Rags To Riches Chapter 667

 Nie Haitang and Mu Xiaoqiao made the unspoken hint that after shopping at the wedding shop, they would both be Qin Ming's women as long as Qin Ming nodded his head.

                But Qin Ming had been distracted.

                Both worried that his status as the heir to the Huan Yu Century Group would bring them harm, and not wanting to lose one of them.

                Qin Ming thought to himself, "The Zhao family is over this time, and it's time for me to make a decision. Tonight would be a good opportunity to get in touch with Zhao Zhen, hopefully something will come out of it."

                At six o'clock in the evening, Qin Ming appeared at the entrance of the auditorium of the Star Island Holiday Inn in Beijing with a dressed-up Nie Haitang.

                Nie Haitang's dress was the sky-high dress that Qin Ming had given her in Guangzhou, a diamond-encrusted dream girl that had made Nie Haitang a star at the Century Tower charity gala at the time.

                The attendant at the door, however, stopped Qin Ming and said, "Sir, please take off your mask. Everyone who enters the venue needs to confirm their identity."

                "Um ...... Zhao Zhengyin." Qin Ming gave a fake name.

                "Why are you here?"

                Just after he had given his name, a scolding came from behind Qin Ming, and when he looked back, it was a good coincidence that he ran into Zhao Songli, Qin Mo and his wife, as well as Zhao Zhengting and Zhao Ruoshi.

                Qin Ming was speechless too, the family was here and they didn't call out to him?

                Zhao Zhengyin was also bad enough.

                Luckily, Qin Ming was only posing as an identity, so there was no unpleasant feeling.

                When Nie Haitang saw these people, she did recognise them as Zhao Zhengyan's family, but not Qin Ming's, so she didn't care at all.

                Nie Haitang said, "Why can't he be here? I'm the one who invited him, what's wrong?"

                "Vixen!" Qin Mo saw the two of them holding arms and his liver flared up, saying, "Shu Tong is injured and hospitalised, and you don't go and watch over him, and you're here at a party with other women? Little sister, I don't care who you are, but I'm warning you, my son's daughter-in-law is the only one, Huang Shutong."

                Nie Haitang gave a very calm smile, "Is that so? But I have no intention of being your Zhao family's daughter-in-law."

                What does this mean again? Just playing around? But then why so intimate?

                But this was something that only Qin Ming could understand.

                Qin Ming said, "You don't bring me here, and you don't allow me to come by myself?"

                Qin Mo said angrily, "Your fiancĂ©e is still in the hospital, how can you ...... you child, do you really want to piss me off?"

                Zhao Songli's face was gloomy as he said, "Forget it, there are many people here, go in first."

                The family stopped arguing and went straight in.

                Zhao Zhengting, the convenient elder brother, looked at Nie Haitang, surprised, and said, "Beauty, you're interested in my brother? But it's a pity that he's an invalid. Oh, he doesn't have a few dollars yet."

                Naturally, Nie Haitang could hear that this was a dig, but he had made the wrong calculation; this was her first love, Qin Ming.

                Disgusted, Nie Haitang said, "You make me sick, please don't harass us."

                Zhao Zhengting was dumbfounded but shook his head disdainfully, thinking that Nie Haitang must be crazy, but it didn't matter to him, he just wanted to disgust this brother.

                Zhao Ruoshi, who had fallen behind, was very curious and said, "Well ...... second brother you actually came back with the other girls, huh, do you know how serious the consequences of this are?"

                Qin Ming lazy bb970ec0 nonsense, said: "You want to bear the consequences of this not? Do not bear don't bother me."

                Zhao Ruoshi directly into the meeting: "Hum, kindly remind you still not convinced? Disgusting."

                Nie Haitang said quietly, "Qin Ming, would I have influenced you to impersonate Zhao Zhengyin? I actually want to take you to meet my master, so if your business is important, I can put up with it for a while."

                Qin Ming looked at the time and said, "Well, I'll accompany you to see your master later. Haitang, I'd better pretend to be Zhao Zhengyan first."

                Qin Ming went along with this excuse and slipped around the banquet place for a while before sneaking out through the back.

                He took a car all the way to the flat where Mu Xiaoqiao was, and arrived at the right time.

                "So slow." Mu Xiaoqiao hummed with a small nuzzle, "Look, Si Chun is running here."

                "Brother-in-law!" Mu Sichen ran out from the back and took Qin Ming's hand beautifully, then twisted it to her back in one go and said with a huff, "You liar!"

                "Ouch." Qin Ming was caught off guard and was set upon by this little devil, Mu Siqiu, twisting his arm to his back, causing him to wail in pain.

                Mu Xiaoqiao was furious: "Si Chun, what are you doing? Quickly let go."

                Mu Sichen grunted, "Liar, you promised to be my manager, but you ran away. Causing me to be bullied in the show, oooh ......"

                Qin Ming was stunned and asked, "Really? Who the hell is it? Tell me the name and I'll get her killed."

                Mu Si Chun looked at Qin Ming's anxious look and smiled playfully again, "I'm teasing you. With Teacher Liao protecting me, I won't be bullied."

                Qin Ming gave her a glance and said, "Alright, you know my situation well. Let's go, don't show me up."

                Mu Xiaoqiao also said seriously, "That's right, Si Chun, your brother-in-law is going to do something big with Zhang Zhen Zhen, so don't give out this impersonation of someone else's identity indiscriminately."

                Mu Sichen hummed, "Sister, I knew about it before you did. Don't treat me like a child. It seems that Grandpa and the others are here too."

                Qin Ming sighed, realising that there would be many acquaintances from Guang City at the Sun family's banquet tonight.

                However, this had the advantage that the people he valued were aware of his difficulties and were all willing to keep his secrets for him.

                Qin Ming said to himself, "Anyway, Zhao Zhengyan is still in a coma and Huang Shutong is in hospital, so it's not a big problem to casually deal with it tonight."

                When he arrived at the venue again, the attendant who was still watching the door in the dark compartment was surprised to see Qin Ming enter with a different girl on his elbow again, "Sir you ......"

                "What for?" Qin Ming said.

                The waiter hurriedly said, "No, nothing."

                The mouth said it was nothing, but his eyes were filled with a strong jealousy, who was this man? How dare he bring in two stunning beauties in succession?

                "Zhao Zhengyan?" Coldly, a questioning tone came from behind him.

                Qin Ming turned around to see a large group of people walking to the entrance of the hotel banquet's hall, with uniformed bodyguards on either side, clearly these were people of great status and position.

                After recognising them for a moment, Qin Ming recognised that the old man at the head of the group who was shouting at him was not the head of the Zhao family, Zhao Zhen?

                Qin Ming had heard Zhao Zhen's name for a long time, especially when Zhang Quanzhen often recited it, but today was the first time he saw him.

                Zhao Zhen didn't look too old, and he was very good at taking care of his health. Moreover, he was very imposing, his face was as calm as water, and when he stood there, his aura was full, as stable as a mountain, and a sense of oppression came over him.

                There were several middle-aged men next to Zhao Zhen and a group of young men and women behind him, so obviously the Zhao family had quite a few people here this time.

                Qin Ming was hesitating to call out to his grandfather against his will when Zhao Songli and his family inside came running out.

                "Dad ...... you're here." Zhao Songli walked up and said, "Master Sun he ...... amount? Zhao Zhengyin, I was saying where did you go just now, why ......"

                Before he finished his words, Zhao Songli saw two thousand charming women beside Qin Ming, Mu Xiaoqiao and Mu Sichen.

                Both of them were also hugging Qin Ming's arm, looking very intimate.

                Qin Mo at the side rolled his eyes, what is this son up to? He had just hooked up with one, and this time with another? How did he become unrecognizable?

                Qin Ming felt that something bad was going to happen, and now he was not ready to go through with Zhao Zhen, so he simply gritted his teeth and pulled the two girls away.

                But every time he took a step, Qin Mo pulled him by the back of the neck with one hand and reprimanded, "You don't even greet people when you see them? What's wrong with you, you child?"