Rags To Riches Chapter 676

 "What is this war letter about?" Qin Ming asked.

                Huang Shengjiu smiled lightly, "Nothing special, just a competition to win. That Li family is the same as our Huang School people, they are all masters of martial arts, and their fists and feet are divided into north and south, and their schools are just competing for supremacy."

                Qin Ming suddenly understood and said, "Isn't this incident because of me?"

                Huang Shengjiu was not angry with Qin Ming and said, "It is a blessing but not a curse, a curse cannot be avoided. Qin Ming, you and your master are both from our Huang School, so naturally you will not be bullied by just anyone."

                Mu Xiaoqiao asked worriedly, "Then what should the comparison be? Should I compete with that Li Xing Hong?"

                Nie Haitang said, "Can't this be circumvented? It's all about them imposing on people."

                Mu Hai Ran said, "Even if they are imposing themselves, it's because they have the strength to do so. Reasoning with robbers is like a showman talking logic to a soldier. We can not respond to the battle, but we will lose face and people in the circle will make a big deal out of it, causing some damage to the Yellow School."

                Zhang Quanzhen nodded and said, "That's right, a thousand miles of dike is destroyed by an anthill, and many confused collapses have developed from small things. The Yellow School has been fighting with the Li family for quite a few years, and we can't afford to lose this time for the highs and lows. Besides, didn't that Li Xinghong lose just now? He also broke his leg, and half a month was only enough to heal his foot."

                Qin Ming made small talk for a while longer, and he only felt that he had somehow become a member of the Chinese martial arts community, the Yellow School.

                Qin Ming was torn, thinking, "If it's a faction in economics, I'd be a member of the Tsinghua faction. But I didn't even mix my face not to mention, I ended up running into the faction where people learn martial arts. Sigh ...... how do I feel I'm being led further and further astray by this old man Zhang Quanzhen?"

                Suddenly, Nie Haitang pulled Qin Ming over and whispered in his ear, "Qin Ming, I've heard that the Yellow School is particularly poor. My master Mu Shuyun is the former head of the Yellow School and is responsible for managing the money."

                "Ah? And specifically responsible for managing money?" Qin Ming wondered, "Does this give money to the people of the Yellow School?"

                Nie Haitang nodded and said, "Yes, it seems that some of the old society's halls used to be involved in the revolution. It has changed a lot by now. But they are also divided into various levels of management, sheltering and helping each other. Many of the important gentry, dignitaries, and power classes in the provinces have members of the Yellow Sect."

                As Qin Ming listened, how did this set-up feel somewhat familiar?

                The two were whispering to the side, and when Mu Xiaoqiao saw it, she became upset and immediately walked over, saying, "Qin Ming, come, grandpa hasn't seen you for a long time, he hasn't even had a proper conversation."

                With that, she pulled Qin Ming over.

                Seeing Qin Ming suddenly being pulled away, Nie Haitang's heart fell for a moment, her body irritated, and her pretty face was icy cold.

                "Haitang." Mu Shuyun called out to her.

                Mu Shuyun was still the same, dressed in a very expensive and generous manner, still single at an old age, that came with a unique aura.

                "Master." Nie Haitang was dissatisfied that just now Mu Shuyun had pulled her to help Qin Ming fend off Mrs Li's hands on Qin Ming, and now she was stopping her from retaining Qin Ming.

                Mu Shuyun said, "You won't get him if you just give in like this. There are many men in the world, why do you have to dwell on him? He has a lot of trouble of his own."

                Nie Haitang, however, said firmly, "Master, if my mother hadn't played a siren's game, and if Zhang Zhen hadn't fooled around, Qin Ming and I would be together all the time now, and there wouldn't be so many women around him at all."

                Mu Shuyun shook his head and said, "Peach blossom is something that no one else can say, it's up to the man himself. If he can keep his heart, he will always be the same to you, while I think he is really a lustful man, a scum. Do you like scum too?"

                Nie Haitang bit her lip and said, "Even if Qin Ming becomes a slag, I still like him. I've been with him, walked through so many storms, experienced so much, I don't want to lose him. Moreover, I believe in him, he will definitely change back to the original him."

                Mu Shuyun smiled lightly and let go of his hand, saying, "Since you are so insistent, teacher will not dissuade you anymore. But if you learn your skills with me, your status will become different in the future, and the road with him will become more difficult, so if you have to give up one day, don't cry your eyes out."

                Nie Haitang pouted and said, "I won't."

                On Qin Ming's end, he chatted with Mu Hai Ran for a few more minutes before Zhao Ruo Shi came over to call him to meet someone, while looking at the person beside Qin Ming very oddly, her eyes full of curiosity.

                Qin Ming followed Zhao Ruoshi back.

                Zhao Ruo Shi walked ahead, through the dinner party pool, and said, "You were too much just now, how could you say that kind of thing to your parents? And in front of so many people, I don't know how Dad will lecture you when we get back."

                Qin Ming said impatiently, "Don't you care about me? Then mind your own business."

                He wasn't too interested in Zhao Songli's family, he just needed an identity and simply used his bad attitude to shut Zhao Ruo Shi up.

                Zhao Ruoshi choked and huffed, "I'm doing this for your own good, you don't appreciate it, when you're punished by grandpa and by the Li family, you'll know the error of your ways."

                Qin Ming laughed back, "Everyone mocks me for being a loser, and I don't know why those people target such a loser like me. That Li Xinghong is even worse than a loser like me, how dare he find trouble with me?"

                Zhao Ruoshi willow eyebrows were raised and said, "Enough, very rotten, you can't hold up the wall, you don't work hard, you're being used, and you still think you're great, humph."

                Qin Ming brought to, everyone from the Zhao family was here, Zhao Zhen and his four sons were all here, along with a host of youngsters, it really was a big family.

                And there was also Elder Sun and Sun Justice's family in front of him.

                When Elder Sun saw Qin Ming, he was in a very good mood and said, "Little Zhao, you're here, I thought you weren't here. This time, our Sun family is in trouble thanks to Little Zhao. Zhao Songli, you've given birth to a good son."

                Qin Ming went up to him and said, "Old man, you should stop praising him, if you praise him any more, they won't know where to put their faces."

                Qin Ming's words made Zhao Songli and the others angry, thinking to themselves that this boy was too deceitful.

                But there was nothing they could do about Qin Ming, for this was a treat from Master Sun, and Qin Ming was a great benefactor to the Sun family.

                Instead, they had to rely on Qin Ming to get the glory.

                However, Qin Ming was just afraid that the buzz wasn't big enough and that Zhao Zhen wouldn't be angry enough to take him back into the Zhao family compound!

                Qin Ming said, "Old master, you haven't forgotten that back then, after I helped you two brothers make up, you promised me something, right?"

                "Shut up." Zhao Zhen suddenly chided, "How can you, a junior, open your mouth and tell Old Sun to ask for something? Old Sun, this child of mine is young and ignorant, so don't take it personally."

                Zhao Songli also hurriedly pulled Qin Ming and said, "Zhao Zhengyan, have you been drinking? Are you talking nonsense after just two sentences? Elder Sun, my son is drunk, don't take it personally."

                Qin Ming deliberately said, "I haven't even had a drink yet, why should I be drunk? It's not like you're doing the Sun family a favour, what's the point of you getting involved?"

                Qin Ming's words, which did not give any face, caused Zhao Songli's father and son to frown, but due to the occasion, they did not immediately get angry.

                But Qin Ming saw that Zhao Zhen's expression was on the verge of an outburst; a bastard son, a waste of time who had never had much of a reputation, was now arrogant to such an extent.

                Qin Ming said, "Senior, I don't ask for much, just now I saw that Li Xinghong from the Li family pestering Sister Chang Xi, I haven't known Sister Chang Xi for long, but we chatted well, so I can't just ignore the fact that she is being bullied."

                Sun Renli frowned and looked at his daughter, Sun Changxi, who also had a surprised expression, not expecting Qin Ming's request to be related to her?

                "Could it be to marry me?" Sun Changxi thumped her heart and subconsciously touched her stomach.

                Qin Ming said, "In the future, please leave it to her to decide who Sister Changxi wants to marry, no one is allowed to interfere, may I ask if your Sun family can do that?"