Rags To Riches Chapter 648

 "You've been in the capital for a long time, I think? It's all delivered takeaways." Mu Xiaoqiao looked at Qin Ming wearing a yellow vest, and his mind suddenly recalled that not long ago he had bumped into Nie Haitang to deliver takeaways, and it seemed that he was also wearing a yellow vest.

                "Is it to coax Nie Haitang?" She asked again.

                Qin Ming was cracking eggs, and when he heard Mu Xiaoqiao's question, he broke out in a cold sweat, how could this woman be so smart? How could this woman be so smart?

                Mu Xiaoqiao clenched her fist and looked at Qin Ming's silent back, she was furious.

                He must be hiding some secret, just not telling her, just hiding it from her.

                However, Mu Xiao Qiao just couldn't help it, she was hopelessly in love with Qin Ming.

                Suddenly, Qin Ming felt an embrace on his back, a soft, delicate body, two jade peaks squeezing and pushing, and a pair of jade arms surrounding his abdomen.

                This was Qin Ming's favourite way of hugging, his heart softened when he was hugged deeply by a woman like this, he was typically soft but not hard.

                "I miss you so much and I regret it." Mu Xiaoqiao suddenly burst into tears, biting her lips, tears rustling down, and said, "I regret agreeing to your divorce, why I had to give up my husband, even if you hate me, even if you have Nie Haitang in your heart, I don't want to let you go."

                Qin Ming said, "That was your tenderness for me."

                Mu Xiaoqiao asked, "If, I had appeared earlier than Nie Haitang, would you only like me? You know I'm alone in the capital city, so lonely, and it doesn't mean anything at all even if the company makes more money. I often think back to that time when I was in Xiangxi, if I could have stayed in that Lin's cottage, how much more, you and I would always be you and me."

                The corners of Qin Ming's mouth twitched, that was not good.

                Qin Ming worked for a while, a bowl of fried rice with eggs was ready, he took Mu Xiao Qiao's hand and said, "Let's eat first."

                Mu Xiaoqiao still hugged Qin Ming and said, "No, I don't want to. I want you to tell me, have you ever liked me or not?"

                Qin Ming said with certainty, "Of course I have liked you."

                "What I want is not sympathy and pity, it's your sincerity." Mu Xiaoqiao cried, "Why, I've been waiting for you and you haven't contacted me, I've waited every day, every day, all the time. Why, we would meet in this way, not that you came to me, you were not prepared to see me at all, but why did you still treat me so well."

                Qin Ming's heart was in turmoil, he had a feeling that Mu Xiaoqiao's emotions were on the verge of spiralling out of control, if he didn't stabilise her emotions then something big was going to happen.

                But he felt like he couldn't respond to a single word.

                He was impersonating Zhao Zhengyin, which couldn't be said.

                He had come to deliver the takeaway in order to spend more time with Nie Haitang, that couldn't be said either.

                He had been in the capital for a while, and that couldn't be said either.

                He hadn't been in touch with Mu Xiaoqiao, for whatever reason he had, he couldn't say that either.

                However, Mu Xiaoqiao had been waiting for him, and looking at her crying and complaining, Qin Ming's heart ached. He knew that Mu Xiaoqiao was special to him, the same as Nie Haitang.

                They had been married, they had been in trouble, they had fought, they had sacrificed themselves for each other.

                The only difference was that Mu Xiaoqiao had been trying to keep the marriage that had started from a mistake and hoped to end from a happy ending.

                Qin Ming, on the other hand, has yet to find a way or a path to end it.

                Of course, it is not possible for everyone to be like Sun Changxi, saying, Qin Ming you go away, we are all adults, this happened, you are willing, I will not give you a hard time.

                Qin Ming suddenly cupped Mu Xiaoqiao's chin and lowered his head with a mouthful of kisses.

                "Eh?!" Mu Xiaoqiao, who was suddenly kissed, panicked, but she quickly calmed down and took the initiative to extend her small tongue, embracing her beloved man and embracing them in a kiss.

                It didn't take long for the lips to part and Qin Ming felt the sweetness in his lips, only to see that the beauty in his arms was already blushing and panting heavily.

                "What are you doing, so suddenly?" Mu Xiaoqiao pouted, although it was sudden, Mu Xiaoqiao had finally calmed down.

                Qin Ming said, "I like you, no doubt about it. I didn't come to you because there was something I had to do for Master. My identity actually needs to be kept secret."

                Mu Xiaoqiao was instantly convinced and said, "Secrecy? What is it that you are doing? Is it dangerous?"

                Qin Ming had to tell them about his impersonation of Zhao Zhengyin, and Mu Xiaoqiao listened in awe, finally saying in surprise, "There are people who look that much alike? That can't be right? Even if the star is a double, there should be differences in height and detailed outline. To be a parent, you can still mistake your son?"

                Qin Ming said, "Zhao Zhengyan's parents are busy with business and don't care about their son, and Zhao Zhengyan was originally a rather nerdy person, so it's normal to mistake him, right?"

                Mu Xiaoqiao said worriedly again, "Is it really okay for you to just tell me like this? No wonder you didn't look for me even when you were hit by the capital city, it turns out that there is such an important matter to do with Zhang Zhen Zhen."

                Qin Ming said, "Isn't that why I trust you? I don't want to deceive you."

                Hearing these words, Mu Xiaoqiao's heart warmed and said, "Then how long will you be working for Real Zhang?"

                Qin Ming scratched his head and said, "This one really pisses me off, he originally said that he could do something during this period of time, but it turned out that his plan had failed, so he told me to delay and delay for the time being, waiting for his news."

                Mu Xiaoqiao asked again, "Then have you forgotten our agreement? Have you ever gone back to messing with other women?"

                Qin Ming said, "Of course not."

                Mu Xiaoqiao nuzzled her mouth and grunted, "Other women haven't messed with each other, so that means there's been a visit to Nie Haitang?"

                "......" Qin Ming rolled his eyes speechlessly, you are setting a trap for us, aren't you?

                Qin Ming suddenly pulled Mu Xiaoqiao over and embraced her into his arms, saying, "Xiaoqiao, I'm sorry for aggravating you."

                Hearing this apology, Mu Xiaoqiao's delicate body trembled, feeling that all the heartache she had waited for months had dissipated, and she also hugged Qin Ming, saying, "I won't lose to her if I love you more."

                The two of them embraced each other for a moment before Qin Ming said again, "No, I forgot I had to deliver the takeaway. I have to go now. I'll give you my current number, you must call me if you need anything, now I live in a single dormitory at the university. But when you see me outside, you can't call me Qin Ming, I'm impersonating someone else after all."

                Mu Xiaoqiao nodded obediently, she walked to the door, suddenly stood on tiptoe again, kissed Qin Ming, blushed shyly and handed over a key, saying, "This is the key to this flat, if you are usually free, you can come and stay with me."

                Qin Ming was very straightforward under his hand, this was different from Huang Shutong's key, he didn't want to go to Huang Shutong's house at all, but Mu Xiaoqiao's words, he was still looking forward to it.

                Qin Ming went downstairs, against the cold wind and rode his electric bike again to deliver the takeaway, his eyes gradually turned sharp, thinking, "How about completely being a scum?"