Rags To Riches Chapter 651

 Qin Ming wanted to go straight to the Golden Dragon Hotel where Zhao Zhengyan and Li Meng were staying, but he was worried that there would be some kind of misunderstanding tomorrow, so he took a detour and went to the Sun family.

                He saw Yang Xiaoxuan at the door, who was doing nothing. Qin Ming could see that this guy did not fit in with the Sun family.

                When Yang Xiaoxuan saw Qin Ming's arrival, he said impatiently, "You're really not dead."

                Qin Ming laughed, "It's great that Brother Yang is willing to work for me. If not, I at least have a love for talent. However, I came over tonight for something else."

                Qin Ming entered Sun's house and met Sun Changxi who was recuperating.

                "What is it?" Sun Changxi, happy and deliberately pretending to be deep, said, "It's so late, is there, something wrong?"

                Qin Ming said, "Well, something will happen to Zhao Zhengyin tomorrow, I hope you won't misunderstand and will trust me."

                Sun Changxi did not understand what this meant, but still nodded in response.

                After saying this, the atmosphere was a little awkward, and Qin Ming didn't know why their relationship had come to such a head, but when he thought of Sun Changxi having a miscarriage, Qin Ming blamed himself in his heart.

                He asked, "Since the child is gone, it doesn't matter if you tell me whose child it is, right?"

                Sun Changxi's eyebrows were raised, she was very dissatisfied with this statement, what kind of person was she under Qin Ming's heart? What kind of person was she in Qin Ming's mind? Who else's child was it but his? She had only had sex with Qin Ming.

                "You get out of here!" Sun Changxi was unusually angry, angry that Qin Ming did not trust her and had doubts about her.

                She would rather Qin Ming pursue the question with great certainty, or whether it was his, than listen to Qin Ming's suspicions here.

                "Sister Chang Xi, no ......"

                "I said, get lost." Sun Changxi temper came up at once, she could not accept that the man she liked, so distrustful of her, to have doubts about her?

                Qin Ming was drunk and had no choice but to back out.

                Sun Changxi was depressed: "You think I'm as philandering as you are? Fooling around with flowers, bastard Qin Ming, oooh ...... kids, we don't want daddy anymore."

                After Sun Changxi drove Qin Ming away, her heart had fallen empty, covering her stomach, very lonely.

                She had never had a moment when she missed Qin Ming as much as she did now.

                Qin Ming touched his nose and was in a very depressed mood. Was Sun Changxi depressed after her miscarriage? Why did she suddenly lose her temper and treat him differently? Didn't we agree at the beginning that we were all adults and didn't need Qin Ming to be bothered?

                As Qin Ming walked to the door, Yang Xiaoxuan handed over an invitation and said, "Tomorrow night, the Sun family's recognition banquet, you're invited, please be there."

                Qin Ming put away the invitation and said, "Brother, are you really not going to hang out with me? I have plenty of money and plenty of trouble, no better than your boring days here."

                Yang Xiaoxuan said disdainfully, "How much trouble can you have for a descendant of a magnate's illegitimate son? I've investigated, your father is unlikely to return to the Zhao family, so there's little chance of you being assassinated in a fight for the family fortune."

                Qin Ming laughed, "My troubles have nothing to do with my family. Everywhere I go is a fishy mess, do you believe me?"

                Yang Xiaoxuan looked at such a confident Qin Ming and couldn't help but be a little moved.

                Just as Qin Ming had seen through, Sun Justice, whose heart had been filled with hatred for decades, had still been touched by brotherly love, while he had been groomed by Sun Justice to be a killing machine, and now that Sun Justice was already going to enjoy the pleasures of heaven, Yang Xiaoxuan's orientation had changed.

                Sun Justice had also told him today to live freely in the future and do whatever he wanted.

                But Yang Xiaoxuan did not want to go back to the Ten Thousand Snakes Society without his righteous father, staying in China might be a good experience, and he was really a bit tempted by Qin Ming's many generous invitations.

                When Qin Ming saw his hesitation, he knew he had to strike while the iron was hot and said, "Money-wise, you shouldn't question it, I can meet your requirements. Playing to your strengths and living a meaningful life should be what you say you need, how about you follow me for a while and be my bodyguard first?"

                Yang Xiaoxuan was silent for a moment and said, "Okay, but I'm capable of more than just being a bodyguard for someone."

                Qin Ming was overjoyed and said, "Don't worry, it's just a basic job, I will arrange for you to have more jobs in the future, and I definitely won't make you regret it, because I am really in trouble and need talents badly at the same time."

                Qin Ming managed to convince Yang Xiaoxuan, and the two of them went back to the Golden Dragon Hotel together.

                On the way, Qin Ming said, "While we are still at the hotel, there is one thing I must explain to you, what you see next, you judge for yourself, my identity, my human relations."

                "It is also a kind of common sense test of my life, because looking at you always cold, I am afraid you have a pit in your head."

                Yang Xiaoxuan said disdainfully, "You're the one with a hole in your brain. Isn't your name Zhao Zhengyin? What else is your identity?"

                When they reached the underground garage of the Golden Dragon Hotel, Yang Xiaoxuan had just stopped his car when two black vans immediately surrounded them, one after the other.

                A snort of sharp braking immediately stimulated the two men's sensitive nerves.

                "Someone wants to kill you?" Yang Xiaoxuan's ears heard the subtle sound of a bullet being loaded, and immediately looked back at Qin Ming in surprise, saying, "Quickly lower your head."

                Qin Ming had just lowered his head when there was a muffled "bang", the sound of a silenced gunshot, and the bullet flew past his head.

                Qin Ming's face turned pale, he could not wait to smack himself in the mouth, what a ghost trouble to haunt him, this is immediately fulfilled ah.

                "Zhao Zhengyan has been in Guangcheng for so many days, how come no one has done anything? To draw fire for me?" Qin Ming that is a black face, this just changed back to the identity, should be he bear the assassination, or he bear ah.

                A dozen of silenced gunshots were fired, which was still particularly ear-splitting in the underground garage.

                Yang Xiaoxuan hid under the sedan for cover, saw a total of eight people in front and behind the pack, all wearing masks and having firearms equipment, he was very shocked: "How did you get your hands on this?"

                Qin Ming pretended to be calm and said, "What about it? Can you handle it? Or hold on until my men come, it will take about two or three minutes."

                Yang Xiaoxuan said disdainfully, "In this situation, let alone two or three minutes, we'll be dead in 20 or 30 seconds, it's useless to wait for someone to come. Hmph, it's really as you said, following you doesn't seem to be that powerless, lie under the car and don't come out."

                Yang Xiaoxuan pulled out a small metal box from his pocket, smashed it into the ground and then threw it towards the sky, the box instantly exploded and then a burst of bright light burst around the small garage.

                "Ahhhh!" All the thugs with guns were caught off guard and all closed their eyes, the glare was so blinding that it stung their eyes for a tight moment.

                And at this time, Yang Xiaoxuan put on a pair of sunglasses and quickly stood up, holding a military spike, and in a second's time, he approached the thugs in front of him, brush, brush, brush, brush~!

                Before those four thugs opened their eyes, he sang their throats all with an extremely fast speed.

                Blood splattered all over the place, then picked up the thug's gun, topped a thug as a meat shield, fired four shots in a row, and the thug behind him was instantly killed.

                The thug behind him was also killed instantly. The time before and after was only ten seconds, which could be described as thunderous.

                After Yang Xiaoxuan confirmed that he was safe, he took a long breath, peeled off the thug's mask and said in surprise, "A foreigner?"

                At that moment Qin Ming also stood up and said, "What about it? Any interest in the new job?"

                Yang Xiaoxuan revealed a crazy carnal smile, "Yes, you'll be my boss from now on."