Rags To Riches Chapter 664

 "Well ......"

                In the single dormitory, Qin Ming was bored, flipping through his books to pass the time.

                He was concerned when Ah Long was captured by the Zhao family's men, after all, he and Ah Long were both master and servant, as well as brothers.

                He still had a grudge against Zhang Quanzhen for having pitted Ah Long, but he could not afford to get too angry as the other party was his master and now he was also injured and looked like he was going to hang up at any moment, and he still needed his apprentice to carry him when he travelled.

                Suddenly, Yang Xiaoxuan said, "Young master, Miss Song has sent a message, saying that she will send someone back to keep an eye on the Zhao family and find the whereabouts of Wu Long as soon as possible. If I may say so, it's been so long, and since the person was captured, he is either alive or necessarily dead. It's better for young master to relax a little, after all, he is from Huan Yu, the Zhao family seems to still have a marriage contract with you young master, and Wu Long might be a bargaining chip in the future."

                Qin Ming nodded and said, "Indeed, it is very possible. It seems that next month is the engagement ceremony between me and that Zhao Xinran. This one could be used a bit."

                "By the way, how is Chang Xue?" Qin Ming's heart twitched as he recalled his previous encounter with a very powerful expert from the Zhao family, Fatty Liang, who had died, and the other party seemed to care a lot about Chang Xue.

                Qin Ming was not much interested in Chang Xue, so after helping Sun Changxi last time, he did not bother to take care of her.

                In his mind, Qin Ming thought, "Maybe we can start with her and ask if she knows the whereabouts of some of the Zhao family's experts."

                Qin Ming looked at the time, although he wanted to go and look for Chang Xue, there was not enough time now as he would soon be attending the Sun family's family recognition banquet.

                He looked at his phone and no one had contacted him, which meant that he had not been invited to the banquet.

                "Did the people from the Sun family have some misunderstanding about me?" Qin Ming was very puzzled, he had at least done the Sun family a big favour.

                "But forget it, it's okay to go with Haitang." On second thought, Qin Ming looked forward to it again.

                Anyway, Huang Shutong had just woken up now and wouldn't be able to get out of bed for a month.

                "Zizi zizi."

                Suddenly, his phone rang and Qin Ming saw a number that surprised him, Mu Xiaoqiao?

                "Hello? Qin ...... Qin ......" Mu Xiaoqiao's voice on the phone sounded worried, hesitant, but not sure to say it, as if he was scrupulous about something.

                This is a move that is scrupulous about calling out Qin Ming, which will put Qin Ming in the middle of something passive.

                Qin Ming noticed Mu Xiaoqiao's carefulness and said with a smile, "It's me, Qin Ming."

                "Ah~!" Mu Xiaoqiao was overjoyed when she received an affirmative reply and said, "Mm-hmm, are you free? I'm currently stuck in a cafe, please show up in a suitable capacity, address sent to you."

                Qin Ming soon received a location message, he was surprised, what was going on here? Someone had blocked Mu Xiaoqiao? Which ungrateful person dared to touch his people?

                Qin Ming immediately rushed to the location Mu Xiaoqiao had sent, but it was not far outside the school, an elegant bar that was very popular among young people.

                When he arrived, Mu Xiaoqiao had dressed up carefully and was sitting alone by the window.

                Qin Ming walked over and said, "You're blocked in? It doesn't look like it."

                Mu Xiaoqiao clasped her hands together and said nervously, "Fooling you, no? You still haven't explained to me clearly the night before last, with Huang Shutong. And today there was a news report that Huang Shutong had met with a traffic accident and was hospitalized to recover from her injuries. I thought it might have something to do with you."

                "Ah ......," Qin Ming said wearily, "I was so worried that I even had my driver run a dozen red lights to get here."

                When Mu Xiaoqiao heard this, she was inwardly pleased and said, "Well, that, that's still passable. But next time, be safe, it's too dangerous to run a red light."

                "You're really ......" Qin Ming wanted to chide him twice, but hearing Mu Xiaoqiao's concern, his heart softened and he could only give up.

                Mu Xiaoqiao said discontentedly, "Then can't I talk to you? The takeaway shop said again that you had quit. Why do I feel like you're avoiding me?"

                Qin Ming said, "Alright, chat, chatting is fine, but you also choose the place, look at this bar, there are strong eyes everywhere, don't you feel uncomfortable?"

                Qin Ming pointed to the surrounding area, many men who were dressed fashionably, all cast their eyes towards the attractive Mu Xiaoqiao, even some men who came with their girlfriends, they couldn't help but peek.

                Mu Xiaoqiao said naturally, "Ever since I was little, everywhere I go, I get this kind of gaze, I'm used to it."

                "That ...... this young lady, excuse me." Suddenly, a waitress came over and put down a cup of mixed wine, saying, "The Blue Rose given to you by Young Ye, please."

                Mu Xiaoqiao's gentle expression suddenly went cold and said, "No, please take it away, I don't know any Ye Shao. I'm not interested either."

                The waitress opened her mouth in surprise and said, "You must be a first time visitor to our bar? I can't believe you don't even know Young Ye. Ye Shao is a very powerful man, with a wealthy family, a deep background, and even more people under him, calling the shots in this area. How many women want to be friends with Young Girl Ye."

                Mu Xiaoqiao crossed her legs and held her hands over her bountiful breasts and said, "End of the line! I don't know any young Ye. Do you see the man in front of me? He's my husband."

                Pfft, Qin Ming spat out a mouthful of lemonade, hey hey hey, already divorced, okay?

                However, how come it sounded quite cool? After all, a beautiful woman like Mu Xiaoqiao was still a strong woman.

                The waitress was in total disbelief and said, "Scared? No way? He's such a rustic guy, all covered in ground-floor goods, his hair is a mess and he doesn't even put a gel on it. You have a better reason for rejecting someone, don't you, pretty lady? I'm telling you, Younger Ye ...... is very domineering. The woman he likes will never let go. You take advantage of the fact that young Ye is in a good mood today, it is not a bad thing to make a good acquaintance, no, for you, it is even more of an honor, right? You came here, didn't you also come here to find a man?"

                When Mu Xiaoqiao heard this, she became furious and threw herself at the waitress, angrily reprimanding, "I'm here because it's close to my husband's school!"

                "Ah, what are you doing? You woman is really crazy, you don't give face to Young Ye, don't regret when you suffer later." The waitress bellowed, "What a dog bites Lü Dongbin, not a good heart."

                "Tsk tsk tsk, Xiao Li, how do you do your job?" At this moment, a handsome young man in a thick mink coat walked over and touched the waitress's butt by the way as he held her up.

                "Young Ye, I, I tried my best, she said she had a husband." The waitress looked a bit intimidated and said, "I, I ......"

                Ye Shao gave Qin Ming a mocking glance and said, "Ah, just came over on a shared bike."

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes, it was simply convenient, it wasn't like he particularly wanted to show off that he had a driver in and out, after all, it was close.

                "My name is Ye Shaoshan." Ye Shaoshan spoke to himself and sat down, his eyes blazing as he stared at Mu Xiaoqiao and said, "Beauty, I've read a lot of women, and from your walking posture and movements just now, I knew you were still a virgin, right? So don't just pull a shield and say it's your husband, such a cheap trick won't work."

                Mu Xiaoqiao's eyebrows went up, even though she was still, it was too rude to be questioned so openly.

                She glanced at Qin Ming again, he would definitely be angry anyway, right, so she would simply save her breath, it was time for men to do things like this.

                Ye Shaoshan continued, "I look like a bad guy, hahaha, actually, well, you will find out my good points after you get to know me. I'm just asking you for a date. Forget about this boring bumpkin and go on a date with me, look, my Ferrari is right outside."

                With that, Ye Shaoshan took out his car keys and pressed them, just as the two of them leaned against the window with the car right next to them and rang twice.

                Mu Xiaoqiao looked at the car and then at Qin Ming, not saying anything and looking as if he was waiting for Qin Ming to do his job.

                Qin Ming sighed, "It really gave a blockage, ah. I say you ......"

                Snap, suddenly, Ye Shaoshan pulled out a woodpecker knife and stuck it on the countertop, threatening, "Shut up turtle, there is no place for you to talk. Say one more word and I'll make you speechless for the rest of your life, I'll do what I say."