Rags To Riches Chapter 675

 "Old Li, long time no see." Mu Hai Ran was the first to come forward to get close.

                The visitor was not a good one, Mu Hai Ran knew that Qin Ming must have come to look for him after he had just fallen out with Li Xing Hong, and he could currently want to fight for Qin Ming's ah, not only for the sake of the Mu family's return to the capital city, but also for the sake of his own precious granddaughter.

                Li Xigang nodded rather flatly, but had no intention of continuing the conversation, then passed a glance to the young grandmother of the Li family beside him, as if to imply that there was no room for manoeuvre, which made Mu Hai Ran rather embarrassed, and that getting close didn't work.

                Even if he had just known Li Xi since he was a child.

                "Oh, isn't this Master Mu?" Li Xinghong's mother, Mrs. Li looked rather surprised and said, "In the past, our Li family and the Mu family, we still had a good relationship."

                Mu Hai Ran said, "Indeed, my great-grandfather was even cousins with your fifth grandfather."

                "Hahahaha, that was all before the founding of the country." Mrs. Li said with amusement, "Your Mu family is on the decline. I heard that they were doing business in Guangcheng, and were considered a powerful family, with no worries about food and clothing, so why did you think so hard about coming back?"

                These words obviously implied a threat, as the Mu family had money, so they could settle down anywhere.

                Mu Hai Ran said, "I just came back to meet an old friend."

                Mrs Li said, "Is that so? But Zhao Zhen doesn't seem to want to talk to you. Don't make a nuisance of yourself. Beijing is not as free as Guangzhou."

                Mrs Li's attitude was so condescending and aggressive that Mu Hai Ran was already feeling the pressure.

                It was not that she was afraid of a small woman, but this woman was relying on the power behind her, and the strength she displayed was invariably enveloping Mu Hailan, and the Li family had a very powerful background.

                Seeing how embarrassed Master Mu was, Qin Ming said, "You're looking for me, right? Baba?"


                The crowd in this corner all looked at Qin Ming in fear, Bitch? How dare Qin Ming start cursing? Hadn't he just suffered a loss from the Li family? The assassination squads that were deployed to protect him in the shadows had all been taken down by Li Xigang without a sound. Moreover, Li Xigang had almost broken both of Qin Ming's legs.

                How could Qin Ming still be so arrogant?

                Mrs. Li's expression froze, forcing down her anger and saying to herself, "You little brute, stealing my son's woman, breaking my son's legs, and still daring to call me a bitch?"

                Qin Ming looked at the crowd's surprise and said easily, "Did I say it wrong? Master Mu is originally from Beijing, so what's wrong with coming back to his hometown to settle down? What's wrong with him coming back to his home? Is the Li family so powerful that they can shake the laws of China, if so, forget about it, I can even apologize to you."

                It was true that the Li family could not stop it, or did not care much about it, but the people of the Li family enjoyed this feeling of superiority, the feeling of superiority that we were all glorious in the past, and now I am still glorious, but you are down like a dog.

                But this sense of superiority was shattered by Qin Ming with a snap.

                Despite the privileges of the Li family, Mrs Li did not dare to openly defy the laws of China, after all, there were many enemies, and if she was caught in the crossfire, wouldn't that be a shame?

                Qin Ming took advantage of the righteousness of the situation and scolded Mrs Li so much that she could not reply.

                Qin Ming said: "Aren't you just looking for revenge because you see that your own son has suffered a loss and you've been looking for trouble with me time and again? Just now, you said in front of the Zhao family that it was fine, a small fight between children. But then you turn around and get all calculating, what a little woman. This little brother next to you, I think he's your backer."

                The handsome young man next to Mrs Li rubbed his nose noncommittally, as if he knew that it was not his turn to make an appearance, and did not say anything.

                Mrs Li was so angry that she gritted her teeth, Qin Ming was spreading everything out, instead she could not shake off her face, especially calling her a small woman and a bitch.

                Ever since she married into the Li family, she had never been subjected to such insults. Even her man had never scolded her.

                "You little brute." Mrs Li stepped forward angrily and attempted to slap her across the face.

                But someone suddenly sprang up next to Qin Ming, a beautiful woman dressed in a white sky-high gown, dressed to impress, Mu Xiaoqiao.

                She straddled her body and blocked Qin Ming.

                Nie Haitang also attempted to go forward, but was pulled by Mu Shuyun, signalling her not to go up, but Nie Haitang broke away from her master's hand, but was too late, her chance was taken by Mu Xiaoqiao.


                Mrs Li's hand fell in mid-air and was squeezed by Mu Xiao Qiao.

                "Who are you ......" Mrs. Li looked at Mu Xiao Qiao, such a stunningly beautiful woman that she was quite surprised.

                "My name is Mu Xiao Qiao." Mu Xiao Qiao said, "Zhao Zhengyan is an honored guest of our Mu family, and our Mu family has the responsibility to protect the guest."

                "How dare you!" Mrs. Li was furious and behind her, Li Xigang immediately came forward to flick away Mu Xiao Qiao's hand, but Qin Ming grabbed a step ahead and hugged Mu Xiao Qiao's small waist, protecting her and pulling away.

                After Li Xigang missed, he pursued again and grabbed Qin Ming's wrist with one hand.

                Too late, Song Yixing struck again, flying up with a kick, kicking away Li Xigang's claws and protecting Qin Ming.

                Song Yixing held his chin high and said, "Old man, have you forgotten what I just said? This is my senior brother, bullying an outsider to look like you're capable?"

                "Humph!" Mrs Li snorted coldly and gave a wink to the two young men on her left and right.

                The two on the other side came up, one left and one right, and had to pull Qin Ming and would not stop until they gave Mrs. Li a few hard slaps on the face.

                But at this time, Zhang Quanzhen and Song Yiling also stepped forward to stop the two bodyguard men.

                And at that moment, Mrs Li's side was short of men, leaving only the young handsome guy who came with her.

                Qin Ming guessed that the other party should be someone from the Li family's own family, and Mrs Li was only a clan member of a side branch.

                The Li family's collateral clan members were already at the top of the power hierarchy within China, so what was the origin of this person from the original family?

                "Master Jiu, is this your new disciple?" The young man with a face like a crown of jade asked to Huang Shengjiu, "How did you recruit to the Zhao family side."

                Huang Shengjiu said, "Li Shichao, he is not my disciple, but according to the seniority, he still has to call me a senior uncle."

                Zhang Quanzhen said, "Li Shichao, you may have just come back to the capital city and are not familiar with it, he is a disciple I have taken in under my Tiger Dragon Mountain Taoist sect, and is still only a lay disciple, after all, we have religious freedom in China which is still quite good."

                Qin Ming was listening to the clouds, it was as if these people were conversing in high frequency, he didn't get it.

                But he could sense that they must have known each other for a long time and that there was some division of power and factional struggle.

                "What kind of forces are they?" Qin Ming was curious in his heart, as the so-called world is a big place where there is nothing strange.

                Li Shichao said, "Humph, what kind of mesmerising soup have you guys put into him? He even wants to draw a line with the Zhao family, it's not good for you guys to mess up like this, the Zhao family is our ally and has been friends for generations, you guys are now digging up from where the Zhao family is, are you looking down on our Li family?"

                Zhang Quanzhen said, "This is not good enough, Zhao Songli is only an illegitimate son, inferior to the Zhao family genealogy, what kind of big deal is this? Moreover, who doesn't know what Zhao Zhengyan's qualifications are?"

                Li Shichao frowned and said, "Zhang Zhen Zhen, are you trying to be hard? I respect you as a senior, but there is a limit to how much I can tolerate you."

                Huang Shengjiu suddenly said with displeasure, "Li Shichao, I respect you as a junior, but there is a limit to my tolerance for you. This is the Sun family's banquet, not your Li family's living room. If you have something to do, just say it."

                Li Shichao's face got even worse, not expecting him to have such a thin face and be disliked back by Zhang Quanzhen and Huang Shengjiu.

                Li Shichao grunted, "In that case, then we will place a war letter, in half a month's time, let Li Xinghong have another match with him, if he wins against Li Xinghong again, then the matter of tonight will be over. If you don't take this war letter, and if you make any conflicts in the future, and make trouble with my grandfather, you will be on your own."

                After saying that, Li Shichao and his group left, Qin Ming couldn't quite figure out what was going on here, but he looked at Zhang Quanzhen's appearance and it seemed quite serious.

                Qin Ming knew that he had gotten into trouble this time.