Rags To Riches Chapter 659

 The four men who were already desperate suddenly realised that there were other people present on this bare island?

                Four foreign men with guns, dressed in grey-green mercenary attire, looked at Qin Ming and the others with a playful expression.

                A blond man at the head of the group said in a stern voice, "I've been watching you for over an hour now, haha, you can actually drill wood for fire. But you guys aren't so naive as to think you've been exiled here, are you?"

                Clicking, the four men came up with their guns and called out, "Hands up."

                Qin Ming and the others could only raise their hands in fear.

                The blond man grinned coldly, "Third young master said to treat you well. Because the boss refuses to agree to Third Young Master's terms, therefore, we are required to cut off one of Qin Ming's arms, which one is Qin Ming? Be prepared to break your arm, hahaha."

                "Hahahaha ......" The remaining three mercenaries also opened their mouths and laughed.

                And on Qin Ming's side, Li Meng immediately pointed at Qin Ming and said, "He, he is, we are innocent, big brother, please, can you let us go? We're innocent, we're all being used by this Qin Ming."

                Qin Ming's face was dark, this Li Meng was really hateful.

                Instead, Huang Shutong said, "He's not, they both have amnesia, so we don't know either."

                Li Meng said angrily, "He is, the clothes he is wearing today, I still recognise them, who are you fooling? Brother, please let us go, how much money do you want, my boyfriend he has, he is very rich. He's a gentry, please let us go, we don't know anything."

                The blond man looked at Qin Ming and then at Zhao Zhengyan and cursed, "Don't admit it, do you? It doesn't matter, the third young master said, if you don't admit it both of you will be chopped together, hahaha."

                Two young brothers came forward and drove the crowd towards the back of the island.

                The bare island was not too big, about the size of three or four football stadiums. The mountain at the back was high, so when they first came down they didn't see that there was actually a small forest at the back, as well as a cave.

                From the sea, there was a lot of fog, and there were some shipwrecks nearby because of the many reefs, so those who were not familiar with the route were expected to capsize.

                On the way to the base, they also saw some human skulls and ribs, which scared Li Meng and Huang Shutong with big chills.

                Huang Shutong hugged Qin Ming's arm and said worriedly, "Are we going to die here?"

                Qin Ming's face was gloomy, he didn't know either.

                He clenched his fist, he had just eaten a few bites of roasted snake meat and recovered some strength, he needed a chance, a chance to turn defeat into victory.

                Qin Ming said to himself, "Fortunately, I haven't slackened in practising the breathing door method taught by my master over the past six months, and the techniques of using Taijiquan, I should be able to gain an advantage by grabbing the gun in a flash, turning on the safety and shooting at close range. These mercenaries don't take us seriously, I'm afraid, and it's not entirely out of the question."

                Once here at the base, it was actually a cave with all the necessities of life, water purifiers, communication machines, fitness machines, silicone dolls, weapons, hidden canvas and so on.

                Qin Ming had actually read the reports of some of the Huan Yu Century Group's mercenary teams, and there were many other places like this that occupied islands and housed mercenary strongholds around the world, with each batch changing every two years.

                The route from the Pacific Ocean to the East China Sea side was relatively safe, so not many mercenaries were deployed, and I was afraid that this Snake Island was previously abandoned and was now secretly controlled by Chang Jun Ye.

                "Why did he chop off one of my arms?" Qin Ming pondered in his mind, "I'm afraid he has negotiated a break with his righteous father, but doesn't want to kill me, so he is using blood to deter his righteous father."

                "That bastard." Qin Ming was very chagrined that his eldest son, Chang Huan, and his second son, Chang Jun Dong, had both been imprisoned, and they had launched a thunderous attack on Qin Ming at first, both of which had failed.

                By preference, this most insignificant third son, Chang Jun Ye, had won.

                The four were roughly dumped in an open space in the cave, next to two foreign mercenaries each holding a revolver with a hideous grin.

                The blond man at the head of the group looked at Li Meng and then at Huang Shutong, licked his lips and said, "Max and the others are really considerate of our hard work and sent two beautiful girls over, these tits, this body, hahaha, it would be even better if they were virgins."

                Terrified and scared, Li Meng pointed at Huang Shutong and said, "I'm not a virgin, I'm not, please let me go, I'm dry, it's no fun. She's a big star, she's acted in many plays, she sings beautifully, she'll make you happy. Look, she's even prettier than me."

                Huang Shutong was so angry that her body trembled and she said angrily, "Shameless."

                "Hahahaha." The four foreign mercenaries laughed out loud, "It doesn't matter, you are all beautiful, we all like it and will keep liking it until the boss gives the order to kill you for it, hahaha."

                When Huang Shutong and Li Meng heard this, they were scared to death, not only was this going to cut Qin Ming's hand, but they were also going to do violence to them?

                They were four men, in this kind of island where they were screaming, they must have taken turns, and then to think about the days ahead, how could they stand it?

                The two women were trembling and already too frightened to speak. Huang Shutong tried to go over to Qin Ming for help and lean on him, but was forcibly pulled back and dropped to the ground.

                Qin Ming tried to move, but was held by a revolver to his head as the mercenary scolded, "Kid, is your name Qin Ming? Are you the new prince of our Huan Yu? If you admit it, I'll give you anesthesia, but if you don't admit it, you'll be chopped like a pig."

                Qin Ming immediately did not dare to move in the face of this revolver.

                "Hahaha." When the blond man saw Qin Ming's anxious expression, he was very excited and laughed hideously, "Don't be anxious. When we record the video later and look at your hands, you two can watch us fuck these two women and not only lose your arms, but also your dignity as men, hahaha. That's what happens when you wait to offend our three young men."

                BOOM 9018a415!

                The blond man moved over a table and pressed the left hand of the terrified Zhao Zhengyan onto the counter.

                Zhao Zhengyan said in terror, "You guys, let go of me, I don't know who I am, you guys ......"


                The man next to him hailed him with a slap, causing Zhao Zhengyan's teeth to fly out one, and his mouth was full of blood.

                The blond man said, "Cut the fucking chatter, you have a saying in China, fish meat on the chopping block, and now you are it. Say, are you Qin Ming? Is that your twin brother next to you?"

                Zhao Zhengyin, dizzy from the beating, said, "I don't know, I don't remember anything."

                The blond man took out a photo of a sneak peek of Qin Ming, compared it to Zhao Zhengyan's appearance, and said, "It doesn't matter, anyway, with both chopped up, the job is done, and later on the brothers will sleep with your women, ahahahaha."

                Ho, a rusty chopper was brought out, a man held Zhao Zhengyan's body and hands in a deadly grip, next to two mercenaries, one with a gun controlling the two women, and one controlling Qin Ming.

                Zhao Zhengyan looked at the rusty knife, how painful would it be to look uncomfortable?

                He begged for mercy in fear: "Ahhh, no, I don't know who I am, please, no."

                Qin Ming, who was being held by a revolver to his head, was very anxious, and his eyes went to the cowering Huang Shutong, winking wildly, signalling her to make some noise and attract some attention.

                Huang Shutong actually understood what Qin Ming meant, but she was too scared to move.


                The blond man chopped down with a slash, splashing blood three times.

                "Ah!" Zhao Zhengyan shouted miserably in pain, but it was only a broken bone and broken skin, the wound wasn't really deep.

                It was because the knife was too blunt.

                "Eh, hahaha." The four foreign mercenaries burst out laughing and said, "That's right, that's the kind of miserable scream that Third Young Master asked for. You think a single slash will cut down? Of course not, slow torture. You two beauties watch well too, if you disobey us later, this is what will happen."

                "Ah!" Huang Shutong was so frightened that she covered her face and suddenly slammed into the mercenary guarding her on the side.

                "Hey, what for? Keep an eye on her." The other three immediately chided, "Can't even watch a woman properly?"

                This instant, Qin Ming raised his eyebrows and his pupils tightened, no matter what, Huang Shutong attracted the sight of the four mercenaries while he suddenly leaned back and avoided the chamber of his pistol, then Qin Ming's hands snapped out and aimed at the mercenary guarding him, jamming out his throat with one hand and the gun in his hand with the other.

                "Ah! You!" The mercenary was greatly surprised, caught in a mere momentary lapse of concentration? He looked at Qin Ming incredulously and tried to resist.

                Click, but with a rough twist, Qin Ming directly twisted the other man's fingers and snatched the gun away!