information sent to you, Chang Jun Ye has been captured by us in Wakan, Africa, and all his remnants have been eliminated, I have confirmed and all assigned to the prison island in the Pacific Ocean, so that the three brothers can be reunited."

                Qin Ming nodded and said, "Xiaoying, I am relieved that you are doing your job. The three brothers are left alone for now, after all, their righteous father is still around. That Zhao Turnip hasn't moved much yet, it might be a card in the future."

                After Song Ying finished her report, Ao Mei followed, "Boss, this Fatty Liang's background, he is a subordinate of the Zhao family, formerly known as Liang Xing, is now 40 years old. He once won the National Combat Championship when he was sixteen. At the age of twenty-three, he won the Global Combat Championship, and two years after that, he started a global challenge tour, challenging the masters of the global boxing, martial arts and fighting worlds, after which he was not heard of."

                "Until he appeared at a business event in Hainan at the age of thirty, acting as a bodyguard for someone from the Zhao family."

                "We have reason to believe that he's been working for the Zhao family."

                Qin Ming nodded and asked again, "What about his family background?"

                Ao Mei shook her head, "I can't find any background on his family, I'm afraid the Zhao family has been very helpful in this regard, and I can't find anyone at the old address of his parents' rank in the public security authorities. Nor is there any relevant work information."

                Qin Ming bit his lip and muttered, "That means there are no worries, even thinking of sacrificing for his master, ah."

                Creak, bang!

                The iron door opened, and in Huan Yu's unique interrogation room, Liang Xing his hands and feet were tied in chains, his body had been skinned with leather whips, and looking at his dazed state of consciousness, it seemed that he had been drugged.

                And Liang Xing's eyes were blindfolded and he could not see Qin Ming and the others.

                One of the men in charge of the interrogation said, "Young master, he is rather stiff-lipped and has not said anything yet. However, we will soon be able to pry his mouth open."

                Qin Ming didn't think anything of it; although Fatty Liang looked fat and big-headed, he should be more loyal than he thought.

                The Zhao family had helped him hide his family in order to let him do things without worries, once he gave up the Zhao family, I was afraid that it would involve his family, and for the sake of his family, people's willpower was very strong.

                Suddenly, Liang Xing smiled conspiratorially and said, "Hmph hmph, I advise you not to waste your efforts. You don't need to blindfold me either, even if I can't see, I know that the ones who dare to make a move against me in the capital city are definitely the Chang family's people. And since Chang Hongxi is now half dead with cancer, and both his sons have failed to rebel, it must be his righteous, no, illegitimate son, Qin Ming. Right, lad, you are that Qin Ming."

                When Qin Ming saw that his identity was known, he simply cut to the chase and said, "My brother, Wu Long, where is he?"

                Fatty Liang said, "If I tell you, will you let me go?"

                Qin Ming said deliberately, "I have come all the way from Guang City, not to listen to your bargaining terms. You must let Wu Long go, or I will not join forces with the Zhao family."

                Liang Xing grunted, "He destroyed our cargo ship and made the Zhao family lose twenty billion dollars. Is this money coming from you, young Qin?"

                "Damn it, that awful old man, how many more things are he hiding from me?" Qin Ming propped his head up speechlessly, did Zhang Quan really fool Wu Long into doing this?

                Qin Ming added, "Then how about this account of you kidnapping Chang Xue before? You've been with the Zhao family for at least 20 years, right? If the Zhao family appreciates you so much, then you should also know how everyone works in the top board of the Huan Yu Group? I advise you to stop where you are, don't go too far, if someone dies, it's irreparable."

                Liang Xing said, "It is you, Young Master Qin, who nailed it. Since the two families are going to put aside their struggles and join in marriage, they should behave like a son-in-law of the Zhao family. I, Fatty Liang, am just a pawn, and there are many more pawns like me in the Zhao family. You killing me won't help matters any."

                Oooooooo ......

                Suddenly, the underground base alarm sounded long.

                A junior brother ran over and whispered, "Young master, a ten-man squad has broken in in the dark and has already passed through the third underground level and is looking for this side to come down."

                Qin Ming laughed and patted Liang Xing's flesh, saying, "Fatty Liang, this fatty of yours is quite valuable. The Zhao family has come to your rescue so quickly. Good, you are right, we are the future son-in-law of the Zhao family after all, if there is a misunderstanding, let's settle it properly, how can we use knives and guns? You guys untie Old Liang's iron clasp, get dressed, and we'll go to the Zhao family together."

                As Qin Ming walked out of the interrogation room, Song Ying asked, "Young master, it's only ten people, we can handle it, there's no need to compromise."

                Qin Ming waved his hand and said, "Xiao Ying you are wrong. I probably hated the union with Zhao Xinran too much, so I never saw myself as the future son-in-law of the Zhao family, which is actually a good excuse to enter the Zhao family. Moreover, we were found and broken through so quickly here, and I'm afraid that the Zhao family's rescue squad is very familiar with the people here this time, so I don't want to make unnecessary sacrifices."

                When Song Ying heard this, she was silent, the Zhao family's methods seemed to exceed her expectations, she also did not expect the other party to break through the underground level so quickly with just people, and it was only after the breakthrough that they were discovered and the alarm was initiated, so it was clear that the level of the people from the Zhao family was not weak.

                Qin Ming said, "You make a scar for me at the corner of my eye, a little more obvious, so that I can distinguish the difference between me and Zhao Zhengyin."

                Song Ying's make-up was not necessary to say, and in a short while she finished helping Qin Ming with his make-up.

                At this time, at the entrance of the fourth underground level, Xuan Yuan Wu, once the chief leader of the assassination squad, led the Zhao family's dead soldiers all the way in, only to find that the defences were surprisingly weak.

                "Strange, Song Ying's defences, they can't be this weak."

                A deadly soldier scoffed, "Teacher Xuanyuan, I'm afraid they've already left, right? That Huan Yu's heir, I heard he's a brat and has little guts."

                Xuanyuan Wu didn't think so, a man who dared to play Russian roulette, ah, how could he be afraid of death.

                "Prepare, breakthrough ......"

                Ding, suddenly the doorway of the fourth underground floor opened, only to see Qin Ming hooked up with Liang Xing, walking out together, while those Zhao family dead soldiers who were carrying guns at Qin Ming, were dumbfounded, what's wrong with this? Old Liang was turned?