Rags To Riches Chapter 657

 Qin Ming was still relatively calm, he knew what he was worth and could not die for a while.

                At the same time, because Song Ying and Yang Xiaoxuan would surely come to his rescue immediately, he had become a hot potato, allowing Chang Jun Ye to temporarily trap him on an unknown island.

                Qin Ming looked at the vast ocean and thought to himself, "I'm afraid Chang Jun Ye himself is also hiding from being traced and doesn't have too many men. There is no way to get back to this kind of place except the sea without a route. The clothes on my body don't have a satellite positioning device, and I guess they've been stripped even if they have. I don't know how Song Ying found me."

                "Woooooooooo ......" Suddenly, Li Meng made a whimpering sound as she climbed onto the island beach.

                Qin Ming looked back, but saw her dodging a snake.

                But with her hands tied behind her back, she took a few steps and fell onto the beach, and could only watch as the venomous snake swam towards her.

                Zhao Zhengyan had banged his head and was still a little dazed, and Huang Shutong was struggling in the water.

                Qin Ming felt more guilty about Zhao Zhengyan and Huang Shutong; it was his business to drag them down.

                "Next time I can't be so gullible and careless." Qin Ming blamed himself, "No matter how powerful a bodyguard is, when faced with a large number of people, there are inevitably times when accidents happen, I was safe for too long and paralysed, and deserved this robbery."

                Qin Ming walked over while reflecting, kicked away the small snake and saved Li Meng.

                He did not have the slightest good feeling towards Li Meng, he thought that this woman had changed her ways, but it turned out to be all a pretence, and she had to take the blame for her own capture, more or less.

                The four of them made it to shore without incident, staring wide-eyed, their mouths all stuffed with rotten cloths, not knowing what to do.

                Qin Ming squatted down and put his mouth to Huang Shutong's hand behind his back. Huang Shutong was also very clever and helped Qin Ming pull the rags out of his mouth with a grab and a tug.

                Then the others followed suit and in no time the four were able to speak.

                "What the hell is going on?" Li Meng, the last one to have the rotten cloth ripped off, was filled with righteous indignation, "Qin Ming, you caused all this trouble, didn't you? Nothing good ever comes from following you."

                Huang Shutong frowned and asked, "Who is Qin Ming? Why do you look the same? Who is Zhao Zhengyan?"

                Zhao Zhengyan, who had lost his memory, looked confused and asked, "Who am I? Am I Qin Ming or Zhao Zhengyin? Why have I been kidnapped? Where is this place?"

                Li Meng recognized that the clothes were different and hurriedly said, "I'm your girlfriend."

                Zhao Zhengyan froze and said, "Me? I have a girlfriend? What's my name?"

                Li Meng was stunned, but she couldn't go on, she was about to say who was Zhao Zhengyan, this fiancee didn't steal the man from her?

                Li Meng nudged Qin Ming and said, "He, he's your fiancĂ© then."

                Huang Shutong asked again, "Why were we arrested? They don't look like normal robbers. Why did they leave us here?"

                Li Meng said, "How should I know, I must have been unlucky to be caught in a mess by the way. The one who didn't say a word must know why."

                Qin Ming didn't want to bother with these questions, how could he hide his identity at a time like this?

                The key was to find a way to survive, and to delay until his own people came for him at any rate.

                He found a sharp spot on the reef next to him, then leaned back and rubbed the ropes tied around his wrists.

                Qin Ming untied the rope by himself and saw Huang Shutong standing next to him watching him the whole time.

                "What for?" Qin Ming asked.

                Huang Shutong suddenly had tears in her eyes and choked out, "Did I do something wrong? Why did you have to find someone who looks like you to tell me to break up with?"

                "......" Qin Ming's face darkened, what time is it beautiful, look around here at the vast hordes, and then look at this bare island, Robinson Crusoe have you read, know what to do now? Live on.

                He said, "How do you know I am Zhao Zhengyin?"

                Huang Shutong nuzzled and grunted, "You had the same attitude yesterday."

                Qin Ming untied their ropes again and then tied them under his feet, as he was afraid of running into poisonous snakes, and using these thick ropes to tie them up a few times would prevent them from being bitten.

                After doing this, it was almost dark.

                The four of them were huddled together, with no way to make a fire, all hungry and shivering from the cold night temperatures.

                Li Meng was hugging Zhao Zhengyan tightly, trying to instil the idea that they were a bunch of loving couples, lest Zhao Zhengyan didn't want her anymore.

                Huang Shutong was calmer and stayed by Qin Ming's side.

                In fact, Qin Ming was so torn that he said, "Things have come to this, there are some things that should be made clear."

                Li Meng interrupted directly, "Shut up Zhao Zhengyan. You hurry up and find a way to build a fire and find food, we are all hungry."

                Huang Shutong said, "Who are you? Why are you being mean?"

                Saying that, she obediently hugged Qin Ming's arm and leaned over a little, she was also shivering from the cold and wanted to be close to Qin Ming for warmth.

                Qin Ming continued, "No matter what, surviving first and waiting for rescue is a must. You guys drill the wood for the fire here, I'll go ahead and explore, there seems to be quite a lot of snakes here, those people also said that this is the island of poisonous snakes, don't wander off, I might be able to catch a few snakes and roast them back for dinner."

                As soon as they heard there were snakes, both girls shuddered and dared not go.

                Qin Ming found a wooden stick and ruffled some small snakes along the way, he had read some information that the brightly coloured ones were basically poisonous snakes to be distinguished carefully, and some ordinary snakes were relatively safe.

                "Hey." Suddenly, a question came from behind.

                Qin Ming looked back and saw Huang Shutong following him and said, "Aren't you afraid of snakes?"

                "Afraid, afraid." Huang Shutong saw three or four snakes moving on both sides of the road and shrank back in fear, saying, "But I want to go with you."

                "And you don't know who I am?" Qin Ming said, "I am not Zhao Zhengyin."

                Huang Shutong said, "You took my first kiss, didn't you? The one who made out with me, the one who went back to my flat with me, the one who told me in Gushui Town that you had recovered your powers, were all you, weren't they? No, the one after the car accident three months ago was you, wasn't it? I told you, how come after the car accident, people have become darker and less nearsighted?"

                Qin Ming said, "Since you know all that, why bother ......"

                Huang Shutong asked rhetorically, "Aren't you curious as to when I knew?"

                Qin Ming was stunned and said, "Didn't you know just now?"

                Huang Shutong shook her head and said, "That night, the night you spent the night with me in the flat, I overheard you talking on the balcony, and I heard some of it then."

                Qin Ming slapped his forehead, it was really that time, he was so involved in the phone call that he thought Huang Shutong was just getting up, but he didn't think she had already eavesdropped.

                Qin Ming asked again, "If you knew, why didn't you break it to me earlier?"

                Huang Shutong was silent for half a second before saying, "I don't know, when I was in Hai City, I had the feeling that you weren't Zhao Zhengyan, although you said you had worshipped a master who helped you heal your eyes and get a tan, but your personality had changed too much. If you didn't look exactly the same, you'd look like a different person anyways."

                "Besides, I felt quite happy when I spent time with you, and slowly I became concerned about you and took the initiative to seek you out."

                "So when I overheard you looking for someone to break up with me, I had a hunch that you wouldn't be Zhao Zhengyin. Your real name is Qin Ming, isn't it?"

                Qin Ming nodded and said, "Let me be clear, it was Zhao Zhengyan who approached me to change identities with him because he didn't want to live his old life anymore. I'm just a poor boy, my family still has a mud brick house and my parents only earn four or five thousand yuan a month. The money I spent in front of you before was not mine. I have nothing."

                Huang Shutong said, "What are you telling me this for? It was you who took away my first kiss, wasn't it? It was you who coaxed me and touched your body, no? It was you who made me fall in love, wasn't it? You were the one who slept with me in the same bed, wasn't it? And now you want to run away after eating and wiping clean?"

                Qin Ming exclaimed, "Hey, hey, I'm a poor boy. What do you like me for?"

                Huang Shutong said, "What does it matter if you're poor? I can earn money, I'm a child star, and now I'm worth tens of millions of dollars, so it's easy to support you? Besides, you will earn money in the future too."

                Qin Ming was speechless and covered his face, how did things develop into this?