Rags To Riches Chapter 671

 Li Xinghong and Qin Ming were completely ignoring the advice of the people next to them, with only each other in their eyes, only the beaten opponent.

                Sun Changxi was also more anxious, seeing that the matter was getting bigger and bigger, and was worried that Qin Ming would suffer.

                She pulled Qin Ming's arm and said, "Don't cause any trouble, let's forget it."

                The people of the Zhao family at the side looked on, all puzzled, what was this attitude? It seemed like they were worried about Qin Ming getting hurt, were the two that close? Why didn't they even know?

                To be reasonable, the people of the Zhao family were still familiar with Zhao Zhengyan, although they did not meet many times a year, they had the opportunity to get together and meet each year, and they were also well aware that Zhao Zhengyan had a female celebrity fiancee.

                Zhao Songli's family was speechless, their brows deeply furrowed, what was going on here?

                This guy has been surrounded by one beautiful woman after another since a while ago, all of them are the most beautiful on earth, and they also seem to be treating him in a very unusual manner.

                This was completely beyond the perception of Zhao Songli's group.

                Although they were convinced of Zhang Quanzhen's ability to change Zhao Zhengyan's cowardly and incompetent character, this was too radical a change, it was simply two people.

                But looking at this face, yes, it was his son.

                When Li Xinghong saw Sun Changxi's actions and behaviour, his eyes were full of jealousy as the two pulled and pulled their way to an open space outside the venue.

                Qin Ming said, "I'll give you one last chance to apologise, then leave and promise not to harass Sister Chang Xi in the future."

                Li Xinghong said, "Joke, I don't steal, I don't rob, I pursue Chang Xi in an upright manner, what's it to do with you? And what is your relationship with Chang Xi? Are you boyfriend and girlfriend? If you say yes, I will leave immediately, how about that?"

                Qin Ming was instantly silent, he couldn't do it.

                "Hahahahaha." Li Xinghong laughed, "I'm single-minded, all in love with her, I've never liked any other woman since I was a kid. How come you don't even dare to admit her? With a level like yours, you still want to pursue Chang Xi? We are all men, don't talk to me about such nebulous things as a confidante. If you can't give Chang Xi happiness, then get lost."

                As Sun Changxi listened to these words, her heart was also bitter, and she knew very well that between herself and Qin Ming, the possibility was too low.

                But she knew very well what she wanted and said, "Li Xinghong, stop it. It's useless for you to force me, I don't like you at all. On the contrary, I'm satisfied that he helped me drive you away."

                Qin Ming got a cheer from Sun Changxi and said, "It's not like my relationship with her is what you suspect. She has already rejected you. You just can't approach her again."

                As soon as the words left his mouth, Qin Ming took the initiative to grab the attack and threw a punch, both in terms of movement and posture, as well as strength, which was very impressive.

                The people next to him looked surprised, since when did Zhao Zhengyan practice martial arts? The posture was quite impressive.

                When a punch passed, Li Xinghong raised his arm to block and was shaken back, he was secretly amazed, he didn't expect Qin Ming's practical combat ability was not weak.

                But after a move, Li Xinghong immediately flew up with a kick, which was a standard sparring style.

                Qin Ming was hit back instead.

                However, Qin Ming immediately became proficient in the practical skills of Taiji Sanshou, which was only something very basic given to Qin Ming by Zhang Quanzhen.

                However, Qin Ming had practised it every day and was very comfortable with it, cleverly avoiding Li Xinghong's power and blocking his attacks.

                The two fought back and forth for a while, and it was difficult to separate them. The people next to him watched as if they were watching a martial arts movie again.

                And at that moment, the commotion on this side also caught Zhao Zhen's attention, and someone came from the Li family's side.

                Zhao Zhen and a beautiful young woman, followed by two bodyguards with serious expressions.

                "What's going on?" Zhao Zhen asked Zhao Songli in a majestic voice.

                Zhao Songli's expression was ugly, but he had to answer honestly and said, "Zheng Yan he is competing with Li Xing Hong because of Miss Sun. It seems like they are fighting over jealousy. We couldn't even persuade him."

                "Nonsense!" Zhao Zhen said, "He has a fiancĂ©e and he's still fighting over jealousy? Are all members of the Zhao family flirtatious fops?"

                After saying that, Zhao Zhen slightly owed the beautiful woman on the side and said, "Madam Li, this might just be a child's joke. It's fortunate that we came early, otherwise it's possible that they could have caused some kind of trouble."

                The middle-aged woman swept a glance at the two of them, saying, "It's nothing, Xing Hong is usually short of opponents to practice against. He's quite good."

                Zhao Songli frowned as he said, "Madam Li, it's my fault for not teaching my son well. Don't worry, I will make him apologise later."

                Boom, Qin Ming blocked a punch hard and turned back, "Apologise? If you want me to apologise, I'll break off the father-son relationship with you."

                At these words, everyone present was stunned, was this Zhao Zhengyan stupid? Did he not know how big a mess he had made?

                Qin Mo said anxiously, "What are you saying again, Zhao Zhengyan, shut up, do you know what you are saying?"

                Qin Ming turned back and said, "I know what I am saying, but do you guys know what you are saying? Just ask Sister Chang Xi if she would rather be pestered by this Li Xing Hong. Li Xinghong knows full well that he is imposing himself on others, what else can you all do but bow to him?"

                Li Xinghong laughed loudly, "Mum, don't make things difficult for the Zhao family. This is between me and this kid. I'm not bound to lose, so don't act like I'm going to get beaten up if I lose. It's not a sure thing that he'll be the one getting beaten."

                The middle-aged beauty was full of doting eyes as she said, "You just know how to fool around."

                But on the Zhao family's side instead, the line of people did not look too good. The Li family was no less influential than the Zhao family, with its power spreading throughout China.

                Li Xinghong had another hidden background that the Zhao family was not capable of touching.

                As Sun Changxi watched the scene get bigger and bigger, she was also distressed.

                If Li Xinghong was here, she could still say some harsh words and not give face.

                But with the Li family's wife here, if she were to be too disrespectful, she would bring trouble to the family.

                But asking her to commiserate and hurt Qin Ming, she couldn't do that either.

                Boom, boom, boom~!

                Qin Ming and Li Xing Hong kicked each other three times in a row, each kick was vicious and strong, and with the last kick, Qin Ming was even harder.

                "Ah!" Only to hear Li Xinghong let out a miserable cry and flew backwards.

                His foot was broken and he couldn't stand up!

                Qin Ming let out a long breath, harder than bones, he had grown up fighting.

                "Xing Hong." and the middle-aged beautiful woman immediately rushed to him, instructing her left and right, "Quick, hold him, Xing Hong, go and treat him first."

                Qin Ming said, "Li Xinghong, I can warn you, don't go near the singing machine sister again. Next time, I will be even more powerful than now."

                Li Xinghong gritted his teeth, he had lost and he didn't speak with such a strong backbone.

                Li Xing Hong said, "Hmph, I remember you, just as annoying as that man."

                As Li Xinghong was carried away by his men, Zhao Songli stepped forward and slapped him across the face, saying, "Rebel son, what have you done. Apologise."

                Qin Ming could see it, but he couldn't hide.

                He could see that Zhao Songli was thinking that it would be better to beat his son himself than to give it to the Li family, probably because Zhao Songli had no choice.

                But Qin Ming also had his own considerations, he wanted to change and reverse Zhao Zhengyin's image of being a wimp.

                After he deliberately received a slap, he grinned and suddenly took Sun Changxi's hand, saying, "Sister Changxi, let's go."

                Zhao Songli was startled and asked in return, "Where are you going?"

                Qin Ming said, "From today onwards, I, Zhao Zhengyin, will set up my own business, so write a statement and break off the father-son relationship with me."

                Qin Ming pulled Sun Changxi with him and walked away in style, leaving behind a stunned crowd.