Rags To Riches Chapter 654

 Li Meng is upset that three months ago she discovered a secret.

                Qin Ming had lost a torn photo at the university, which she found, and after she had pieced the photo together, she found a man who looked exactly like Qin Ming, still wearing glasses and looking much weaker.

                Li Meng could say that she was very familiar with Qin Ming, and looking at the photos she recognised that the person could never be Qin Ming.

                Quite unfortunately after a few days, the man in the photo appeared and became unrecognisable to her.

                Li Meng knew right then and there that the civet had changed her!

                Qin Ming was gone, disappeared? Found a double?

                Li Meng, who had matured and knew how to use her fake face to meet people, was looking forward to making Qin Ming change his mind about himself, get back together and live a rich man's life!

                Why was there suddenly a new person?

                However, Li Meng soon discovers that Zhao Zhengyan is very weak and after growing up, Li Meng easily manipulates Zhao Zhengyan and makes him reveal everything.

                It turns out that Zhao Zhengyan is a rich man!

                He was just tired of living without anyone caring, being looked down upon, all kinds of cold violence, and was even self-absorbed and misanthropic a few times, and with the persuasion of Zhang Zhen Zhen, just wanted to live a different life.

                And it just so happens that Qin Ming is a man who values his friends, all of whom he then respects as loving, brotherly and respectful, and a sister.

                Zhao Zhengyan enjoys his new status and is not much wary of Li Meng, Qin Ming's ex-girlfriend.

                When Li Meng gets hold of all this, she is overjoyed, knowing that her chance has finally come.

                Having money was enough.

                Through months of hard work, she gradually made Zhao Zhengyan fall in love with her, and completely dismantled Qin Ming's original relationships.

                Zhao Zhengyan promised her that he would take her to school and marry her as soon as she graduated from her senior year, and her dream of being a rich wife in a wealthy family would come true!

                But there are always women who want to steal from her, that Chen Mulin, that Zhang Xiaoyan, and some other women she doesn't even know, always coming to "Qin Ming", which makes her extremely annoyed.

                As the saying goes, the moon is the first thing you get when you're close to the water, and Li Meng is most afraid of Zhao Zhengyan being snatched away by a girl in her class.

                Zhang Xiaoyan has a beauty that is not inferior to hers, and her breasts are even fuller, and she is also very young, so she is typically the type of girl that geeks like, and isn't Zhao Zhengyan a geek?

                So Li Meng now hates Zhang Xiaoyan so much that she is afraid that Zhao Zhengyan will be robbed, so she targets her at every turn and splits Zhang Xiaoyan's relationship with "Qin Ming", and even sets Zhang Xiaoyan up several times to cause Zhao Zhengyan's misunderstanding.

                Anyway, Zhang Xiaoyan will never know that the real Qin Ming has disappeared and everything is under her control.

                But what is going on now?

                Li Meng looked at Zhang Xiaoyan and put on her clothes. In that moment, she saw Qin Ming's gentle eyes and her heart jumped: "No, this person is Qin Ming."

                Zhang Xiaoyan also looked at Qin Ming strangely, the relationship between them, hadn't they already gone back?

                What does this "I'm back" mean?

                "It's so warm." Zhang Xiaoyan looked at the clothes draped over her body.

                "You're Qin Ming?" Li Meng suddenly asked in a strange manner.

                Qin Ming frowned and said, "If I'm not Qin Ming, who am I? What? Don't you even remember my face?"

                Qin Ming was very annoyed in his heart, Zhao Zhengyan was messing around like this, his interpersonal relationship was going in a bad direction ah.

                And when he impersonated Zhao Zhengyan, he was helping Zhao Zhengyan to develop his interpersonal relationship in a good direction, what a big loss.

                Qin Ming added in his mind, "But it's not too much of a loss, at least he took advantage of his fiancĂ©e, hmmm."

                "It's not him, you're not him." Suddenly Li Meng pounced up, grabbed Qin Ming's face and questioned loudly, "Where is he? Where is he? Where is he? Give him back to me."

                Qin Ming frowned and said, "Li Meng, I am who I am, what would I give you in exchange?"

                Li Meng suddenly had a heart attack and realised that the people around her were also looking at her strangely, and she realised that it was not good.

                Li Meng suddenly changed her attitude and said, "Ah ah, I'm sorry, I, I didn't sleep well last night and had a nightmare. Actually, it was also because I accidentally affected Xiao Yan just now that I knocked over the vase. Qin Ming, I am very tired, can you help me for a while?"

                Qin Ming held Zhang Xiaoyan instead and said, "I'm busy on my side too, you can let others help you."

                Li Meng bit her lip and turned blue, she could basically be sure that this was the real Qin Ming.

                Li Meng Xin said, "Good for you Qin Ming, so you came to the capital city, more than three months, you disappeared long enough, and now suddenly appear again, how by what sudden appearance? You don't want me, so why do you keep sabotaging my marriage to a rich family, Mu Zhaoyang is like this, Zhao Zhengyin is like this again. You don't have Nie Haitang, and it has nothing to do with me, so why don't you let me marry into a rich family."

                The students in the class looked at this scene very strangely, wasn't this a drama that only happened three months ago?

                How come now Qin Ming dislikes Li Meng again?

                "What's wrong with them? Qin Ming really used to be with Li Meng, got back together after they split up, and then split up again after they got back together?"

                "How do we know, this Qin Ming has learned ah."

                "Yes, society is a big dye pot, Qin Ming used to be quite good, but he turned out to be a scum, and he likes the new again and abandoned Li Meng."

                Qin Ming ignored the words of the class as he helped Zhang Xiaoyan to the staff changing room to change into clean clothes, as it was cold, Qin Ming had to give Zhang Xiaoyan his own clothes.

                Zhang Xiaoyan looked at Qin Ming strangely and asked, "Why is this happening now?"

                Qin Ming said, "Because I've been away for three months and Li Meng seems to have made a mess of all my relationships. At the very least, I need to make sure that the people I care about don't recognise me wrong. I don't want my friends to treat me like a plague when I return after everything is fixed."

                "People who care?" Zhang Xiaoyan opened her mouth strangely and asked again, "You were away for three months? What do you mean?"

                Qin Ming was about to explain when he suddenly heard a commotion outside.

                Headmaster Liao said anxiously, "Li Meng, where are you going? Come back quickly, the event isn't over yet."

                Qin Ming was stunned, Li Meng had escaped? Probably looking for Zhao Zhengyan?

                Qin Ming had some calculations in his mind, since Zhao Zhengyin liked Li Meng, he didn't want to stop her, but if something happened to Li Meng alone, then Zhao Zhengyin would turn around and hate Qin Ming to death?

                It might even mess up Master Zhang Quanzhen's plans.

                Qin Ming said to Zhang Xiaoyan, "Anyway, you erase the Qin Ming of the past three months or so and pick up the memories from three months ago. Anything else you don't know, talk to Brother Niu and trust me. I have to go deal with Li Meng before something happens, why does that guy feel weirder and weirder."

                Zhang Xiaoyan had to ask more questions, but Qin Ming had already gone one step ahead.

                Zhang Xiaoyan looked at Qin Ming's back and grabbed the clothes Qin Ming had warmed up for her again, muttering, "So, it wasn't you. I thought it was strange too, it's always been strange, so it wasn't you. Then last time, it wasn't really a confession."

                Qin Ming also followed and ran out to visit and apprentice the business, and saw Li Meng running around the road alone, still holding her mobile phone on the phone.

                Qin Ming chased after her and said, "Li Meng, come back soon."

                Li Meng stopped a taxi and looked at Qin Ming again in a frenzied rage, saying, "No, you're not him, you're not him! Give him back to me."

                Qin Ming was annoyed, "Today is an important day, we can't let you ruin Zhao Zhengyan's breakup with Huang Shutong. Ah Xuan, where's the car?"

                Boom, a black Audi immediately followed beside Qin Ming, Yang Xiaoxuan said flatly, "Want to run the taxi down?"

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes and said, "Just keep up, that car is also a means of livelihood for the driver, don't mess around. Just keep up, don't lose it."