Rags To Riches Chapter 658

 Inside Chang Hong Xi's special sanatorium in the country of Magnesia.

                He received a special encrypted internet communication, which was linked by his adopted son, Chang Jun Ye.

                Chang Jun Ye said smugly on the screen, "You saw all the photos? I didn't know there was another one exactly like it, but this cheap brother of mine, he has already lost. You wanted to set him up as a banner to inherit everything from you, but I see that he is a foolish man who doesn't know what dangerous situation he is in the middle of, and it was only five or six assassinations before I caught him."

                "Now he's under my control." Chang Jun Ye's fists were clenched as he sarcastically said, "I'll make him taste like his elder brother and the others, in an isolated island in the Pacific Ocean, in jail, and I guess he'll live for a while."

                "Even if I am not your seed, I am at least your adopted son, you found a random wild child back and made him the heir, outsiders are rumoured to be your illegitimate son, but I have investigated and it is obvious that he is not."

                "Old man, in all this time, your cancer has pretty much worn you out, hasn't it? Will you let all your years of hard work, everything you've done, go to waste, or will you make me your heir instead?"

                Chang Hongxi's pale face looked at the computer screen for a long time before he mused, "Jun Ye, you have always been like this since you were a child, always thinking you were sure of victory, thinking you had everything under control, but reality often deals you a heavy blow, why can't you change this problem?"

                Chang Jun Ye said in exasperation, "It's useless for you to say more. Hahahaha, you won't be able to find him no matter what, there will be no heir to the Huan Yu Century Group, those old foxes on the top board will have no target, you will not live long, the reform will fail, hahaha, everything you have done in your life is in vain."

                Chang Hongxi shook his head and said, "I will not make you the heir."

                Chang Jun Ye's expression froze and he scowled, "Dad, I've at least called you dad for twenty years, and I treat you as my dad in my heart. Just because my mother made a mistake, is this the way to let go of 20 years of father-son love? What does it matter if I can mourn your death?"

                "If you are bent on having your own way, that Qin Ming will die. If you change your mind, I will leave him a dog's life and give him a little property, enough to last him a lifetime. Otherwise, then don't blame me for being ruthless."

                Chang Hongxi smiled blandly, "He can't die. He is the heir, and when he disappears, the people of Huan Yu go back to look for him, and you have been blacklisted by me and are a wanted person by Huan Yu. You probably don't know that right now, ahem ...... don't know where you're hiding. So I'm going to die, and if you want to master Huan Yu, you'll have to keep Qin Ming alive, so from the start, Qin Ming won't die."

                Chang Jun Ye gritted his teeth in shame and anger, this was a good point, his situation was indeed very dangerous, at the same time Qin Ming was his bottom card to survive.

                The negotiations between the two fathers and sons failed, Chang Hongxi turned off the internet signal, his whole person was quite haggard.

                A subordinate at the side asked, "Boss, do you need us to take action?"

                Chang Hongxi waved his hand and said, "No, he has so many resources at his disposal, he won't die that easily, our plan will go on as usual and it will be over soon."

                Meanwhile, on the snake island where Qin Ming was trapped, he looked at Huang Shutong, who had followed him, with mixed feelings.

                Huang Shutong had actually seen through the difference in his identity a long time ago, yet she still fell in love with him?

                Qin Ming immediately refused, "You are a big star, I am just a poor boy, we are simply two worlds apart, there is no result."

                Huang Shutong said, "Is that so? You eat me up and take advantage of me, and then say I'm just posing as Zhao Zhengyan, sorry, we have no relationship, do you think I can accept that?"

                Qin Ming said firmly, "I have to accept it even if I don't. You have a marriage contract with Zhao Zhengyan, don't you forget that."

                Huang Shutong said, "Over the years, his decadence has tarnished his reputation, and my parents have asked me if I want to break off the engagement. In fact, I have been hesitant, not because I really love him. Rather, having the engagement in place would save me from many suitors, and pointless worries."

                "But you came along, and I felt that you were different, that I had no discomfort with you, and I hesitated, but you took my first kiss, didn't you? Who else have I had with you ......"

                Qin Ming spat, "That kind of sleeping isn't really sleeping well, is it?"

                Qin Ming said, "You give up, someone once pursued me like you did but failed."

                Huang Shutong was surprised, "Eh? You're so popular?"

                Qin Ming didn't want to talk any further and said, "Can't we at least or leave here before we talk about other things?"

                Huang Shutong smiled cheekily, "If you're stuck here all the time, then you'll have to choose me. I might not mind, like the Zhang Cui Shan couple in the TV series, Yitian Tu Long Ji."

                Qin Ming's face darkened, he didn't have that in mind.

                He pointed at the vast sea and said, "The boat that sent us here was a fishing boat, you haven't forgotten, have you? How far can a fishing boat go? I reckon it's not even out of the East China Sea, we should be on some unknown island. It's not the fishing season, so it's not unusual to have fishing boats coming and going in the sea."

                Huang Shutong listened with a sense of relief and asked again, "So what do you have in mind? Burn a fire?"

                Qin Ming nodded and said, "Yes, burning fires 24 hours a day without cutting off, using the smoke to attract fishing boats that might pass by. But there's some fog around this Viper Island, so it's not easy to be spotted."

                Huang Shutong said with emotion, "You are so calm. Sure enough, you are different from Zhao Zhengyan."

                Qin Ming said, "Well, we caught four snakes, they shouldn't be poisonous, so go back and use a branch to twist the poison out to see. I don't know if Li Meng and the girls have gotten to the fire yet."

                Qin Ming escorted Huang Shutong back, but saw two people huddled together in a group, the end of the year, the temperature is low, the night is even colder, four people's clothes are wet, pampered two people how to withstand such a cold day.

                Huang Shutong said, "Hey, you guys didn't even try to make a fire."

                Li Meng immediately cursed, "How can you drill wood for fire? We are not primitive people. If you have the guts, you can do it yourselves."

                The amnesiac Zhao Zhengzheng didn't say a word, quail-like, but looking pitifully at the food in Qin Ming's hand.

                Qin Ming said with disgust, "Li Meng you are as disgraceful as ever. Just want to eat white food."

                Li Meng cursed angrily, "It's not because of you, do we have to suffer? I'm going to die here because of you, and I won't spare you even as a ghost. Hurry up and get something to eat."

                Qin Ming, without further ado, brought in dead grass and wood and tried to drill wood for fire.

                Huang Shutong shielded Qin Ming from the cold wind, to avoid the wind blowing too hard.

                Qin Ming drilled for a long time, so much so that his hands went numb, and finally made a fire. Once the fire was lit, he immediately added more dead grass and dry firewood to keep it going.

                As soon as Li Meng and Zhao Zhengyan saw the fire, they immediately came up to keep warm.

                She even squeezed Huang Shutong out of the way and took the best spot.

                Huang Shutong was very angry, but Li Meng threatened her directly: "What? Not happy? Come and tear it up? There's no law in a place like this."

                Huang Shutong dared not speak out in anger.

                Qin Ming felt guilty towards Zhao Zhengyan, and seeing that Zhao Zhengyan was also shivering in the cold, he did not say anything about them and built another fire, specifically for Huang Shutong.

                Huang Shutong looked at it and, with a warmth in her heart, said happily, "Thank you, Qin Ming."

                Qin Ming ignored her and hurriedly used sharp stones, skinned and extracted several small snakes in the water, cleaned their insides and then roasted them straight away to eat, he had long been hungry.

                However, as they were about to start eating, suddenly four foreign men, armed and dressed in warrior attire, came out from behind the bare hill.

                Faced with the black muzzle of a gun and fully armed, these four men suddenly appeared, making Qin Ming and his group dumbfounded.

                The leader of the group, a golden-haired grimace, said: "Hey, hey, sorry for disturbing your dinner here, I forgot to tell you that there is a small base of ours here. So you guys weren't placed on this shitty island. The boss said to cut off one of Qin Ming's arms and to record a video. Which one of you is Qin Ming? Come out and break your arm."