Rags To Riches Chapter 655

 Qin Ming felt that the situation was now a mess, he could not suddenly go up and grab Li Meng in such a crowded place in the capital, she shouted and the people around him were about to gather around, he might have to be twisted and taken to the police station.

                Li Meng was riding around in a taxi looking for Zhao Zhengyan, she obviously knew everything and was not happy to lose him.

                Qin Ming is very angry, it turns out that Li Meng's previous change of heart was all a pretence to make him let down his guard, and as a result, he hooked up with Zhao Zhengyan, and also wrecked his relationships, causing Zhang Xiaoyan to be bullied.

                Now he even wants to sabotage his change of identity with Zhao Zhengyan. This cannot be exposed and must be handled in a low profile, otherwise it will not be good for anyone.

                Especially not if the Zhao family knew about it, it would be disastrous if the grass was spooked.

                Qin Ming pondered whether he should ask Song Ying to help him, but Song Ying was investigating the person who assassinated him yesterday, so it was better not to bother her or the assassination squad.

                He still had more confidence in Yang Xiaoxuan, his new little brother, and besides, it was only a trivial matter to deal with one Li Meng.

                Qin Ming saw that Li Meng had shouted for a taxi and was walking around, and seemed to have no idea where Zhao Zhengyan was, it was impossible to find him in this blind search, so he would just follow along for now.

                "Ha~!" Qin Ming yawned and muttered, "Whatever she does, this is how she can find Zhao Zhengyan, I'll be convinced."

                The two cars stopped at the red light, Qin Ming looked at Li Meng inside the taxi with a look of disdain.

                But off at this time, on the zebra crossing on the road in front of them, Zhao Zhengyan and Huang Shutong were the two of them, walking one behind the other.

                "Holy shit!" Qin Ming's eyes widened in disbelief, how could these two people appear at this time?

                Could it be that the heavens were helping Li Meng?

                Reasonably speaking, if Li Meng appeared at this time to cause trouble and sabotage, Huang Shutong would know the truth, then she would understand that the man who took her first kiss and took advantage of her body was not her fiancĂ©, but Qin Ming, then wouldn't Huang Shutong be looking for trouble with Qin Ming?

                Who could stand up to this?

                Qin Ming could only hope that Li Meng could not see Zhao Zhengyan, right?

                But as soon as he turned his head, Li Meng had already started paying!

                Li Meng got out of the car and chased after her, and Qin Ming immediately caught up with her, he pulled Li Meng to bring her under control and said, "Li Meng are you crazy?"

                "It's you who's crazy, Qin Ming!" Li Meng was so angry that she gritted her teeth and said, "I have breasts, an ass and a face, how am I inferior to Nie Haitang? You don't even want me when I'm on your doorstep. I know, you hate me for being a gold-digger, but is it wrong for me to like money? Which person in the world doesn't work for money? Is there a future without money? I already know I'm wrong and you won't turn back, so fine, I'll find another man. Only allow you to give Mu Xiaoqiao a door-to-door entry, but not allow me to find a rich young man?"

                "Now it's good, you play missing and chase Nie Haitang to the capital city, right? Oh, the body double you found is fine, it's also a rich young man from a rich family, I just love his money, what's wrong? Did I break the law?"

                Qin Ming was very disappointed. It was true that people loved money, but to lose one's moral bottom line because of money was a big mistake.

                He said angrily, "You are really stubborn. Zhao Zhengyin went to his fiancĂ©e to withdraw his marriage, so you are not adding to your own mess by causing havoc?"

                When Qin Ming said this, Li Meng immediately stopped making a scene.

                She asked rhetorically, "Really?"

                Qin Ming said, "Of course, how could I lie to you? Why else would the two of us suddenly switch back today?"

                Li Meng said, "I can stop messing around, but I'm going to follow. Otherwise I'll shout molestation, big deal."

                Qin Ming said, "Fine, you know everything anyway. Just don't mess up. In fact, although I have a bit of trouble if you mess up, you are the one who suffers the most."

                Qin Ming thought about it, since he was so unlucky to have Li Meng, who was looking for a needle in a haystack, meet Zhao Zhengyan directly, there was nothing he could do.

                There were many people on this road, and if they tossed and turned a little, many people would look over, and if Li Meng shouted, many people would immediately come over to stop him, and the consequences would be even more unpredictable then.

                The two of them quietly followed behind Zhao Zhengyan and Huang Shutong.

                The two seemed to have nothing to say in front of them, so they kept walking and walking and walked to a park where there were not many people and it seemed to be a good place to talk.

                Huang Shutong asked, "It's been a long walk, if there's anything you should say, just say it, what happened last night, you explain it properly, it's not that I can't forgive you."

                How did Zhao Zhengyan know what happened last night?

                He looked at Huang Shutong with great emotion, he was full of guilt towards Huang Shutong because he did like Huang Shutong at first, but he hated Huang Shutong because he had a hidden disease in his body that was exposed because of his love interest.

                He stained Huang Shutong and then was counted out by other Huang Shutong's chasing after him.

                He later settled for marriage, but the two of them had little communication until he met Li Meng, only then did he rush to regroup and open up his heart, he could no longer tolerate anyone other than Li Meng in his heart.

                "Let's break up." Zhao Zhengyan said directly, "I like someone else."

                Huang Shutong clenched his fist and questioned, "Surely there was a ghost about last night, was it that Mu Xiaoqiao?"

                Zhao Zhengyan said, "I don't want to say more, I'll tell your family later, I'm the one who's sorry, you hate me, I call it. Goodbye."

                "Wait." Huang Shutong hurriedly called out, "Why ......"

                But Huang Shutong hadn't finished his sentence when suddenly two black vans rushed in around the park and five burly masked thugs came down inside.

                "Eh? Who are you guys?" Zhao Zhengyin was stunned and he instinctively backed away in the face of this front, but there was a van behind him as well, and he was surrounded.

                Qin Ming and Li Meng were hiding behind a tree not far away and were also stunned to see this scene.

                Qin Ming was deeply frowning, this should be an assassin sent by someone from the top board of the Huan Yu Century Group!

                As long as he died, the next alliance leader of the board of directors, there was no telling who would die, it was just a pity that it was Zhao Zhengyan who suffered for him now, who made him look so much like himself.

                "Ah! Who are you?" Huang Shutong screamed as he too was overpowered by the masked thugs.

                A masked thug spoke this English and said, "gogogo, solve it in a minute, the boss wants it alive."

                Li Meng was trembling with fear and instinctively grabbed Qin Ming, saying, "Qin Ming, what's going on? What to do? You, you don't leave me."

                Qin Ming waved his hand, signalling Yang Xiaoxuan to do it.

                Not far away, Yang Xiaoxuan immediately and immediately rushed out diagonally, the first time he saved Huang Shutong and kicked the two black-clad thugs away.

                "A black-clothed thug cursed and several of them attacked Yang Xiaoxuan.

                Yang Xiaoxuan did not lose ground in one fight against five, and several thugs were completely unable to subdue Yang Xiaoxuan.

                Seeing the opportunity, Qin Ming covered his face with his clothes and said, "Hey, this way."

                The panicked Zhao Zhengyan and Huang Shutong saw Qin Ming and immediately followed him over.

                As soon as Zhao Zhengyan came over, he exclaimed, "Xiao Meng? You've come to save me? I'm so touched."

                Qin Ming angrily scolded, "Go now, cut the crap."

                But the four had just walked out of the park when suddenly a third black van pulled up in front of the three, Qin Ming crossed his body and blocked in front of Huang Shutong, which made Huang Shutong's heart tremble, this back was so familiar?

                But the car came down with five more burly masked thugs, Qin Ming was kicked head on, although he was very extreme in blocking it with his hands, which can be considered beautiful.

                But in the blink of an eye Zhao Zhengyin, Li Meng and Huang Shutong were all caught ah!

                Qin Ming immediately pulled off his mask and said, "Hey, the person you are trying to catch is me, catching the wrong identity."

                Qin Ming turned his head and left, but just as he turned around, a fourth black van surrounded him and blocked the way.

                This time, it was difficult for him to fly.