Rags To Riches Chapter 65-66

 Chapter 65

Boom, boom, boom~!

        Qin Ming pressed the glasses manager on the table, one punch, two punches, three punches, fist to flesh, hit the manager's eyes cracked, face swollen like a bag, expression numb, saliva, tears, blood, sweat mixed with a face.

        Bai Yuchun looked on, scared and afraid: "Qin Ming, enough, you hit for five minutes. Any more hits will kill people, and I didn't suffer any damage."

        Qin Ming stepped on the manager's little brother, causing the manager to spasm into a ball and scream in pain.

        He said, "Pure, girls thinking like this won't work, times are different. The reputation is certainly important, protect yourself is more important, this kind of scum, I beat him until he is not interested in women in the future."

        Bai Yu pure is not worried about the manager's death, she is worried about Qin Ming get into trouble ah.

        She stomped her foot anxiously: "But the police will come later, what can you do if you beat someone like this?"

        Qin Ming smiled confidently, he came in when he had already informed Song Ying, let him please official relations, people will not do anything to him.

        As expected, the police soon came in, one by one, to pull away.

        An officer asked about the situation, Qin Ming said he was attacked when he came in, he was in self-defense.

        The officer frowned, this is still called self-defense? All almost crippled, the eggs are gone, the manager can only do a cunt in this life, the anus is also cracked, the hands can be hard enough ah, really to the death.

        The officer looked at Qin Ming, the above explanation not to save the young man, but people are injured into a cripple, not to take back to say ah.

        At this time, a police officer found something in the computer, said: "Sir, this computer found ...... several coercive forced X video. It seems that there are cameras in this room, and this person is a repeat offender. Also, there are two injured male employees outside who were involved in forcing sex on women against their will, and the evidence is all here."

        The officer went over and looked at the evidence and was so angry that he grunted heavily: "Scum! Take the three of them away."

        Qin Ming said, "Look, I just defended myself, what can happen? These people are waiting for the public prosecutor to go to jail."

        Bai Yuchun's heart hanging stone also finally put down, she looked at Qin Ming's confident smile, inwardly infected, she had a feeling, Qin Ming is like her tree, for her shelter from the wind and rain.

        After this incident, Bai Yuchun also dare not work here again, and then the business of this restaurant also fell into decline, it turns out that many of the old customers come here, are trying to peek at Bai Yuchun.

        The two came to the unnamed lake again, Bai Yuchun pinched the more than 1,000 yuan salary in his hand, silently lamented: "Only so much, only enough to pay for mom's nutrition."

        Qin Ming said, "It will get better later, as the saying goes, hope for tomorrow."

        Bai Yuchun nodded shyly, and said deeply: "I thought you were not coming today, was very worried when the manager called in, fortunately you arrived in time, or I may have killed myself, and finally you gave me hope."

        Said, Bai Yu Chun from the trouser pocket took out a small dagger.

        Qin Ming was stunned, dare he just come a little later, Bai Yuchun will have to commit suicide?

        He remembered that when Bai Yuchun was caught by the credit company before, also prefer to hit the wall to kill himself, rather than go to the bar as a room princess.

        But Qin Ming had speechless: "You have a pocket knife? Stab that manager ah."

        Bai Yuchun hurriedly shook his head, said: "I do not dare, and if I stabbed him, my mother will certainly be implicated for this, then it is better to use my death, pull that manager down as well."

        Qin Ming listened to the heart awe, Bai Yuchun appearance looks soft, but in certain things that she is adamant, she is never frowned.

        But he also very pity her, she grew up in a lonely environment, and no one to protect, do not know how to resist.

        Qin Ming took away her pocket knife, said: "Girls do not move knives and guns, tell me if there is trouble in the future. I will help you. But from today on, you have to learn to live for yourself."

        "Live for yourself?" Bai Yuchen said with confusion: "I've always lived for myself."

        Qin Ming smiled: "It is you sometimes a little selfish, do not always think about others, think more about yourself. For example ...... I send you this, you generously hand down."

        Bai Yuchun beauty eyes lit up, is a smartphone that she daydreamed about, she also has some money, but not to change the phone.

        When Bai Yuchun does part-time work, she often fantasizes that one day she will save enough money to buy a thousand-dollar machine, she does not dare to buy a better one, as long as it is smart and satisfied.

        She held this brand new smart phone, so excited that tears flowed down her face, and she looked at Qin Ming confusedly, saying, "How can I take such an expensive gift?"

        Qin Ming, however, said, "You don't want it, huh? Then I'll throw it away."

        "Don't throw it." Bai Yuchun hurriedly protected the phone and said gratefully, "I, I'll just take it. Thank you, Qin Ming. You are the one sent from heaven to save me, the great hero."

        Qin Ming laughed and said, "What big hero, I'm just an ordinary person. Come, I'll help you get the card up, and this screen scratched by hand, you know?"

        Bai Yuchen made a big red face and said, "I know, I've never eaten pork, but I've also seen a pig run."

        The two of them sat at the edge of the unnamed lake, their bodies leaning together, Qin Ming introduced the various functions of the smartphone, and also gave Bai Yuchun some interesting apps and WeChat.

        Bai Yuchun listened while silently weeping, her heart was happy, looking at Qin Ming's side face, thumping heart, heart nest seems to have been tickled.

        Bai Yuchun experienced that it would be such a reassuring feeling to have a shoulder to lean on.

        But she knows that Qin Ming is currently in conflict with another girl, they love each other, as long as the conflict is explained clearly, they will be together again.

        Obviously so good man, but is other women, Bai Yu Chun inwardly to that girl and envy and jealousy.

        She wiped the tear marks and said to herself, "Bai Yuchun, what are you thinking? Senior Qin Ming is so excellent, not something you should think about, to be friends with him is already walking big luck."

        After Qin Ming finished tinkering with his phone, he said, "Why don't I introduce a part-time job to you, so you have a stable income and won't worry about being harassed, now you trust me, right?"

        Bai Yuchun was somewhat moved, one less part-time job at night, more than a thousand dollars less per month, which is fatal for a poor student like her.

        However, she also thought that Qin Ming was in a similar situation as her and also needed a part-time job, and if there was a better part-time job, she would rather leave it to Qin Ming himself.

        She finally shook her head: "Qin Ming, no need, I can still find it myself. Thank you."

        Qin Ming was a bit surprised, if the first offer of help was because Bai Yu Chun was wary, what was she refusing for now?

        But Qin Ming did appreciate her stubbornness in some ways, really a cute sister.

        Qin Ming said: "Then tomorrow happens to be a holiday, I will accompany you to find it, work is not afraid to find, must find the right."

        Bai Yuchun heart surprise, said: "Really? Thank you Qin Ming, then tomorrow ...... tomorrow ......"

        Qin Ming said with a smile: "Tomorrow at the entrance of the school and so on."

        Bai Yuchun smiled sweetly: "Well, I will not see you."

Chapter 66

The next morning, Qin Ming came to the entrance of the school.

        Only to see Bai Yuchun already standing at the school gate waiting, she wore a broken flower skirt today, revealing a small half white long legs, dress more set off her slender body and a willow waist, that cheek of Chang Jianbao strangled chest, will be her rich two groups of chest meat are outlined.

        Qin Ming greeted her and said, "You're unexpectedly quite white."

        Bai Yuchun smiled shyly.

        She said: "I don't know, my parents and my brother are quite dark, relatives often say I have a genetic mutation. Usually, even if I get a tan, once winter is over, I'll be white again."

        Qin Ming laughed: "Okay, let's go."

        The two were about to leave, but unexpectedly three girls suddenly appeared halfway, is not that the three housemates of Bai Yu Chun?

        "Yeah, look at this, there really is a man out there."

        "Tch, a little white face, dressed really shabby, hahaha, this back to the power shoes? I thought only those poor kids in high school would wear them, but I didn't think anyone would wear them in college."

        "Two people can really match, a nest of sour air."

        Qin Ming has seen these three people, is Bai Yuchun's housemates, last time deliberately take the matter of the skirt to find Bai Yuchun trouble.

        "Zhou Yun ...... you guys ...... senior Qin is not my boyfriend, you do not misunderstand."

        Bai Yuchun seems to be very afraid of these three women, eyes dodging, small hands clutching the shoulder bag straps look rushed.

        Qin Ming said indifferently, "What are you talking about? You three crooked gourds and dates, either flat-chested airport or short-footed chicken, or else pimple face, trouble to get out of the way."

        Bai Yuchun suddenly looked up in horror, because Qin Ming said at once to the three people's sore spot.

        The flat-chested Zhou Yun immediately became angry, she raised her hand and threw a slap at Bai Yuchun: "Can your man talk? Huh? What a stinky mouth."


        Qin Ming blocked in front of Bai Yuchun, grabbed Zhou Yun's hand and said in a stern voice: "Stink? I confirmed that I smelled the stench of essence in your mouth, tsk, there are still remnants in the corners of your mouth that have not been wiped clean."

        Zhou Yun was stunned, she did go to a room with her boyfriend last night, the morning rush to change a dress and intend to go out to get high, she subconsciously wiped the corner of the mouth, but really thought that the boyfriend extracorporeal discharge residue in the corner of the mouth.

        However, she soon realized that something was wrong, she washed her face this morning ah.

        She immediately understood the set up ah.

        Qin Ming really laughed and said, "Yo, really swallowed ah, tsk, disgusting my breakfast are going to throw up."

        Zhou Yun said angrily, "You poor? The school of the Panke school is not a school. The sole class yi Xinsuan to restore the royal kind of women turbulent macrophyte scrupulously 7 climbing frame!

        Zhou Yun struggled hard, Qin Ming deliberately let go of her hand at the moment of her force, whoosh, Zhou Yun leaned back, this leaning feet a crooked, high-heeled shoes can not stand directly on the ground.

        "Ouch, my butt." Zhou Yun eyebrows wrinkled, angry and angry, spilling shouted: "You poor? Pan Jun? The door blue? Juggling? The door blueā!

        "Hey spit~!"

        Qin Ming deliberately spat a mouthful of spit in front of Zhou Yun and arrogantly said, "In the future, but whenever I see any injury on Bai Yu Chun, I will find you guys to settle the score. You can not take my words seriously, but I will only say this once, my revenge is not just words, I will make you guys regret coming to this world."

        Qin Ming's cold eyes were very appalling, Zhou Yun saw her heart tremble and did not dare to refute her mouth, but she was exceptionally humiliated and angry in her heart.

        She had always bullied Bai Yuchun, a native girl from the mountain village, but why should she be bullied by her man today?

        Originally, Zhou Yun looks also average, boobs are also small, three dormitory other three have shortcomings, instead of being able to play to a piece.

        As a result, there is an alien, all aspects of the perfect Bai Yu Chun, regardless of height, skin color, appearance, body, study are very good, but only poor.

        So the three Zhou Yun group bullying Bai Yuchun, as a fun.

        Whenever they see such a perfect Bai Yuchun being bullied by them, but there is nothing they can do, Zhou Yun and the others' inner sense of lack and jealousy will be soothed.

        They would not allow Bai Yu Chun to ride on their heads, they would never allow it.

        "Slow down!" Zhou Yun stood up, rehashing old matters, and exclaimed, "Bai Yuchun, you made a hole in my skirt last time, two thousand yuan has not been compensated, a week has passed, and I am forgiving enough, you pay back the money immediately."

        Bai Yuchun panicked as soon as she heard the money: "Zhou Yun, I really did not, there was no hole in the dress at that time."

        Qin Ming suddenly interrupted their conversation, took out a couple of thousand dollars and threw it on the ground, saying, "All right, less fucking bullshit. Not just two thousand dollars, the old man when the caller. The money is given, bring the clothes, I'll see if it's really a hole."

        Zhou Yun and other three women speechless, they still want to get a handle, a good derogatory some Bai Yuchun, the use of language to force Bai Yuchun into a desperate situation, then Bai Yuchun will let them bully.

        Because she is poor ah, she just can not get money ah, a problem of money, Bai Yuchun began to collapse, let them bullying.

        But Qin Ming came up and threw out two thousand dollars, Zhou Yun did not know how to take it.

        Moreover, Zhou Yun's dress black swan is not worn at all not rotten, Zhou Yun and others are just looking at Bai Yu pure good bully, set up a trap her only, how to take it out?

        Zhou Yun and others looked Qin Ming up and down, how to look at Qin Ming does not feel like a rich man ah.

        Bai Yuchun also anxiously said: "Qin Ming, you do not need to spend this money for me, that dress I really do not have ......"

        Zhou Yun immediately retorted, "It is you who broke it, hum, you are capable of ah, there are men to fill your account, since there is money to pay back, I will not be difficult for you."

        It is foolish not to earn money, since the other party was set up, of course she wants money.

        Zhou Yun bent down to just take, suddenly a foot stepped over, dead on Zhou Yun's hand.

        Zhou Yun shouted in pain: "Ouch, you bastard, you let go."

        Qin Ming not only did not let go, but also squatted down, the force of this foot is even greater, Zhou Yun pain and shouted.

        Qin Ming said: "I remember you poured pure juice last time, right? Not pouring very happy? Now it's your turn to be bullied, I'm sure you're enjoying it too."

        Zhou Yun was in pain and sweating, and said angrily, "You poor? Pan Jun? The quiet? The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers. The harvest knocked the door blue? The play. ∧ door blue? Forgiveness!

        Qin Ming felt particularly funny, this is a bit like the urban novel inside the villain special words, you know who I hang out with? You know who my father is? You know who my grandfather is?

        Qin Ming does not know, he only knows that there is no help for people to say "do you know who my xx is?" Such words.

        Qin Ming took back the two thousand dollars, stepped on Zhou Yun's hand and said: "Your little tricks are only to bully pure, useless to me. I'm Qin Ming of the economics class, come to me if you don't like it."


        Qin Ming used to take two thousand to shake Zhou Yun's face, directly pulling Bai Yu Chun walked away.

        Zhou Yun covered her face, the gas, her face a blue burst of white, she gritted her teeth, holding back the painful hand, shaking to call her boyfriend: "Wang Dalong where are you? I'm being bullied."

        A male voice on the other end of the line said, "What's wrong, baby? I just got out, didn't I? Today, I'll take you to get high again, I'm at the entrance of your school."

        Zhou Yun was delighted and said, "That's good, hurry up and come over. Call your brother too, I clean up a pair of dogs and men."