Rags To Riches Chapter 677

An outsider, blatantly interfering in the marriage of the Sun family's eldest son and first daughter.

                This was too much to say and do.

                But Qin Ming had a good excuse, Li Xinghong's compulsion and Sun Changxi's unwillingness, so it was a good excuse.

                But Sun Changxi was disappointed, she really thought Qin Ming would have wanted to marry her, even if she said it and was opposed by her family, Sun Changxi was still willing to follow Qin Ming.

                But still, she knew that there were two other women not far away who were eyeing Qin Ming intently.

                "Ugh, what was I thinking?" Sun Changxi sighed and said to herself, "Didn't I think about it a long time ago? Not to cause him any trouble? To be able to love through and be satisfied."

                When Elder Sun heard this request from Qin Ming, he didn't feel too embarrassed, instead he laughed, "Hahaha, isn't this a matter of course? Chang Xi is my precious granddaughter, that son of a bitch wants to bully her? I'll be the first to let her go. What era is it now, freedom of marriage."

                Sun Changxi smiled sweetly and said, "Thank you, Grandpa."

                Sun Renli also said, "Zhao Zhengyan, is this all you ask of us? Isn't that too simple?"

                Qin Ming said, "Is it very simple? Since you have agreed to it, you should keep it properly, that's fine. In the future, if you see Li Xinghong coming over to cause trouble again, just beat him to death with a messy stick."

                "Pfft." Sun Changxi couldn't help but see Qin Ming even doing a stick dance, she knew that Qin Ming was protecting her, she practically felt it and it warmed her heart.

                The crowd was stunned, but they saw Sun Changxi looking at Qin Ming in a very ambiguous way, all with their own thoughts.

                "The two of them can't have a story, can they?"

                "How is it possible, just now Zhao Zhengyin even entered the door together with the Mu family's First and Second Miss, their relationship seems to be very close."

                "There's also someone called Nie Haitang, who also seems to be very close."

                "Doesn't he have a fiancee? She's quite pretty, she's in the entertainment industry."

                "This Zhao Zhengyin isn't as useless as the rumours say."

                "Shh, rumours can't be trusted, who the hell knows who is the one rumouring that he is a loser? He is now under the tutelage of Zhang Quanzhen."

                "This signboard of Zhang Quanzhen is quite useful in the capital city."

                The descendants of the Zhao family, whispering around the crowd, had different attitudes towards Qin Ming, but all were certain that no one dared to underestimate him anymore.

                Apart from protecting Zhao Ruoshi just now, disliking the Zhao family's descendants with a hardened heart, and even breaking Li Xinghong's leg to protect Sun Changxi.

                This night banquet, Zhao Zhengyan had given them too many surprises and surprises.

                The Zhao family exchanged pleasantries with Master Sun before walking away again.

                Qin Ming was pulled aside and counted by the two couples, Zhao Songli and Qin Mo.

                Zhao Zhen walked to a corner, screened off the grandchildren and said, "Zhao Songzhi, call Qin Ming, the heir to Huan Yu Century."

                Zhao Songzhi answered and immediately contacted the secretary of Qin Ming, the heir to the Huan Yu Century Group, Song Ying.

                Zhao Songzhi said, "Secretary Song, hello, I would like to have a chat with young Qin about that engagement ceremony, you sent a message saying that it was cancelled, this is too sudden. I deeply understand that young Qin wants to keep a low profile, but it's okay for our Zhao family to pay for it, fine, fine, I'll discuss it with him."

                After waiting for a while, Qin Ming's voice came out of the phone and said, "Uncle Zhao, right? About the cancellation of the engagement ceremony, it's my personal proposition, because my righteous father is sickly and I need to visit him in Magnesia, so ...... but don't worry, my marriage alliance with the Zhao family will not change, inside Huan Yu, the Zhao family and I are a community of interest."

                Zhao Songzhi held the phone and pointed it at Zhao Zhen, who just pursed his lips in a cold and silent manner.

                And not far away, Qin Ming was still being reprimanded by Zhao Songli.

                But it was basically Zhao Songli talking to himself and Qin Ming looking impatient.

                Zhao Songzhi said, "It looks like it's true. Previously, Zhao Zhengyin studied with Zhang Quanzhen as his teacher, followed him out for training, changed his problems, and had a car accident, and came back with a drastic change in temperament, so it looks like it's true. However, it is surprising that there are two people in the world who are so imaginative."

                Zhao Zhen stroked the beard on his chin, thought for a moment, and said, "Find a woman and try him out. The real Zhao Zhengyan has a hidden illness, and Qin Ming of the Huan Yu Century Group is a normal person."

                Zhao Songzhi nodded and said, "Don't worry dad, I'll let Fatty Liang take care of it."

                Qin Mo rubbed his head naggingly and said, "Son, what's wrong with you? If you do this, you will make our Zhao family look bad. Although our lineage doesn't have much influence on the Zhao family, we are still the bloodline of the Zhao family no matter what. If you don't give face to your parents, won't you even give face to your grandfather?"

                Qin Ming said disdainfully, "Since when has the Zhao family given us face? Is it on the family tree?"

                "Shut up!" Zhao Songli was so angry that his hair stood on end and he angrily rebuked, "Zhao Zhengyan, now that you have learnt from Zhang Zhen Zhen, you think you have hardened your wings, don't you? How can you even say something like breaking off relations?"

                Qin Ming cocked his head, not bothering to listen to his father's lecture.

                Suddenly, his phone rang and Song Ying sent two messages.

                "Young master, Chang Jun Ye has been captured in Wakan, Africa, and is already on his way to be transferred to a small Pacific island prison."

                The message was accompanied by a few photos of the very scene where Chang Jun Ye and his men were captured, Qin Ming nodded in satisfaction after reading it and deleted the content.

                The second message, however, made Qin Ming secretly wary: "Young master, Zhao Songzhi suddenly asked to speak to you, I fooled him with the sound mimic, I will be back tomorrow."

                Qin Ming replied, "Thank you, Xiaoying," and immediately deleted the message.

                He was being suspected.

                This was not unusual, after all, the change was too great compared to Zhao Zhengyan. Although he had Zhang Quanzhen as a front, he still needed to go through a bit of a test if he wanted to get close to the Zhao family and enter them.

                "I'm talking to you, and you're still looking at your phone." Zhao Songli, who was a gentleman and had a very good temperament, scolded his "son", but the other party didn't care about it at all, so he was furious and said, "Okay, you have hardened your wings, then you can rely on yourself and see how you can survive in this capital city. From today, the family will not give you any more money to spend."

                Qin Ming dug his nose in and said, "Speaking of which, I didn't leave Hai City without money last time. I'm already in my fourth year of university, and I can live on my own."

                Zhao Songyi was still so angry that his heart was trembling and his heart rate was out of whack. Qin Mo hurriedly patted his chest to smooth out his husband's anger and said, "Okay, the child's rebellious period came a little late, what are you doing as a father? ZhengYan, you are also right, don't think that you have made some achievements, so you make your father angry, make your grandfather angry, and hang out with that Huang ShengJiu person. This world, it's not as simple as you think."

                Qin Ming didn't take Qin Mo's words seriously, he was the heir to the Huan Yu Century Group, the richest man in the world, but he was just here to impersonate the wasted son of a wealthy family, not to listen to the great teachings.

                But thinking of Zhao Zhengyan, who had become a vegetable, Qin Ming still did not want to be too rude to Qin Mo, who had always been more gentle.

                Qin Ming said, "I am not a child."

                After Qin Ming walked away, the dinner party also officially began, with Elder Sun making a formal speech, while Qin Ming landed at the end of the Zhao family's party.

                At this moment, Zhao Songzhi was meeting these two people in one of the private rooms at the dinner party, one was Fatty Liang and the other was an innocent and beautiful young woman.

                Zhao Songzhi said, "The old man wants to test that Zhao Zhengyin this time, whether he is being swapped, the purpose is simple, Phoenix you are responsible for the beauty trick, Fatty Liang you are responsible for protecting Phoenix's safety, once Zhao Zhengyin's body reacts, confirm it and leave immediately."

                Fatty Liang smiled and looked at each other with the pretty young woman and said in the same breath, "Understood. Hand to bring."