Rags To Riches Chapter 67-68

 Chapter 67

Qin Ming walked while introducing: "In fact, there are many part-time jobs near the school, the most take-away, and also pay more, I know a store owner, people are very good, you can also eat dinner in the store. I used to work there part-time, but now I'm not doing it, so I guess I haven't recruited anyone yet, so go check it out."

                Bai Yuchen responded, "Well, good."

                Suddenly, an old yell came: "Sweet potatoes for sale, fresh sweet potatoes, big and soft, three dollars a piece."

                Qin Ming listened and could not help but laugh, and big and soft? You think it's a woman's what?

                He laughed at the hand, sneaking a look to the side of Bai Yuchun, but unexpectedly found Bai Yuchun not go, she froze looking at the sweet potatoes of the older woman.

                Bai Yuchun for a long time before popping out a sentence: "Mom?"

                Qin Ming was surprised to say, "Isn't your mother still hospitalized?"

                "Mom?!" Bai Yuchun hurriedly ran towards the sweet potato seller aunt.

                The sweet potato seller The aunt seemed a little panicked, she wore a mask, and hurriedly turned her head and back to Bai Yuchen, but she pushed the cart for a while and was caught by Bai Yuchen.

                The aunt hurriedly said: "Girl, you are mistaken, I am not your mother. You are a university student, how can you have a mother like me who is a disgrace? You really have the wrong person."

                Bai Yuchun insisted: "Mom, it's really you, you're right about the plastic shoes, aren't you still hospitalized? How come you came out to work?"

                The older woman's cloudy eyes looked at Bai Yuchun, and finally sighed in compromise.

                She looked around, saw people say, hurriedly said: "Come on, you child, here on the road, identify what? You are now a student of a famous university, if your classmates know that your mother is a sweet potato seller, how humiliating. You will be ridiculed, you will be disgraced."

                Bai Bai Yu Chun suddenly laughed: "Mom, it's really you. Hey, no, mom you are not properly resting in hospital, why come out ah?"

                Aunt Bai touched her body and said, "Hey, I'm used to being poor, how dare I be delicate? I am much better, so I took your sister-in-law's car to sell sweet potatoes, so that your brother can enjoy the benefits of my treatment, and earn money to pay off your brother's debt, not two birds with one stone?"

                The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into.

                You look after your son in the hospital, daughter-in-law out selling sweet potatoes can not? You have to ask your daughter-in-law to stay in the hospital, you are old enough to come out and do the ghost?

                He was kind enough to help Bai Yuchun to save his mother, but as a result, she gave up her welfare to her unworthy son, and sold sweet potatoes to pay off her debts?

                Aunt Bai this is Qin Ming special account, perhaps the hospital really thought that the gambler brother with Qin Ming asked to help it, he had to immediately inform Hou Qing, to Bai Yuchun her brother as an ordinary patient medical treatment.

                The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. The doctor said that you need to recuperate well, otherwise it is easy to ...... hey hey, mom."

                The words did not finish, Auntie Bai saw fainting, the body a shaking, Bai Yuchun hurried to hold her.

                Aunt Bai waved her big rough hand and said, "It's okay, I'm fine. Really, pure you do you go, do not care about me."

                Qin Ming helped to help Auntie Bai to sit down on the roadside and said, "I'll go buy a bottle of water, Auntie's lips are dry."

                Auntie Bai quickly shook her head: "No, young man, to buy water costs money, I'll just go back to the hospital to drink at night."

                Qin Ming where to listen to her, this Aunt Bai is also enough to withhold the door, not even bothered to buy a bottle of water.

                Qin Ming just left the front foot, immediately three cars parked in front of the two mothers and daughters, down five men and three women.

                Boom, Zhou Yun fiercely flung the car door, unsuspectingly stared at Bai Yuchun, said in a loud voice: "ah, this is not our big school girl Bai Yuchun? Tsk, who is this old demon woman? Hahaha, it can't be your mother, right? So earthy."

                In the driver's seat, a trendy man with dyed blonde hair, flowing out, said, "Yeah? Baby, are they the ones who are bullying you? Huh?"

                The blond man suddenly violent outburst, a kick to the sweet potato car, he is a big man a kick, the sweet potato car overturned, shaking? With a sound, the coals and sweet potatoes fell to the ground.

                "Ah! My sweet potatoes." Auntie Bai was in a hurry, rushed forward to pick up sweet potatoes, if the fire coals burned will not be able to sell, Bai Yuchun also hurriedly leaned down to help pick up.

                Zhou Yun and other people looked at Bai Yu Chun two mothers and daughters, surprisingly ignoring the temperature of the fire coals, hands and feet in picking up sweet potatoes.

                "Hahaha, look at the two poor sour. A broken sweet potato is not good, there is nothing to pick up."

                "Look, this is the daily life of poor people."

                "Shoot it, shoot it, oh oh? ~!"

                Zhou Yun and other people laughing, think Bai Yu Chun two mother and daughter approach is really brain-damaged behavior, not to argue with them theory, actually first pick up sweet potatoes? What a shame.

                "Look, that old demon woman is crying."

                "Aiya, Brother Dalong, you've bullied her into tears. You can really bring evil people."

                "Is that so? What does that matter, our evil gang is the evil party."

                "Hahahaha, pick it up, hey, here's another one."

                Bai Yuchun obediently look, but see Zhou Yun will be under the feet of a sweet potato hard to step on, sweet potato cracked, the meat inside are burst open.

                Bai Yuchun was heartbroken and helpless, feeling that things were not right, she hurriedly pulled her mother away, saying, "Mom, let's go, there are many of them."

                But Auntie Bai is deadly protective of their sweet potatoes: "I do not go, my sweet potatoes, my car ah. That's all money. You trample my sweet potatoes, you have to pay ah."

                Zhou Yun laughed out loud: "Bai Yuchun ah, your shabby family can really laugh me to death, did not expect you so poor, hahaha. Old demon woman, I'll give you money, it's just money. I have a hundred dollars here, do you want it? You eat all these sweet potatoes, here you go."

                A hundred dollar bill was thrown on the ground, while Zhou Yun and her companion's and others each stepped on a sweet potato, dirty and ugly.

                This let Auntie Bai eat? Is it not a humiliation?

                Bai Yuchun looked appreciative and pulled her mother, saying, "Mom, let's go."

                Suddenly, a man roughly yanked Bai Yuchun's hair and said, "Hey, it's your bitch's turn only later. How dare you hit our Sister Rhyme? Don't you know it's our Brother Dalong's woman? Auntie, eat all the sweet potatoes, this matter is forgotten, do you want to eat?"

                When Auntie Bai heard this, she was scared to death and hurriedly said, "Don't you guys hurt my daughter, I'll eat, I'll eat."

                Bai Yuchun hurriedly said, "Mom, don't eat."

                Pa, Zhou Yun a slap flung over, pinching her chin hideous laugh: "Ha ha ha, Bai Yuchun, where is your man? Do not want you, ran away? Hahahaha, just now you are not very dragging? Pretending to be poor and innocent? What? You don't know who you are again? You're just a pile of dirt in the ground."

                Auntie Bai was so anxious that she burst into tears and begged, "Don't hit my daughter, I'll eat, ooh ...... I'll eat right away."

                She picked up the sweet potatoes trampled by Wang Dalong and others, mixed with mud and dust to eat one bite, because the soup mouth, she ate while opening her mouth and exhaling, while begging: "Please, don't hurt my daughter. Please."

                Bai Yuchun was dragged by the hair, the body is powerless to resist, she can do nothing to watch her mother so humiliated, tears rushing down, sad.

                Wang Dalong trampled another sweet potato with one foot, handed the shoe with the sweet potato stuck to Auntie Bai, and said, "Eat, eat like a dog and hurry up, and I won't mess with your daughter. Come, give the master a smile."

                Aunt Bai showed a painful smile: "I eat, I eat like a dog, huh huh, you guys let my daughter go, okay, please."

                Zhou Yun looked unusually excited, her eyes were wild, she laughed: "Hahahaha, eating like a dog, too disgusting. All filmed, in the future, this little bitch Bai Yu Chun dare to be arrogant again, send this video to her ......"

                The word "look" has not been exported, Zhou Yun suddenly suffered a heavy blow to the head, the whole person fell across the ground.

Chapter 68

Qin Ming went to buy water, thinking that Auntie Bai was like that, by the way, he went to the pharmacy to buy some nutritional supplements for him as a meeting gift, so he delayed some time.

                The carts selling sweet potatoes had been destroyed, and Auntie Bai was picking up the sweet potatoes on the ground and eating them desperately, while Bai Yuchun was dragged by her hair and in tears, pretending to smile.

                Anger erupted in Qin Ming's heart and he rushed straight up and pressed Zhou Yun's head, crushing it heavily to the ground, breaking his head.


                Zhou Yun could only feel her eyes popping up and her whole ear split open and bled, bleeding all over her face, she was too dizzy to stand up and couldn't even scream out in pain.

                Wang Dalong said in surprise, "Grass, who are you, kid? Do you know who I am?"

                The pimple-faced girl said, "Brother Long, he's this bitch's boyfriend who just stepped on Sister Rhyme's foot."

                "Where's that wild bastard from? Looking for death."

                And the man who was tugging on Bai Yu Chun's hair immediately punched towards Qin Ming.

                Qin Ming smiled coldly, in terms of fighting and ruthlessness, he was a connoisseur, although this socialite in front of him was also young, he obviously had no ruthlessness or strength, just a fish-belly cannon fodder errand boy.

                Qin Ming blatantly went fist to fist with him.


                The two big fists hit each other, and it was a fight to see whose fist was hard enough and tough enough, after all, the force was double reciprocal, and both hands hurt.

                But Qin Ming's arm muscles were stronger and he was not afraid of pain.

                The opponent, on the other hand, was backing up with a scream and his right hand was trembling a little.

                Taking advantage of his gap, Qin Ming took two steps forward and gave him a kick.

                Boom, the man fell straight to the ground and flung himself onto the pile of burning coals, which could be so hot that it scalded his body in multiple places in a second.

                "Ah! Hot, so hot! Brothers help me."

                However, Qin Ming this did not let him go, grabbed his hair and smashed his head hard into those burning coals.

                The burning coals cooked half of his face, sending out a puff of smoke.

                The little brother's body twitched and screamed miserably, "Ahhh! Brother Long, save me, save me."

                That was not all, Qin Ming also grabbed the junior's head and smashed the ground hard a few times, knocking the man straight out.

                After Qin Ming had done this, he clapped his hands and found that the people around him were all dumbfounded and looking at him like a ghost, Qin Ming was a bit too ruthless, they really had never seen such a scene before and did not slow down for a while.

                Qin Ming suddenly smiled amiably, "Haha, no need to be nervous, it's been too long since I've fought with people after senior year, so I suddenly broke out, I was startled myself, I'll just break your arms and legs later on, just don't burn your faces."

                "Gollum ......" I don't know who it was, swallowed in horror.

                The three girls from Bai Yu Chun's dormitory were so scared that their bodies went limp, and one of Wang Dalong's timid little brothers turned around and drove off straight away.

                But the car didn't get very far, but for some reason the controls went awry and it crashed directly into a green belt fire pole on the side of the road, knocking out even the airbag.

                But because the car crashed, it drew a crowd of passers-by, and no one paid attention to the noise of the small stall on Qin Ming's side.

                But Qin Ming knew that it was Ah Long who was handling it for him, and none of them were going to leave.

                The three remaining men's faces sank, especially that of Wang Dalong.

                Qin Ming grabbed Zhou Yun's hair, Zhou Yun held her head up like a dead fish, her face full of blood, Qin Ming took a picture with his mobile phone and said, "Next time you want to get into trouble with Pure Pure, I'll send you this picture, okay?"

                Zhou Yun's nose was sore and she reached out to her boyfriend for help, "Big Dragon help me, help me."

                Qin Ming laughed, "Forget it. What kind of car does your boyfriend drive? A Japanese Toyota Corolla? It's an old car, and you can tell it's not doing well. Besides, you're like this and he's still indifferent, he's not really in love. He could have found a prettier one with bigger breasts, why would he want a flat-chested girl like you? Can he save you? Have you been reading for years?"

                Wang Dalong's face was shameless, Qin Ming's words were like a slap in the face, slapping him in the face.

                But looking at Qin Ming's outfit, it was as dowdy as it could be, it was plain and unimpressive, so why was he so loud?

                Bai Yuchun shrank behind Qin Ming, her lapel already wet with tears, she was angry, she was angry at herself for not running faster and causing trouble for Qin Ming again.

                But Qin Ming gently wiped the tear marks from the corners of her eyes and said, "Don't cry, you can't make the bully happy. It was my mistake this time, I'm sorry."

                "Oooh ......" When Bai Yu Chun heard this, her insides warmed up and she cried even more instead, leaning her head on Qin Ming's back shoulder and shaking her head, "I don't blame you, I don't blame you, I was the one who was too weak. "

                Qin Ming said lazily, "Pick up the car, pay for the damage, kneel down and apologise, and I will consider letting you off for now."

                Qin Ming's words didn't scare the opposite side, that Wang Dalong went back to his car and pulled out a baseball bat, holding it in his hand and said arrogantly, "Scared? Is your kid's name Shi Le Zhi? You've really lost your wits. What kind of arrogance do you have?"

                The other two juniors also pulled out a telescopic iron bat and threatened, "Who are you? We are a gang of villains, and later on, our brother Big Dragon will tell you what it means to regret coming into this world. Behind us is Boss Nian, do you know that? Arrogant you ~mother~ stink~ hi. Bastard, bastard."

                Wang Dalong lit a cigarette with panache and said, "What's the point of talking so much? This kind of trivial matter still needs to alarm Boss Nian? The three of us are enough to cripple him, hmph, the tiger doesn't give off his authority when I'm a sick cat."

                Qin Ming smiled lightly and said, "Yes, we have to be quick, or else the others will get tired of watching the hilarity of that crash later and look over, and it will be trouble. Pure, help your mother to the side."

                Bai Yuchun knew that this hard battle was inevitable, she nodded and said, "Qin Ming, you must be careful, if you can't beat them, run, leave me alone."

                Qin Ming's heart stirred, he remembered when he and Yang Wei were bullied as children, Yang Wei told him, "Qin Ming don't leave me behind.

                Of course he had never left Yang Wei behind, but now the person he was protecting was different, but he heard different words.

                Qin Ming, as he had been when he was a teenager, said, "Don't worry, they can't touch a hair on your head."

                By the roadside, Ah Long had dealt with the youngster who had fled in his car and was coming over to help Qin Ming, but Qin Ming made a gesture of "get out of the way", indicating that Ah Long should not interfere and that he could vent his frustration by dealing with a few yakuza.

                Wang Dalong suddenly noticed and rushed forward, and two of his brothers pinned him down and swung their iron bars to protect him.

                Qin Ming raised his left arm and fought hard!

                In the crowd's incredulous eyes, Qin Ming really carried it hard.

                Wang Dalong's pupils suddenly shrank, because in all the time he had been fighting, he had never seen anyone who had the guts to face a water pipe without dodging.

                Qin Ming, on the other hand, grinned coldly, this was just an everyday occurrence for the old him.

                Qin Ming's arm hurt, but he was used to it.

                Before the other two youngsters could react, Qin Ming's right hand was like a fierce tiger coming out of its cave, squeezing Wang Dalong's right hand and twisting it with force, snatching the water pipe away.

                With a bang, Qin Ming backhandedly knocked down a stick.

                "Ah!" Wang Dalong's right hand was directly broken, holding his arm and kneeling on the ground screaming in agony, the intense pain made him forget to run away.

                Qin Ming stepped on Wang Dalong's head, stomping him into the ground and holding his head high with a fierce beast-like smile, "Who's next?"