Rags To Riches Chapter 679

 Qin Ming tilted his head, why was this woman staring at his bottom? Good food?

                Qin Ming said, "You left something behind, find it yourself."

                The beautiful woman entered the room and pretended to be puzzled as she looked for something next to the chair, "Strange, where is my key? I was just here just now, and I can't get some light under the table, can you give me a hand, Zhao Shao?"

                Qin Ming looked at the torch bucket she handed over, and was speechless as he squatted down to help her shine under the table.

                Suddenly, Qin Ming glance to see, this woman is kneeling on the floor, wrist under the table to fish for something, this action perfectly shows the curves of the female body very times, especially after she wears not really.

                That round and large ass just in front of Qin Ming twisted, that pair of long legs bent, but by thick stockings tightly wrapped, look very seductive.

                "Rub miles, good figure." Qin Ming looked straight up and said to himself, "Forget it, she'll leave when she's done looking."

                "Young Zhao, I found it. The key actually slipped inside, how strange." The beautiful secretary fished out a key from under the table.

                And as she climbed up, she suddenly flipped her foot and her whole body lunged towards Qin Ming.

                Qin Ming that was caught off guard and was pounced on by her, she pressed one hand on the crotch of her trousers and her breasts pressed directly into Qin Ming's face.

                "Ah, I'm sorry, young Zhao, you see I'm really stupid." The beautiful secretary spat out her mouth in great embarrassment.

                Before Qin Ming could say anything, he obviously felt his little brother being grabbed by her and rubbed twice more.

                "Rubbing miles." Qin Ming thought of something and hurriedly bit through his tongue to shift the nerve sensation, then his mind was all about the equation for the solution of the economic trigonometric function value before he could barely resist the soft grip.

                The beautiful secretary found that Qin Ming still did not respond, only then pretended to stand up with difficulty, said: "Zhao Shao sorry, I, I trouble you. I'm sorry."

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes, this humble looking woman was actually testing him just now, right? There was no mistaking it.

                Luckily he reacted in time, biting his tongue and also letting his spirit go to divert his attention, otherwise he would have suddenly gotten hard, wouldn't he have revealed himself?

                The enemy was too cunning, to use a beauty ploy ah.

                Qin Ming did not move and said, "Oh, it's alright, be careful. Go back when you find something, save Uncle from waiting for you for too long."

                As soon as the beautiful secretary left, Qin Ming punched his fist on the table and hummed, "How dare you calculate on me. Luckily I was alerted to it. Beauty's plan ...... Ah Hu!"

                "Creak," Ahu, the assassination squad leader outside the window, poked his head out and said, "Young master."

                Qin Ming instructed, "Go, grab that woman for me, you can't do it now, once that woman can't get back successfully, it will alert Zhao Songzhi, follow her back, be careful."

                The woman who had just touched Qin Ming was walking quickly along the school road in Qinghua Park.

                Suddenly, a fat but unexpectedly agile fat man rushed out from the roadside, wasn't that Fatty Liang who had once kidnapped Chang Xue?

                The woman was startled and then said angrily, "Damn fatty, you scared the hell out of me, you can't even run so fast without getting well."

                Fatty Liang laughed, "What about it? Phoenix, is that man the young master of our Zhao family?"

                Phoenix nodded and said, "That's right, no reaction to the medicine, I touched it and no reaction either, it's Zhao Zhengyin."

                Fatty Liang mused, "Then it seems that Zhao Zhengyan has changed his temperament drastically. He's become capable now, but he can't get along with his own family, our Zhao family is really in an eventful time now."

                Phoenix said, "Never mind about that, can you get close to that Chang Xue?"

                Fatty Liang shook his head and said, "The last time was an unattainable moment. I've been eyeing this Chang family kid for years. Unfortunately, it was ruined by Huan Yu's people again last time."

                Phoenix said disdainfully, "Oh, that's not normal, the Chang family was already in control of Huan Yu and now they want to start a revolution. Let's see how long they bounce around. Our Zhao family has been through so many storms, it won't fall down."

                Fatty Liang looked behind him and urged, "Hurry up, I'll cover you, it won't be good if the students run into you."

                Phoenix quickly walked out of the campus while Fatty Liang stealthily hid under a tree by the side of the road.

                Fatty Liang was alert to his surroundings when suddenly a hand reached out from the darkness and clasped his left hand, trying to snap it behind his back.

                Immediately alerted, Fatty Liang twisted his body and rolled over, pulling away.

                In the dim street light, Fatty Leung saw that the visitor was masked and dressed in ordinary civilian attire, but his fighting moves were very military.

                "Who is it?" Fatty Liang's wrist would pull hard, but the other party did not let go.

                The person who grabbed Fatty Liang was none other than Tiger, the leader of the Beijing City Assassination Squad, Ah Long's comrade back then.

                He had been ordered to catch Zhao Songzhi's female secretary, but when he came across Fatty Liang, he immediately informed Qin Ming and, under Qin Ming's instructions, caught this Fatty Liang who was watching the back instead.

                Tiger did not say a word and held the other man's wrist in a deadly grip.

                And at that moment, in the darkness, one after another member of the assassination squad came out, Fatty Liang looked at the dozen of people masked men surrounding him, also swallowed and said in shock: "How is it possible, this is a higher school in China, how did you mix in, I didn't even notice."

                Tiger said with great pride, "That's because you were careless. This is not a restricted area for you to enter."

                Fatty Liang suddenly pulled out a dagger and exclaimed, "You are from Huan Yu?"

                Before the words were out of his mouth, he stabbed at Tiger, but there was a sudden "beep" from behind, a silenced gun shot out a needle and hit Fatty Liang's neck, he didn't swing the dagger a few times before he fell limp and paralysed.

                Tiger grunted, "Quite strong, take the man to the branch building and hold him until the young master is free to deal with him. The university can't be left unguarded, send more men and deploy more surveillance."

                "Yes, Captain." The subordinate led the order and went away.

                At this time, Qin Ming also received the news that Fatty Liang had been captured alive and was in a good mood, he still remembered the incident that caused Sun Changxi to be injured last time because of Chang Xue.

                Qin Ming immediately dressed up and went out, he wanted to arraign the bastard overnight.

                In a short time, a golden Rolls Royce arrived at the entrance of the school, carrying Qin Ming and disappearing under the dark night.

                Not long after, Zhao Zhen was flipping through some company documents when a young man suddenly came in and said, "Boss, Fatty Liang has disappeared, it's past the contact time and he hasn't been contacted."

                "What?" Zhao Zhen's face changed and he said, "Phoenix reported that the person who is currently in Tsinghua University is Zhao Zhengyin not bad. There was no problem with both verifications. How come Fatty Liang was still arrested?"

                The young man shook his head and said, "I've sent someone to investigate. I guess it was Huan Yu's people, because we found some traces that there were Huan Yu's assassination squads going in and out of that university, and I'm afraid that the Chang family's people stumbled upon it."

                Zhao Zhen pondered for a moment and said, "It can't be completely denied. This Chang Xue is no slouch either, there's no way to make too much noise within the capital city, so bring a few more experts with you and ask the Li family's people to do something, make sure to get Fatty Liang back. By the way, bring Xuan Yuan Wu with you, he is familiar with Huan Yu's people."

                The young man nodded and said, "Yes."