Rags To Riches Chapter 663

 Qin Ming was surprised that Zhang Quanzhen was injured, but he had two disciples with him, and Qin Ming was even more surprised.

                Seeing Qin Ming's stunned look, Zhang Quanzhen explained, "I am at least the head of the Tiger Dragon Mountain Orthodox Church, and I have many students and disciples, after all, the country now allows freedom of religion. And you three, you are the ones who have received my true mantle. They are two siblings, brother Song Yixing and sister Song Yiling."

                "Last time, the Zhao family was doing some unseen smuggling business and I found out about it. I wanted to use that as blackmail to make the Zhao family mess up so that I could use you again and get the chance to meet Zhao Zhen and Chang Rui. Unfortunately, I lost all my efforts and almost lost my life."

                "This time when I came to the capital city, I also had to bring my two disciples with me."

                Qin Ming got confirmation from Zhang Quanzhen and said honestly, "Senior Brother Song, Senior Sister Song."

                Song Yixing said, "We were also surprised that Master was still willing to take on disciples, when he had clearly said that he would not take on any more disciples. This time, your senior sister and I are joining in with the master. You let your people go out for a while."

                Qin Ming, however, shook his head and said, "It's not a problem, he can be trusted. He was originally from the Ten Thousand Snakes Society in Magnesium and now works with me. I don't think I'll be suspicious of anyone. Besides, he also knows about my recent affairs."

                Hearing these words from Qin Ming, Yang Xiaoxuan was moved in his heart, not expecting his boss to trust him so much.

                Zhang Quanzhen waved his hand and said, "It's alright. Today, there are three things. The first one is about your former but henchman, Ah Long, when he was captured and saved me."

                "Huh?" Qin Ming was surprised, "No wonder my people have not been able to find out about him, it's because of you."

                Qin Ming was very angry when he found out the truth, why had Zhang Quanzhen never said anything?

                Ah Long was his brother! After being missing for so long, his heart was hanging in the balance as his life and death were still unknown.

                His expression was sullen and his fists were clenched as he tried to scold Zhang Quanzhen, how could this old man be so reckless? He didn't give his master's face.

                But looking at him with his head wounded and his spirit shrivelled up, he was a little bit sad.

                Anyway, the man had been arrested, so there was no point in turning against him, so Qin Ming could only suppress his anger and listen for the time being.

                Zhang Quanzhen looked somewhat vain and said, "I am at least your advisor and have more or less power. When I was being chased by the Zhao family, I was in danger and called for his help, and although Ah Long managed to help me get out of danger, he himself was captured and his life or death is still uncertain. Alas, I am also ashamed of his help."

                Song Yixing also said, "Master, his old man also tried his best and stayed in a coma state after surviving, so it was too late to inform."

                Qin Ming's face sank, Ah Long had been captured by the Zhao family's people?

                He didn't expect the Zhao family to be involved again.

                He recalled that not long ago Chang Xue had also been captured by someone from the Zhao family, when a man called Fatty Liang had been repelled by Song Ying.

                It seemed that the Zhao family also possessed many mysterious experts.

                Zhang Quanzhen continued, "The second thing, that is my long-cherished wish, may need to rely on your background. I have injured my root this time, I am not sure myself how long I can live, in the future, if I am to be gone, your senior brother and sister, can teach you skills on my behalf."

                Hearing these words from Zhang Quanzhen, Qin Ming's expression became even more ugly, especially when he saw the bandages tied around his head, and said, "Master."

                Zhang Quanzhen held up his hand, indicating that Qin Ming did not need to say anything, and said, "We have a saying in China that wealth and fortune are determined by heaven, and life and death are determined by fate. I am just talking about possibilities, you have only been under my tutelage for a short while and you have a special status, I have told your fortune, although you have the face of the Ninth Five, if you cannot sit firmly on the Great Path, your path is also very dangerous. Your senior brother and sister can also help you."

                This Qin Ming did not object to, he happened to be short of talents.

                However, when he heard Zhang Quanzhen's words, which were like an explanation of the aftermath, his heart was inevitably sad.

                Zhang Quanzhen continued, "The third thing, that is the matter of Zhao Zhengyan. His accident, I believe you. But now in this state, I can only let you continue to impersonate Zhao Zhengyan, and when the right time comes, let's talk about it out."

                Qin Ming nodded his head, he was planning the same thing.

                After Zhang Quanzhen said this, his expression began to turn odd and he covered his head in great distress.

                Song Yixing hurriedly handed Zhang Quanzhen medicine.

                Qin Ming asked worriedly, "Master, if this injury is serious, I will arrange for you to receive the most advanced treatment."

                Zhang Quanzhen immediately shook his head and said, "It's not a problem, I know my own body well. Tonight the Sun family is hosting a banquet, go ahead, it's an opportunity to get in touch with Zhao Zhen. I will inquire separately about the whereabouts of your man, Ah Long. After all, I have dragged him into this, and I will get him out."

                Having explained these things, Song Yixing picked up Zhang Quanzhen to leave.

                Song Yiling, however, stepped forward and spread out her hands, "Senior brother, is there money? You see we have come all the way from out of town, we have spent all our money, have no place to stay, eat some and still have to help you find someone."

                This was asking for money.

                Qin Ming's heart was a bit torn, this is only a meeting, are you not elders? Shouldn't you give our brother a gift?

                But he was not a calculating person, it was just money, he had plenty of it.

                Qin Ming felt in his pocket and took out a card, saying, "Senior sister, a small billion is no token of respect."

                Song Yiling was stunned, took the card, looked at Qin Ming again and asked, "Is there really so much? You didn't coax me, did you? I thought you would give me ten or twenty thousand and I would be in heaven."

                Qin Ming smiled and said, "It's this much. Please feel free to use it, senior sister."

                Song Yiling was delighted and patted Qin Ming, saying, "Well, indeed, you are a good senior brother. I heard Master say that you are rich, but you are so rich, hahaha, good senior brother, Nuo, here is my phone number, contact me if you need anything."

                After Zhang Quanzhen's third master and disciple walked away, Song Yixing, who was supporting Zhang Quanzhen, immediately pounced on his sister and said, "Song Yiling, give me the card. Don't spend the one billion alone."

                Zhang Quanzhen, who had just been badly injured, recovered instantly and said anxiously, "Hush, you two don't grab it. It's only a billion, haven't you ever seen so much money?"

                The two siblings said in unison, "I really haven't seen it before."

                After saying that, the pair of siblings were fighting again, pulling and tugging to grab the bank card given by Qin Ming.

                "Song Yiling give me the card, I am your brother, the eldest brother is the father, do you understand? Give the money to your father me."

                "Get lost, I'm the one who asked for the money from my senior brother, I'm in charge."

                Zhang Quanzhen narrowed his eyes speechlessly, "Have you guys been on the mountain too long, robbing around for this amount of money? Go now, don't let Qin Ming's people find out and know that I'm impersonating a wounded man and you're finished. This disciple of mine is a tiger."

                Snapping, Zhang Quanzhen grabbed one with one hand and grabbed the two disciples to walk out of the campus quickly.

                Song Yixing said, "Who master let you blindly wave and still have people's men arrested."

                Song Yiling also will say: "That is, master you yourself made out of things, but also dragged us to give you to calm the scene, old not ashamed."

                The three master and disciples walked down the road and discussed how to use the one billion.

                Zhang Quanzhen hugged his arms and looked at the big road, saying, "It's almost time to close the net, I didn't ask you guys to come just to help me cheat your senior brother, nor is it for this small sum of one billion dollars. The main reason is to help your senior brother tide over his difficulties."

                Song Yiling covered the bank card in her hand and said, "I know, old man, you're so nosy, you've said it hundreds of times along the way. We just ignore it, little brother is so biased."

                Song Yixing also said; "That's right. You are biased, Master."

                Zhang Quanzhen smiled, patted his daoist robe and said, "I won't be biased. Let's go, let's get down to business."