Rags To Riches Chapter 656

 "Turtle, so many people?" Qin Ming watched as his retreat was blocked by another black van, a mob of black-clad and masked men suddenly appeared, completely unexpected, while Yang Xiaoxuan had also discovered his trouble and was rushing over.

                Swoosh, the fourth van and the man who came down from it, ejected a direct line of electrodes and stuck to Qin Ming.

                "Ummmmmmmmmm~!" Qin Ming's body twitched with electricity, and he fell straight to the ground.

                Faced with the high technology, Qin Ming was unable to do anything, even though he had recently made some small achievements in martial arts, and was unable to move with the electricity.

                Yang Xiao Xuan saw this and was very anxious, he had only just become Qin Ming's bodyguard, but there were many people on the other side, and this was far away from Yang Xiao Xuan's side, it would take more than ten seconds to get here.

                But these ten seconds but home, a black-clad thugs directly compared Zhao Zhengyin and look at Qin Ming, a mouthful of English said: "what? two the same?"

                One of the thugs said, "Bring it along, gogogo."

                Boom, several black vans immediately shut their doors and fled in all directions. Yang Xiaoxuan had no trouble settling these people and immediately started his car to catch up.

                But when he reached the intersection, he found that the four identical black vans had converged and they all had identical forged license plate numbers.

                Then the four vans went in four directions. Yang Xiaoxuan's whole body was in bad shape, how could this be chased?

                He immediately chased after one of the vans, and could only hope that he had guessed correctly.

                However, Yang Xiaoxuan forced the black van to stop and subdued the six black-clad thugs in it, but did not find Qin Ming, and he knew he had chased the wrong vehicle.

                He took the six thugs away and immediately went to look for Song Ying. This was a big deal, if he were to get his boss killed on his first day of duty, the forces behind the Huan Yu Century Group would not let him off.

                And Qin Ming, who was immobilised by the electric shock, soon passed out, and when he woke up again he found himself out at sea, he seemed to be on a fishing boat.

                Along with Zhao Zhengyan, Huang Shutong and Li Meng, he was tied up tight and trapped in the cabin of a wearing boat. The strong smell of fish, and the smell of seawater wafting in from outside the window, let Qin Ming know that he was not in a good position.

                The mobile phone was no longer available, and the satellite positioning device that he had been tracking with him did not seem to be working either, as Qin Ming saw a device sitting in the room, emitting a strange brainwave sound that looked like it was used to block satellite signals.

                Instead, Qin Ming was relieved to see that Zhao Zhengyan and the others were still alive and well. He was most afraid that those thugs would meet and kill people straight away, without even having a chance to talk to them.

                But Zhao Zhengyan had a big puddle of blood on his head, he should have been hit on the head and hurt quite badly.

                Qin Ming felt guilty in his heart, "Brother, I've dragged you into this."

                Not long afterwards, two foreign brawny men came in, picked up Qin Ming and Zhao Zhengyan and went out.

                Qin Ming asked in English, "Which one of you is it? Have a good talk."

                Boom, the reply to Qin Ming was a punch, the other side had no intention of communicating.

                Qin Ming had no choice, the tiger was bullied by a dog, so he had to put up with it.

                Qin Ming and Zhao Zhengyin were taken to another cabin room of the fishing boat, where there was a computer and a camera, while the computer was making an internet connection, and the person on the screen was an Asian face.

                The man was quite handsome and good looking, and he was sitting in an office with a beautiful woman by his side and a glass of foreign wine in his hand.

                Qin Ming recognised him, the third unrelated son of Chang Hongxi, Chang Jun Ye.

                He had been in a state of disappearance after his two brothers had been captured by Qin Ming.

                "Yo, isn't this my cheap brother?" Chang Jun Ye said smugly, "You also have ...... eh? How come there are two of them?"

                Those two black-clad thugs also scratched each other's heads and said, "Boss, we don't know which one is real and which one is fake."

                With a crash, someone made a bucket of water and woke Zhao Zhengyan up.

                "Who are you guys?" As soon as Zhao Zhengyin woke up, he looked around curiously, very uncomprehending, and said, "My head hurts. Who am I again?"

                The crowd was stunned, this was the injured person's head, with amnesia?

                Zhao Zhengyin said as he moved about, "Who am I? What are you guys doing with me? What do you want to do to me?"

                But he was pressed down again.

                Chang Jun Ye frowned and said, "What's going on? Where is the other one?"

                When Qin Ming saw him ask about himself, he also played dumb and said, "I'm innocent, I'm his double, he pays me, I'll just be the double, I'm just an actor."

                Qin Ming was not desperate enough to let Zhao Zhengyan die in his place, he was just buying time because Chang Jun Ye was going to or capture him and would definitely have to use himself for some purpose, so he could not let Chang Jun Ye know who he was.

                Qin Ming shouted, "He has many girlfriends, he is a scum, said he can't handle it alone, he found me and gave me 10,000 yuan to help him handle those girlfriends. I don't know anything, please, let me go."

                Qin Ming looked like a coward and afraid of trouble, which was a great act.

                Zhao Zhengyan injured his head and lost his memory, but his personality was also timid and he said in fear, "I don't know what you are talking about, please let me go, I don't know anything, if I have offended you, I apologize, yes or no go, let me go."


                The beaters on either side of him punched and kicked and cursed, "Be honest and shut up. boss, how about killing both of them? Their chicks, send them to you."

                Chang Jun Ye cursed, "I'm in Africa, why go to all the trouble to send them here?"

                Chang Jun Ye said, "Proceed according to the original plan, I want to use him to trade with the old man and negotiate terms. He can't die for now, no matter who is real, it doesn't matter, I just have the man in my hands. Get them all to Viper Island, you guys come back immediately, don't linger, your movements have already been discovered by Huan Yu's people, if you are late, you won't be able to return. What's more, you must not reveal the location of Viper Island."

                Duh, having given the big order, Chang Jun Ye turned off the communication.

                Qin Ming's heart was aghast, he was really trying to use him to negotiate with his righteous father.

                I was afraid that he could not let go of the power and wealth of the Huan Yu Century Group either, but none of the three brothers were Chang Hong Xi's biological sons, and Chang Hong Xi would rather give him, his righteous son, than his adopted son.

                In the end, Chang Hongxi's wife, Zhao Turnip, was a member of the Zhao family, so this time, there wouldn't be any planning behind the Zhao family, would there?

                Qin Ming felt bad when he thought about it, could it be that he was too active in the capital city and had been exposed?

                Qin Ming was depressed: "Hey, Zhang Quanzhen, you old bastard, I've put my life on the line to help you. When I escape, just wait for me."

                The boat continued to drift for a little more than half a day, and Qin Ming and his party were tied up, gagged and locked in a small, dark room, with the sound of the waves and Li Meng's crying outside.

                In the early hours of the next morning, Qin Ming and his group were thrown directly onto a small, bare-looking island by a few black-clad thugs, and then the fishing boat sailed away.

                Qin Ming and his four men, wide-eyed, still tied with ropes, with smelly cloths in their mouths and without a single tool, what could they do?