Rags To Riches Chapter 678

The Sun family's banquet went very well and Qin Ming was pleasantly surprised to meet some of the country's leaders that he could normally only see on TV.

                But because he had made some trouble, the people from the Zhao family did not take him to be introduced.

                Qin Ming didn't care too much, instead he was surprised by the background of the Sun family. A small Sun family can know so many powerful people, Sun Changxi even had to run away from her family to become a small civilian police officer in Guang City in the first place, he really couldn't understand this woman's thinking.

                When the scene was over, Qin Mo followed Qin Ming.

                This made it difficult for Mu Xiaoqiao and Nie Haitang to get close, but Qin Ming felt much less bothered.

                To be honest, both women had made strong hints to him that they could only choose one of the two, but Qin Ming really felt that he was too much of a slag to make a choice.

                Really avoidance was shameful, but useful.

                No, with his cheap old mother with him, Qin Ming didn't need to face the difficult questions the two women gave him.

                Qin Mo drove Qin Ming back to school and said on the way, "Son, you've grown up too, I know the time spent following Real Zhang out to cultivate has been hard on you, but you should also understand things and not be too capricious."

                "Oh." Qin Ming's attitude towards Qin Mo was better, this beautiful woman who was older but still extremely well maintained had always treated him like a son, Qin Ming could not swing an attitude towards her.

                Qin Mo continued, "This time, Mom won't help you either. You have to reflect on it, study hard at school, exams are coming up, let's talk about what you have back in Haicheng, by the way, go to the hospital more often to see Huang Shutong, she is a good girl, Ma likes her too, so don't be picky, she doesn't mind you yet."

                Qin Ming cried and laughed, he didn't think Huang Shutong was bad, it was just that she ......

                The moment he thought of Huang Shutong, the scene of her sacrificing her life to block a bullet for him came to Qin Ming's mind, and Qin Ming could not stop thinking about it, it was hardest to bear the grace of beauty.

                Back at the school, Qin Ming walked to a deserted forest and another group of people gathered around him.

                The young captain, Ah Hu, sighed, "Young master, I'm sorry, that old man is too powerful, we can't move our guns inside the hotel, and our hand and foot work is ......"

                Qin Ming nodded and said, "Deduct one month's salary for each person, you have to be better in the future, if there is another time, you don't have to do it."

                Hearing that Qin Ming was so generous, the assassination squad was so moved that they all knelt down on one knee and said with one voice, "Thank you young master."

                To be reasonable, this kind of thing of not protecting their employer and allowing the enemy to get close to Qin Ming, these people should reasonably be dealt with, but Qin Ming knew that they were loyal and just not capable enough, so he spared them for once.

                After all, it was the first time he had ever seen such a thing as the Yellow School, the Li family, or a martial arts master.

                That Li Xigang gave him too strong a feeling, obviously a bad old man, but walking silently.

                And that young Li family representative should be the Li Shun that Sun Changxi was talking about.

                I was afraid that even someone as arrogant as Li Xinghong was just a smelly brother in front of Li Shun.

                Qin Ming didn't quite understand the search, "The sect competition in half a month's time, huh, making it sound like a Ip Man martial arts film, what kind of money can a boxer make these days, apart from opening a martial arts school?"

                Just then, the door rang, Qin Ming thought it was Nie Haitang, but instead, he heard Zhao Songzhi's voice.

                "Zhao Zhengyan, it's me, your uncle."

                Qin Ming opened the door and pretended to be surprised, saying, "Uncle, why are you here? What kind of wind is blowing here."

                Qin Ming remembered the message that Song Ying had sent him during the banquet, I was afraid that Zhao Songzhi had come to test him to confirm whether he was Qin Ming or Zhao Zhengyin, right?

                Outside the door, Zhao Songzhi shook his body and said, "Oh, what wind? The north wind. I have something for you, is it convenient to come in? This is my secretary."

                Qin Ming saw that there was no one else but Zhao Songzhi and her secretary, so he let them in.

                After Zhao Songzhi sat down, he rubbed his hands together and said, "This weather, it's cold. Zhao Zhengyan, Uncle came over tonight to convey your grandfather's words. Although your father is an illegitimate son, he is still recognised by the Zhao family, and your family are all members of the Zhao family, do you know that?"

                Qin Ming said, "I can't even enter or leave the Zhao family at will, what kind of Zhao family am I?"

                "Hey, you kid." Zhao Songzhi looked like a good uncle and persuaded, "That's not something Uncle likes to hear. Do you know how influential this golden-painted signboard of our Zhao family has been in this part of China for thousands of years? Back then, only that Shen Wan San of the Shen family could overshadow our Zhao family."

                Zhao Songzhi paused for a moment and said, "Is there any hot water? I'm a bit cold."

                The beautiful secretary at the side said, "I'll do it."

                With that, she got up and went to boil water, and in a short while was carrying two cups of hot water in front of Zhao Songzhi and Qin Ming.

                Zhao Songzhi exchanged a glance with the beautiful woman and understood that the water had been spiked and was only waiting for Qin Ming to drink it.

                Zhao Songzhi immediately opened up, telling how good the Zhao family was, how helpless Zhao Zhen was, how he couldn't be openly nice to Zhao Songli's family, and the many trade-offs, etc.

                At the end, he also talked about the Li family's extraordinary status and how the Zhao family had always been a grasshopper on the same line as the Li family.

                The family has always been on the same side as the Li family, and Qin Ming suddenly went to the Huang family's side, which is not against his own family.

                In short, it was to persuade Qin Ming to clear his ties with the Huang faction and not to interfere with Li Xinghong's pursuit of Sun Changxi, otherwise Zhao Zhen might be furious and the Li family would trip him up, and in serious cases it would cause conflict between the Zhao and Li families.

                Qin Ming scoffed at this and argued his case, saying that he was free to do what he wanted and that if the Zhao family wanted to tame him, then let him go to the Zhao family and talk to Zhao Zhen face to face.

                Faced with such a strong attitude from his "nephew", Zhao Songzhi was also depressed, as he had previously known Zhao Zhengyin

                Zhao Songzhi looked like he couldn't say no and said, "It's alright, it's alright, we can't talk together, drink this glass of water instead of wine, we are uncles and nephews, you are a member of the Zhao family after all, if you have something, come to me."

                Qin Ming didn't want to lose face even in this way, but Zhao Songzhi's attitude was surprisingly good, so he drank a cup of tea instead of wine.

                After he sent Zhao Songzhi away, Qin Ming twisted his head and threw up on the ground, vomiting out the hot water he had just drunk.

                He rubbed his chin and scratched his head, "You can't drink food that hasn't passed through your own hands. I don't know if it's been under something, but it's better to be careful."

                "Ah, tired, go to sleep." Qin Ming stretched out, he was planning to practice his kung fu and breathing techniques once before going to bed.

                Qin Ming took a shower and was about to fall asleep when there was a knock on the door.

                The voice of Zhao Songzhi's beautiful secretary was heard at the door, "Young Zhao, I left something behind just now, I am very sorry to you, please let me in to get it back."

                Qin Ming looked back, there was nothing of hers in the dormitory room.

                Qin Ming opened the door and that beautiful secretary of Zhao Songzhi bent down and bowed apologetically, saying, "Sorry Zhao Shao, for delaying you."

                At the same time, this woman's gaze was directly fixed on Qin Ming's bottom, according to reason after taking the medicine, there should be a physiological reaction now.

                This time, she looked at the crotch of her trousers, but there was no reaction, right?