Rags To Riches Chapter 668

 "Grandpa." Zhao Zhengting and Zhao Ruoshi, who were following behind, said in unison.

                The two saw Qin Ming again, but instead of Nie Haitang by his side, someone else was there instead.

                Zhao Zhengting was still surprised and said, "Miss Mu?"

                Mu Xiaoqiao recognised Zhao Zhengting and smiled, "Mr Zhao, what a coincidence."

                Qin Ming asked, "Acquaintance?"

                "Investment partner, not too familiar." Mu Xiaoqiao said.

                Qin Mo pulled Qin Ming back, still pinching his ears, and reprimanded, "Alright, Zhao Zhengyin where are you going? What are you doing tonight? Do you really want to give your mother and me a hard time? You want me to explain to my in-laws? Quickly, say hello to your grandfather."

                Qin Ming was caught back and looked at Zhao Zhen, who was full of authority, and next to him was Zhao Songzhi, whom Qin Ming had met before.

                In fact, the Zhao family, however, was aware of Qin Ming's existence and knew that Qin Ming looked like Zhao Zhengyan, but after they had investigated, they felt that it was just that the people had a resemblance.

                Instead, it was Zhao Songli's family who didn't quite know what they looked like.

                Qin Ming swallowed hard, because with this information, it might not be so easy for him to fool Zhao Zhen.

                If Zhao Zhen found out that his "grandson" was a fake, wouldn't his plan be completely foiled?

                Qin Ming felt that he would be recognized as soon as he opened his mouth, after all, there must be a difference between a real grandson and a fake grandson calling out to someone.

                Just as Qin Ming was torn, a dissatisfied voice came from the doorway: "Hey, are you going in or not? It's blocking the way."

                The two Zhao family security guards said, "Please wait a moment, our people haven't entered yet."

                "Wait? Who am I to wait? Get lost! I despise wimps who report their families the most." As soon as the words left his mouth, two Zhao family security guards were directly knocked away, causing a commotion at the scene.

                Who dared to make a move against the Zhao family in this capital city?

                When the crowd looked back, they unexpectedly saw Zhang Quanzhen and his two disciples, Song Yixing and Song Yiling.

                Zhang Quanzhen was now swept away from his gloom and injury, and he walked in with his head held high, dressed in a traditional Tang suit.

                With Zhang Quanzhen's stirring, Qin Ming's affairs were naturally postponed.

                Zhao Zhen narrowed his eyes at Zhang Quanzhen, both of them with a strong aura.

                It was also the first time Qin Ming had seen Zhang Quanzhen get serious, did he even have such a serious moment?

                "It's been a long time." Zhang Quanzhen said to Zhao Zhen.

                However, Zhao Zhen didn't reply or pay any attention, he just walked away, that's right, Zhao Zheng ignored Zhang Quanzhen and went into the venue.

                Zhang Quanzhen begged off, and Zhao Songli went and hurriedly posted up, saying, "Zhang Zhen Zhen, it has indeed been a long time since I saw you."

                This is to give Zhang Quanzhen a step down, Qin Ming heart a snicker, this bad old man, no wonder will seek his help, people Zhao Zhen does not give a damn to him, also what when the five brothers of the same school, the times have changed.

                Once Zhao Zhen left, the pressure on the whole family was suddenly gone. Qin Mo stared at Qin Ming and then at Mu Xiao Qiao with no good grace, her eyebrows raised and she hummed, "Aren't you going to let go?"

                Zhao Zhengting was also very surprised and said, "Miss Mu, haven't you, haven't you always been single? Could it be that you rejected me because of my brother?"

                Qin Ming's face was dark, this cheap big brother, he actually liked Mu Xiaoqiao? What a surprise.

                Mu Xiaoqiao, who knew the inside story, deliberately said, "Although, Zhao Zhengyan he already has a fiancée, but isn't he still not married? What's wrong with that?"

                Mu Sichen also joined in the fun, "Whoever wants my sister, I'm the one who gave it away incidentally."

                "Nonsense." Qin Mo's absolutely beautiful face was almost twisted as she reprimanded, "You two, leave my son. Zhao Zhengyin, explain to me clearly, how did you become like this?"

                Zhao Zhengting also questioned loudly, "You have a fiancée and you still cheat? I'm warning you, stay away from Miss Mu. I know, do you know that I am courting Miss Mu and are deliberately acting to irritate me? You're just jealous of me aren't you?"

                Qin Ming didn't want to be nosy and said to Mu Xiaoqiao, "All right, stop it, you guys go in first."

                Mu Xiaoqiao and Mu Sichen both nodded seriously.

                "Miss Mu, wait for a moment." Zhao Zhengting immediately followed, looking anxious.

                Qin Mo looked at Qin Ming and said, "Zhao Zhengyin, what exactly are you trying to get up to? Huang Shutong is still hospitalised, she's such a nice girl, why aren't you satisfied?"

                Zhao Ruoshi scoffed, "Aren't all men like that? Mum, second brother is a man too, he wants to save face."

                Qin Ming said, "Why do I need to explain? Is it hard for me to make you guys feel popular?"

                "No, you child." Qin Mo was very embarrassed and said, "Don't you be so nonsensical, is this the very place? If you make a joke, you will be laughed at again."

                Qin Ming listened to this, although he was chiding, but with tenderness, a mother's care for her child, he was a little soft-hearted, what about the real Zhao Zhengyan who had become a vegetable, why did he bother to come against Zhao Zhengyan's family?

                Qin Ming softened his attitude and said, "Actually, they are all my friends who asked me to help them come in for the party only, it happened to be the same day, I had to split my time."

                Hearing this explanation, Qin Mo was still more than satisfied and said, "You child, how can you be so vain? Alas, since you're here, forget it, follow me around and don't wander off."

                Qin Ming swept his eyes at Song Yixing and Song Yiling, the two siblings were in full dress and went into the venue, and waved at him, Qin Ming guessed they should have a mission, and didn't say anything more.

                Zhang Quanzhen also walked over at this time and said, "Little Zhao is very talented, and after my work and changes, there has been a great change. I believe you can feel it too."

                Zhao Songli said excitedly, "Yes, Zhang Zhen Zhen is worthy of being a master of Tiger Dragon Mountain, I am so impressed."

                Qin Mo asked again, "Zhang Zhen Zhen, then that ailment in my child's body, can it be cured?"

                Zhang Quanzhen pretended to be profound and said, "It depends on fate."

                The meaning was ambiguous again, and Zhang Quanzhen said, "Mr. Zhao, your father still does not seem very willing to talk to me."

                Zhao Songli laughed bitterly, "My father is like that, he probably hasn't let go of it yet, but the last time I mentioned to him that you had accepted Zheng Yan as your disciple, he knew about it and didn't object or reprimand me."

                Zhang Quanzhen said, "Let Zhao Zhengyan accompany me to talk to him later. You still have to create a chance for me."

                Zhao Songli dotingly touched Qin Ming and said, "Well, don't worry. My dad still likes ZhengYan quite a lot."

                Qin Ming only listened in confusion, Zhao Zhen liked Zhao Zhengyan, the son born of an illegitimate child?

                It sounded a bit out of tune, but he was not familiar with the Zhao family and was just listening.

                It seemed that Zhao Songli, the illegitimate son, was not as disliked by Zhao Zhen as he thought, and was quite capable of making a good point?

                "But it's quite good that it didn't reveal itself." Qin Ming was delighted.

                As the crowd was about to go in, two more gorgeous women came in at the door, and when Qin Ming looked, weren't they Liao Qingxuan and Sun Changxi?

                As a dance director, Liao Qingxuan had come to Beijing to take part in the "Dream Girl" project.

                But Qingxuan Liao didn't know that his identity was different!

                Qin Ming hurriedly dodged, but it was already too late. After seeing Qin Ming, Liao Qingxuan immediately beckoned, "Qin Ming!"