Rags To Riches Chapter 669

 "Qin Ming!"

                Coldly, Liao Qingxuan's voice came from behind him, Qin Ming also saw Liao Qingxuan who was with Sun Changxi, this was totally aimed at him ah.

                Qin Ming was really worried, there were too many acquaintances in the capital city, and every one of them was a woman.

                Sun Changxi followed along and did see that the people beside Qin Ming were not the fourth son of the Zhao family, Zhao Songli and his wife?

                She immediately pulled Liao Qingxuan and said, "Sister Liao, shhh, Qin Ming, he's impersonating someone else, don't take him for Qin Ming."

                Liao Qingxuan was dismayed, but seeing the way Qin Ming also scowled at him, she said no more.

                Qin Ming followed Zhao Songli's family into the grand venue, which was magnificent, with gentle music echoing in his ears and people of all shapes and sizes.

                Zhao Songli was polite to everyone he met, introducing his children in passing.

                The old man Sun and Sun Justice were chatting with some old guys at the main seat there, Qin Ming narrowed his eyes, how come a few of them looked a bit familiar? The news broadcasts inside often go to where and where visit so and so leader.

                The Sun family's background is indeed impenetrable.

                Qin Ming took a look at Sun Changxi, who was chatting with the younger generation of the Sun family, and the youngsters still don't mix well with the old cadres.

                Zhao Songli walked around and had basically met all the people he greeted.

                He led the crowd to the seats at the side of the venue, where most of the Zhao family were.

                Qin Ming also got to know Zhao Zhen's other sons, Zhao Songxian and Zhao Xianwu, and as for the younger generation, there were too many of them, as well as the cousins from the side branches, about ten in total, each with their own little groups, and Qin Ming couldn't intervene.

                Moreover, there was a look of contempt for Qin Ming between their eyes.

                This was inevitable, after all, Zhao Zhengyan's reputation was not good, and although Qin Ming had recently done something sensational to the rich and powerful circle in Beijing as Zhao Zhengyan, it was not that easy to change these people's minds.

                Zhao Songli was chatting with his brother, while Zhao Ruoshi was playing with her mobile phone.

                Qin Ming said curiously, "What? Can't chat?"

                Zhao Ruoshi rolled her eyes in disgust and said, "It's not because, even me and my big brother are despised."

                "Despised for what?" Qin Ming said, "They're great?"

                "We're not great, but you're not even as good as trash, waste that can't be recycled." Coldly, four men came over next to him.

                Although they were dressed formally, their words and demeanour were full of disdain for the two men, and even a little teasing.

                "Your father is a bastard and you are a waste, what a match."

                "You're a waste of space, you've caused our Zhao family to lose face these past few years."

                "You have the nerve to appear in such an occasion? Don't you feel ashamed? Rubbish."

                "Yo, Zhao Ruoshi, you've grown up. Let brother take a good look."

                Qin Ming listened to these people's humiliations and secretly sighed that Zhao Zhengyan was really having a hard time.

                One of the Zhao family sons even used his hand to touch towards Zhao Ruo Shi's face, and Zhao Ruo Shi, who usually treated Qin Ming with utmost contempt, seemed to be frightened and did not dare to move at all.

                Qin Ming was surprised, but looking at Zhao Ruoshi's somewhat frightened expression, it was obvious that she was being bullied.

                He reached over and flicked the man's hand away directly, saying, "Let go of my sister."

                Zhao Ruo Shi was stunned and looked at Qin Ming strangely, he would actually defend himself? No, who was he to do that?

                That Zhao family's son was dissatisfied, "Zhao Zhengyan, what's with you trash getting cocky? Just because you've worshipped Zhang Quanzhen as your teacher, you're something? Ruoshi is my own sister, she just passed on to your family."

                Qin Ming scoffed, "I've never seen a brother look at his sister with contempt, he's your sister and my sister, I won't let my sister be bullied by you."

                Zhao Ruo Shi's expression changed, she never thought that Zhao Zheng Yan, who had always been silent and introverted and had no skills, would stand up for her?

                "You!" The Zhao family's son was furious: "Slander, you seek death! Ruoshi, come here, don't stand with this punk. He's not like us, this trash thing will only bring shame to the Zhao family."

                Qin Ming said, "Don't go over there."

                Zhao Ruo Shi looked clearly embarrassed, she could see that Qin Ming would be attacked by the group because of her.

                Zhao Ruo Shi was adopted by Zhao Song Li, but she was a little more attached to her two elder brothers. Although Zhao Ruo Shi hated the wasteful second brother, after hesitating, she pulled Qin Ming up and said, "Brother, go and find your elder brother."

                Zhao Ruo Shi ended up choosing her righteous brother, while her own brother was ignored and immediately led several brothers from the Zhao family to surround the two.

                "Zhao Ruoshi, it's true that after passing on, you forget who is your real brother. It seems that I, as an elder brother, need to teach you a good lesson."

                After saying that, that Zhao family son raised his hand and struck at Zhao Ruoshi.

                Zhao Ruo Shi was so frightened that she did not dare to move, and just closed her eyes in a patient manner.

                Qin Ming looked on in bewilderment, what kind of complicated relationship did this Zhao family have? Moreover, Zhao Ruo Shi was really vulnerable, being bullied like this, she didn't even dare to resist.


                The expected slap did not hit Zhao Ruoshi's face, instead it was blocked by Qin Ming.

                He grabbed this Zhao family's son's hand and said, "Take your hand away. You're really arrogant when people don't go your way. Then do you have the capital to be arrogant."

                The Zhao family's son's face turned red and he desperately tried to pull back his hand, but Qin Ming's wrist strength was not weak, so he did not pull back.

                Phew, the other hand punched Qin Ming.

                Qin Ming twisted his backhand and immediately twisted the other hand to his back, then pressed down hard and followed up with a kick.


                The crowd all looked at Qin Ming incredulously, this infamous wimp, how dare he hit someone with his hands? Moreover, they all knew Zhao Kun, who was quite a capable fighter and usually practiced kung fu, how could he be put down by Qin Ming in two blows?

                "I was just careless." Zhao Kun stood up and said angrily, "Zhao Zhengyan you seek death."

                "Let go of me." Seeing that Zhao Kun was about to rush up, an excited rebuke was suddenly heard next to him.

                Just ten steps away, next to a red chair at the edge of the ballroom, Sun Changxi was arguing with a handsome, ice-cold man.

                "Hmm? Li Xinghong?" Qin Ming recognized it at a glance, back in Star Ocean City, that arrogant and domineering man with a deep background, Li Xinghong, who had even been in jail, I heard.

                "Wow, is that Li Xinghong? He's actually here."

                "How ignorant, Li Xinghong was released long ago, huh, he's still so obsessed with that Sun family."

                "Sun Changxi is so pretty, with her status and background, she's quite a match for the Li family."

                "Hehe, but Miss Sun's family doesn't want to. Li Xinghong isn't a good guy either."

                The Zhao family's children side had a lively scene to watch, and one by one, they ignored Qin Ming.

                But seeing Li Xinghong pestering Sun Changxi, as he did when he was in Guang City, and holding flowers, he was passionately pursuing Sun Changxi ah.

                Sun Changxi also looked back at Qin Ming's side, but she did not come over, because she knew very well that the current Qin Ming, in impersonating someone else, to do hidden things, she could not give Qin Ming trouble.

                But Qin Ming could not be angry and immediately wanted to walk over.

                Zhao Ruoshi could see the change in Qin Ming's expression and immediately pulled him back, saying, "What are you doing, Zhao Zhengyan? Don't be nosy. The Li family cannot afford to be offended."

                Zhao Kun also scoffed, "You punk going over to get beaten up?"

                "Hahahaha, you want to play hero to save the beauty. Don't you see the size of the Li family? Going over there is just getting beaten up like a hobgoblin."

                Qin Ming was annoyed, "You guys are not capable, so don't bury me. I'll show you all, a bunch of dudes who only gloat, how dare you talk about me."

                The Zhao family's children's faces changed, each with a disdainful expression, as if they were waiting for Qin Ming to run into a wall and make a fool of himself, and then come back to drop stones.