Rags To Riches Chapter 661

 Qin Ming did not expect Li Meng, who had been scared silly, to really be scared silly by the bloody scene.

                She actually did not allow Qin Ming to save Huang Shutong and had to say that Zhao Zhengyan was still in a state of amnesia, even though Zhao Zhengyan had clarified that he just did not dare to face Huang Shutong and pretended to have amnesia.

                In the end, she chased him out, but was bitten by a snake, and fired indiscriminately in panic, giving Zhao Zhengyan a shot to the head.

                "Ahhhh!" Li Meng let out a horrific scream as she haphazardly ripped off the snake that had bitten her tiny foot and then lunged at Zhao Zhengyan.

                "Honey, honey, don't you scare me." Li Meng shouted in terror, "You said you would marry me, you can't die, I want to be a luxurious wife, you can't die."

                However, Zhao Zhengyin didn't even make a sound, the bullet passed through his forehead from the bottom up, a situation Qin Ming didn't know if it would be, but it was clear that the chances of death were high.

                "Qin Ming you save him. Oooh ...... save him." Li Meng came over on her back again and begged Qin Ming, saying, "He is my last hope, please, save him."

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes, very disgusted: "Have you done a single thing since you got to this island? You used to pretend to be a reformed man and trick me into trusting you, but your intentions were so sinister. Li Meng, we have been in love for at least two years, think about our sophomore and junior years, although we quarreled a lot, we were still in love. I've been with you for two years, and I've always wanted to make it up to you, and to get together for good."

                "But your heart is not strong enough to swallow an elephant, and everything that you do is brutal and unreasonable. You brought this on yourself."

                Li Meng cried and shouted, "No, you save him, oooh ...... The fortune teller said that I have the fate of a rich wife, this is not how I will end up."

                Qin Ming sighed and said, "That's right, when you didn't dump me and go to Yang Wei, you were the wife of a magnate, huh, not just a magnate, the mistress of the world's only, super corporate empire, the Huan Yu Century Machine Group, that was supposed to be your position, you didn't want it yourself. Touch your nose, it's bleeding, the one that bit you was a poisonous snake."

                Li Meng was stunned and touched her nose, and there was indeed hot blood.

                Li Meng's pupils suddenly shrank, she had been poisoned?

                She had just endured the pain and dropped the snake that had bitten her, and she didn't know what kind of snake had bitten her, it was obviously a poisonous snake, and she was about to die herself ah.

                As a result, in the end, her most hated Qin Ming didn't die, but she herself was dead.

                "Qin Ming, save me, you save me." Li Meng was mentally insane, a line of hot tears, she knelt down and hugged Qin Ming's thighs, crying, "We used to be so in love, right? When I slept with you, you were still penniless, weren't you? In fact, I knew long ago that I couldn't leave you, Qin Ming, save me, I feel so cold and my head is so dizzy."

                After saying that, Li Meng fell to the ground in a daze.

                Qin Ming looked up at the helicopter overhead and waved it with his torch.

                Soon three doctors came down, along with Song Ying and Yang Xiaoxuan.

                The group of people said happily and nervously, "Young Master!"

                Qin Ming immediately said, "I'm fine, get these two people resuscitated immediately, make sure they are saved."

                "Yes! Young Master, don't worry, we are experienced." The three doctors immediately started resuscitation measures at the scene.

                And Song Ying immediately bowed guiltily, "I'm sorry young master, my subordinates are incompetent, they didn't find Chang Jun Ye's men, instead they let them get to young master first."

                Yang Xiaoxuan seemed to have realized what kind of boss he was following and also became much more respectful, bowing as well, "Right no young master, at that time I ......"

                Qin Ming patted Yang Xiaoxuan's shoulder and said, "I don't blame you, don't take it to heart, it was my mistake as a leader to be too naive. But how can you follow me next time and bring a weapon or two with you?"

                Seeing that Qin Ming was still joking with him, Yang Xiaoxuan was both shocked by his generosity and thankful that he had recovered a small life.

                Because he had been threatened when he sought Song Ying's help that if anything happened to Qin Ming, the assassination squad of the Huan Yu Century Group would make him the first target to be killed.

                At this point, the other support teams followed one after another.

                It turned out that Song Ying had already found out that Qin Ming might have been taken out to sea when she traced his whereabouts, so the support was very timely.

                Qin Ming pointed to the nearby base and said, "Once I go back, I'm bound to be exposed, so let's just destroy this place. Xiao Ying you send a few people to check what's valuable here, but be careful, there are many snakes here."

                Song Ying nodded, but then saw the poisoned and fallen Li Meng not far away and asked, "Isn't that Li Meng? Young master your first love ......"

                Qin Ming didn't even look at Li Meng and said, "Don't worry about her, she's hopeless."

                Qin Ming followed the helicopter back and returned to the capital at just after 11 p.m. The events of today could be considered a false alarm for Qin Ming.

                But for Huang Shutong and Zhao Zhengyin, it was very dangerous.

                The two were sent to the independent sanatorium of the Huan Yu Century Group to receive the most advanced treatment in the world.

                Zhao Zhengyan's gunshot wound was the most troublesome, as he was shot through the forehead and damaged the brain nerve. Despite the most advanced medical technology and doctors, the operation was reported as successful the next day, but it was impossible to estimate when he would wake up, in short, he would become a vegetable.

                She was very lucky that the bullet did not hit her heart or her aorta, but she still went into shock due to excessive blood loss and lack of oxygen to her brain, although she was rescued in time and her heart was beating again, she fell into a coma and it was impossible to estimate when she would wake up.

                Qin Ming was very chagrined, he felt most sorry and most innocent for the two people, both of whom were in trouble because of his wrong decision.

                "Young master, please don't blame yourself too much." Song Ying said comfortingly from the side.

                Qin Ming said, "Forget about Zhao Zhengyan. Huang Shutong was simply innocently implicated. She knew long ago that I wasn't Zhao Zhengyan, yet she didn't expose me and instead fell in love with me. Master said that this peach blossom robbery of mine was indeed true and harmful."

                Song Ying persuaded, "Young master, everyone's fate is different, and you don't want it. At least Miss Huang is still alive."

                Qin Ming asked, "Has there been any news about Ah Long?"

                Song Ying still shook her head and said, "No luck."

                "Has Chang Jun Ye's location been found?" Qin Ming asked again.

                Song Ying affirmed this time, "He's in Africa, hiding far away, but our encircling net is already in place. The plane flights in that country have already been accessed by Corrie? Olsen's hacker network is in control, and shipping is blocking the seas using our mercenaries. He won't be able to escape this time."

                Qin Ming patted Song Ying's shoulder and said, "Well, well done. I know you've been tired lately, but at least capture Chang Jun Ye so that those adopted sons of Yi-fu are no longer a threat."

                Song Ying grabbed Qin Ming's palm and smiled warmly, "Young master, you are everything to me, I would do anything for you."

                Qin Ming was touched in his heart, but was also very surprised at the cadre ideology education that Huan Yu Century had cultivated from a young age, it simply controlled people to death.

                Qin Ming gave Chang Hongxi another phone call to report his safety, to save Chang Hongxi from being cheated.

                When Chang Hongxi praised Qin Ming's ability, he told him to let go and in future, the position of top director of the Huan Yu Century Group Group would be his, Qin Ming's.

                But for the time being, he could not slacken off and had to join forces with the Zhao family.

                Qin Ming was concerned about Huang Shutong's injuries and did not care much to listen.

                Qin Ming entered the ward and stood in front of Huang Shutong's hospital bed, he grabbed Huang Shutong's small catkin hand and said, "At least you still got your life back, I will talk to your parents properly and will definitely compensate your Huang family for what I can. I'm sorry."

                Suddenly, Qin Ming felt Huang Shutong's hand grab him with a slightly harder grip!