Rags To Riches Chapter 670

 "What for?" Zhao Kun stopped Qin Ming and said, "I don't care how you're going to die, you punk. But you always represent the fourth house of the Zhao family, if you get into trouble, you can drag us down with you. Is the Li family something you can offend?"

                "What? When you bullied us two siblings just now, weren't you quite fierce?" Qin Ming scoffed, "Now you're a coward? I know Miss Sun and I'm going over for a chat, do you need to care?"

                Someone sneered, "Bullshit, you're just trying to play the hero. Who doesn't already know that you, Zhao Zhengyan, are a loser."

                Qin Ming shouted in disgust, "A bunch of goons."

                Qin Ming walked over despite the discouragement.

                Zhao Kun said, "Zhao Ruoshi, hurry up and find your father. This trash, Zhao Zhengyan, really knows how to make trouble. Do you think a trash like him can subdue someone like Li Xinghong? Besides, tonight is the Sun family's recognition banquet, how could Miss Sun be in trouble?"

                Zhao Ruoshi gritted her teeth and said, "Let's see. He won't go up there without being sure."

                At the front, Sun Changxi was very impatient and avoided Li Xinghong, saying, "Li Xinghong, that's enough. If you keep this up, don't blame me for disregarding the friendship between the two families, I'm going to call someone."

                "Haha, Chang Xi, is this a hurry to meet the parents?" Li Xinghong laughed and said, "Here in the capital city, who doesn't buy and sell my face, Li Xinghong? Among the younger generation, who is better than me? Who has more guts? Who has more background? Chang Xi, the only man you can choose is me. Although I wasn't available when your Sun family was in trouble before, our Li family has given you a lot of convenience, hasn't it?"

                "But the person who solved the trouble for the Sun Family is not you. Stay away from Sister Chang Xi." Coldly, Qin Ming stood out, blocking in front of Li Xinghong and protecting Sun Changxi.

                Sun Changxi's heart moved, knowing that Qin Ming had something important to do while posing as Zhao Zhengyin, but Qin Ming still came to her aid, and she subconsciously touched her stomach with an inexplicable warmth in her heart.

                "You are?" Li Xinghong looked at Qin Ming steadily for a while, then suddenly said, "That boy surnamed Qin?"

                Qin Ming was quite surprised that this Li Xinghong still remembered him.

                But he didn't know Zhao Zhengyan, ah.

                But Qin Ming had to deny it, he shook his head and said, "No, my name is Zhao Zhengyin. Don't come and harass Sister Chang Xi."

                Li Xinghong looked surprised and said, "Aren't you the kid surnamed Qin? It's called Qin Ming, I still have your picture. I was so mad at you in Guangzhou at that time. Chang Xi, don't you think so?"

                Sun Changxi hurriedly said, "He is Zhang Zhen Zhen's senior disciple. When I first saw Zhao Zhengyan, I was shocked too, the two of them just looked alike."

                Li Xinghong gave an "Oh" and said, "It doesn't matter, kid, what? You've never heard of me, Li Xinghong, and you've never talked about my Li family."

                "Neither." Qin Ming said honestly.

                The corners of Li Xinghong's mouth twitched, here in Beijing, on this occasion, it was the first time he saw someone who did not know him.

                Li Xinghong said, "So be it, I don't care to show off my family background either. It's none of your business if I'm here pursuing a beautiful woman. Today I am in a good mood, if you piss me off, no one can save you."

                Qin Ming said, "Are you deaf? I said stay away from Sister Chang Xi."

                Li Xinghong was immediately annoyed when he saw how Qin Ming was unrelenting and wouldn't give an inch.

                He suddenly reached out and slapped Qin Ming, the slap was so strong and fast that the people next to him were startled.

                But Qin Ming immediately reached out to block it with just the right speed, impartial and precise.

                "Hm?" Li Xinghong slightly surprised expression, he was confident in his kung fu, when he was in jail before, he was idle every day, he worshipped a very powerful master, his kung fu could be different from ordinary people, ordinary people could not withstand his strength and speed.

                Li Xinghong said: "Oh, practiced? No wonder you are so confident. Not only does your face look exactly like that Qin's, your temper is just as annoying to me."

                Qin Ming held his head high and met Li Xinghong with all eyes, saying, "If you have to fight here, see I don't mind accompanying you to the end, I don't care what your background is, I won't back down. Stay away from Sister Chang Xi."

                Li Xing Hong laughed maniacally, "Ha, you think that this name of Zhang Quanzhen's disciple alone can make me back down? Oh, I did hear that this time, you have a great deal of credit for helping Master Sun to recognise his brother from back then. I heard that you're also a good fighter."

                "Average, I guess, but it's still no problem for me to clean you up." Qin Ming said with an air of calmness.

                Qin Ming said, raising his hand that was blocking the side of his face and slowly lowering it, then tightened his grip on Li Xinghong's hand.

                Both of them exerted their strength at the same time, not letting each other go.

                As the strength increased, Qin Ming was also surprised to find that this Li Xinghong was not intimidating, and his strength was not to be underestimated.

                The two men had only been shaking hands for twenty seconds or so, and both had already tensed their muscles and bruises, and they even had to adjust their bodies to a battle stance to maintain their strength.

                Sun Changxi watched from the sidelines, a little worried. Although she was happy that Qin Ming had come to help her out, she was worried that Qin Ming would suffer a loss.

                She said, "That's enough, what are you guys doing. This is an important dinner party for our family, don't give me any trouble."

                At this moment, Li Xinghong no longer cared so much and said, "Chang Xi, do you think I will back down when facing this brat? Then you are too underestimating me, Li Xinghong."

                Qin Ming also said, "Since I have come here, I will not give up halfway."

                Sun Changxi said, "Li Xinghong please leave, my relationship with Zhao Zhengyan is not something you can imagine."

                Li Xinghong grinned, "You dare to steal a woman from me? Then I can't spare him even more."

                On the other side, when the Zhao family's children saw Qin Ming and Li Xinghong fighting, they immediately ran to inform their parents, not knowing whether they were shouting over to watch the fun or what.

                Not long after, all three brothers of the Zhao family came over.

                Seeing this, Zhao Songli immediately said, "Zhengyan, what are you doing? Quickly spill your hands and apologise to young Li."

                Zhao Xianwu also laughed and said, "Old Fourth, this little son of yours really doesn't let you worry about him. Zhao Zhengyan, apologise to young Li, do you know how big a mess you've made?"

                Zhao Songzhi narrowed his eyes, he had met Qin Ming before, and always felt that Qin Ming gave him an overpowering vibe, similar to the impression he got from that meeting in Guangcheng.

                But again, he did not feel that his nephew, whom he had known for over twenty years, would be mistaken.

                "Brother, forget it." Zhao Ruoshi said aside, "How can you compare yourself to other Brother Li?"

                Li Xinghong laughed, "You're little sister Ruo Shi, right? You are right. Your brother really can't compare with me, he's about to lose."

                "Zheng Yan, that's enough, let go." Zhao Songli anxiously stepped forward and tried to pull the two apart.

                But as soon as Zhao Songli pushed, he found that the two men's clasped hands were as hard as iron, not moving at all.

                He was secretly shocked, how could this happen? How could Zhang Quanzhen be so powerful that in just a few months, he had transformed Zhao Zhengyan into a person of such immense strength?

                Qin Ming gritted his teeth, his forehead was getting a bit cold, but Li Xinghong wasn't any better, and the contest of strength between the two sides could be considered evenly matched.

                Qin Ming said, "Apologize? Did I do something wrong? You want me to apologise? Are you afraid of this Li Xinghong's background? Oh, this is ridiculous, you are afraid, but I am not afraid. I'm telling you, if you dare to come half a step closer to Sister Chang Xi again, don't blame me for scrapping you."

                Li Xinghong grinned coldly, "Interesting, the Zhao family is also worthy enough to compete with my Li family, no wonder you are so confident. This is not the place, go outside and have a good competition, how about it? Do you have the guts?"

                Zhao Songli hurriedly said, "You! Young Li, please don't joke about it."

                Qin Ming, however, ignored the people on the side and said, "Just compare, who's afraid of who."