Rags To Riches Chapter 652

 The underground car park of the Golden Dragon Hotel has been controlled by Song Ying and the others, and the surveillance has been deleted.

                She found a photo of Qin Ming in the car of the murderer, and it was obvious that the target was him.

                But because Yang Xiaoxuan was so ruthless, there was not a single survivor, and no information was found about the man behind the crime.

                Qin Ming instructed, "Xiaoying, how come Zhao Zhengyan has arrived in the capital city without anyone to protect him instead? I just changed my identity back and was immediately attacked?"

                Song Ying said anxiously, "No young master, Zhao Zhengyan also suffered three assassinations in Guangcheng City, all of which were blocked by our men, maintaining Bi Yuan and Qianpao were both injured. And at that time, I had already come to the capital city, I left this matter fully to Ah Long to handle, recently I couldn't contact Ah Long, I haven't had the time to report to you."

                "......!!!" Qin Ming was greatly shocked, Wu Long was the best fighter Qin Ming had pulled together, a retired special forces soldier, he was so strong and professional that Qin Ming still felt he had picked up a treasure.

                Now Ah Long had even contacted to make up for it? Was this a miss?

                Qin Ming asked, "Where's his wife?"

                Song Ying replied, "I've already gone to inquire, his wife doesn't know Ah Long's whereabouts and condition, she only knows that she has to go on a business trip, I'm afraid she's worried and didn't tell the truth."

                Qin Ming secretly said that this time the visitor was not good, he instructed, "Send more people over to Zhao Zhengyan."

                Qin Ming guessed that it should have been done by Chang Jun Ye, or other members of the Supreme Board, and this would need to be investigated by Song Ying afterwards.

                He asked again, "Are Chang Huan and Chang Jun Dong sure they haven't escaped?"

                Song Ying nodded and said, "Yes, Young Master, I'm sure the two of them didn't escape from the Pacific Island Prison."

                After dealing with the situation here, Qin Ming had the assassination squad spread a defence net around the hotel, leaving Yang Xiaoxuan around was enough, after all, Yang Xiaoxuan had just proved his worth once again.

                Although Song Ying was not convinced, her target identity was too obvious. With such a beautiful woman standing next to Qin Ming, any fool would know that Qin Ming was here, and the assassins would definitely swarm to attack.

                After checking into the hotel, Qin Ming looked at Yang Xiaoxuan's rather shocked expression and asked, "How's that? You know something, right?"

                Yang Xiaoxuan was surprised, "You're from Huan Yu?"

                Qin Ming said without moving, "Does it matter? Do you have a problem with Huan Yu?"

                Yang Xiaoxuan shook his head and said, "No, I was just shocked. Our Ten Thousand Snakes Association used to have dealings with the Huan Yu Century Group. I never thought of joining Huan Yu one day."

                Qin Ming laughed, "There will be more things you can't think of in the future. Your current job will be to act as my bodyguard, my safety is the highest priority, if my business in the capital is completed, I will conduct a review and evaluation of you, then at that time you can propose the position you want."

                Yang Xiaoxuan was shocked again, "You can still make personnel appointments? Do you have a high status in the Huan Yu Century Group?"

                Qin Ming said, "Definitely not lower than you think, a little privilege is still there, how about it? You won't regret following me, right?"

                Yang Xiaoxuan's attitude was much more restrained, and his words involuntarily became humble and respectful, saying, "I hope so, and I will not make you regret it."

                Early the next morning, Qin Ming was awakened by a knock on his door.

                It was not Yang Xiaoxuan nor the hotel service that was looking for him, but Li Meng.

                Li Meng was dressed fashionably, a knee-length skirt, also wearing warm black silk stockings draped in thick hanging shoulders, a head of long wavy hair, this season is the rhythm of beauty without life.

                Li Meng smiled very gently and said, "Qin Ming, going to gather."

                To be honest, Qin Ming had really seen such a gentle and affectionate Li Meng for a long time.

                Qin Ming thought to himself, "I shouldn't look at her with tinted glasses either, she's reformed after all, at least it's my first love, it's not bad for her to have a good outcome."

                "But there's a big problem." He dwelled on it as he went downstairs, while looking at Li Meng's hand as she looked at him intimately, thinking, "Didn't Zhao Zhengyan keep his distance from Li Meng? I'm desperately trying to hold back from sleeping with Huang Shutong."

                On the way to the apprentice company, Qin Ming looked at Yang Xiaoxuan's car that was following him all the way next to him and thought to himself, "There is still a big question, in the past three months or so, have the other people in the class, misunderstood me in any way. Ah ah, forgot about that."

                "The problem is still, after today, I still have to switch back with Zhao Zhengyan."

                "This guy Chang Quan Zhen, what the hell is he up to? It's been missing for so long. How about I go and ask in person? No, with my status, I can't ask anything to Zhao Zhen."

                Suddenly, Li Meng came over, blinked her big eyes and asked, "What's wrong? The look of a heart full of worries? Is it because you feel guilty about the hotel bill? It's okay, I used to spend your money, now it's normal for you to spend mine. I'm content for you to be with me again."

                "......" Qin Ming had a dark face, back together again?

                "This Zhao Zhengyin, what is he thinking?" Qin Ming still didn't say a word, thinking, "Never play with things like swapping identities again, I think I saw a movie called 'Double Dragon Society' before, that misunderstanding made a scene, if the woman you like loses out, it's a big loss."

                When they arrived at the large multinational company where they were apprenticed, Principal Liao gave each student a sign to visit.

                Qin Ming was very excited to see a familiar face, it had been a long time since he had seen his old classmates.

                Qin Ming immediately walked towards Zhao Liniu's side and said, "Brother Niu."

                Zhao Liniu froze, then patted Qin Ming with an odd expression and said, "Brother, I respect your decision, forget about Chen Mulin, but you have hurt Zhang Xiaoyan too much, she has openly confessed her love to you, and you are still eating back."

                "......" the corner of Qin Ming's mouth twitched, what had happened during the time he was away?

                Chen Mulin was fine, although he had quite a good feeling about her, Qin Ming just considered her as a friend and didn't think much about it, but what about Zhang Xiaoyan?

                Sun Zhipeng said at the side, "Alas, our brothers used to be disliked by everyone, but recently they have become too popular, and the school girls and beauties are competing to confess their love, and my brother is envious. But I told you Qin Ming, good horses don't go back to the grass."

                Qin Ming was about to ask again when Li Meng came over, crying and saying, "I I know I'm not good. But you guys don't have to be like this, okay? I'll try to change myself, oooh ...... Qin Ming, I'm sorry I I've made you lose face."

                "Hey, you two are bullying Li Meng again?"

                "That's right, Li Meng is not the same Li Meng as before, how can you guys beat up on each other like that?"

                "Qin Ming, treat Li Meng well, I support you guys, bless you."

                "Love is free."

                Other people in the class were "righteous" and came out in support of Li Meng, criticising Zhao Liniu and Sun Zhipeng for being nosy, Qin Ming found it hard to believe that Li Meng had been cleared? This was a good thing, but why did it feel a bit strange? Why did he criticize Zhao Liniu and Sun Zhipeng?

                Moreover, he saw Zhang Xiaoyan standing alone at the front, with no intention of looking over here!

                He and Zhang Xiaoyan had always been good friends, but was this a relationship breakdown?