Rags To Riches Chapter 646

 For several days after Sun Changxi's injury, Qin Ming ran to the hospital's independent inpatient building every day with soup in his hand.

                He had looked up some information that said that an early pregnancy that was aborted was the same as having given birth to a woman, only not as damaging to her body, but it was still necessary to take tonic, so Qin Ming felt obliged to do so.

                Even though Sun Changxi said that it had nothing to do with him, he always felt that Sun Changxi was not telling the truth and there were always some flashes in her words, as if she was hiding something from him.

                In the past few days, people from the Sun family have come to visit Sun Changxi in the hospital, but nothing special happened and no misunderstanding was caused, it was just taken as a career-triggered injury, after all, in the line of work of the criminal police, injuries are a common occurrence.

                In the ward, Yang Lu asked curiously, "Eh, does this Master Zhao like our daughter? This brings Chang Xi meals and tonic soup every day."

                Sun Renli, who was leaning on the side of the bed smoking, swallowed a cloud and said, "I'm afraid it's not that our daughter likes others?"

                Sun Changxi hastily denied, "Dad, what are you talking about? Nonsense."

                Sun Renli grunted, "I'm not old yet, and I'm not demented. That day when I saved your grandfather, Zhao Zhengyan fought with Yang Xiaoxuan, why did you suddenly go up and hug him? It was as if you were worried about something happening to your boyfriend."

                Yang Lu clapped her hands and said, "Right. Why did I forget about this. Xi Xi, tell me honestly, do you have a crush on that Zhao Zhengyan?"

                Sun Changxi denied it again, "Mom, don't add to the confusion, it's not true."

                Yang Lu was an experienced person, how could her daughter not understand? Instead, she said, "Zhao Zhengyan is the child of that illegitimate son Zhao Songli, right?"

                Sun Renli nodded and said, "Yes, his mother is Qin Mo of the old Qin family in Hai City."

                "That's fine!" Yang Lu clapped her hands and said, "This identity background is no one, although the two ends do not reach the shore, neither the Zhao family's inheritance, the old Qin family is only a relative, but that Zhao Songli mixes well, the foundation is here, in the future, in bringing our Sun family's connections, the future is unlimited, it would be even better if he can be a son-in-law at home."

                "Mom~!" Sun Changxi was very happy to hear this, this was her own mother's approval of Qin Ming, she was infinitely shy and squirming.

                Sun Renli, however, smoked a cigarette bitterly and said, "He has a girlfriend, a young flower girl in the entertainment industry called Huang Shutong, she has been engaged for more than four years."

                Yang Lu said disdainfully, "Thanks to you, you are still a businessman, do you have to give away good things? What's more, it's a good man. Zhao Zhengyin worships Zhang Quanzhen as his teacher, this layer of relationship is important, and secondly he has the ability ah. Our Sun family is in big trouble this time, without his meticulous insight, could our father have been able to identify with that Sun Justice brother?"

                "Although the Zhao family is not included in the clan, their bloodlines are linked, so it's not a problem to recognise a relative. The old Qin family in Haicheng, not to mention Qin Mo, is their jewel in the crown, with such a mother, relying on the old Qin family will also have a good life after."

                "Even if Zhao Zhengyin is sexually incompetent, he is still a meat and potatoes."

                Sun Renli continued to smoke bitterly and said, "He is really sexually incompetent."

                "Eh?" Yang Lu was dumbfounded and said, "I'm just saying that casually, what are you thinking, Old Sun? You're really saying that?"

                Sun Renli continued, "Of course it's true, I went to investigate this Zhao Zhengyan, after all, to be able to get Zhang Zhen Zhen to accept as a disciple, more or less some fame, right, as a result, in the capital city has been very low-key, can say that not much people know the point. And in Hai City, huh, that's another story, typical dude rotten boy, also tried to rape female classmates, but ended up attempting because the tools of the crime didn't work."

                Yang Lu looked disgusted: "Wow, how can this man be so ...... Changxi, have you been cheated by him? Fortunately, he doesn't lift, otherwise you would be in danger. You have to hang on to the horse, you know? You're a third party interfering, you know that? It's an insult to our Sun family style, and it's going to be a disgrace and a shame when you say it out loud."

                "Dad, don't listen to what you hear." Sun Changxi was anxious, she knew that Qin Ming was not Zhao Zhengyan, that he was impersonating his identity, but she couldn't break it down, Qin Ming had said that it was important to him, and that if she broke it down she would be in danger of her life.

                But she didn't want her parents to misunderstand the real Qin Ming.

                Sun Renli said, "Anyway, I don't agree, no means no. If you want to know why, go and find out for yourself. I have a meeting later, so I'll leave first. Chang Xi, you have also grown up, you should know how to think about your own sexual well-being for the rest of your life, and also think more about your family, there are plenty of good men in the world."

                Yang Lu also followed, "Mom has to fly overseas to attend an event later, Xi Xi, you take care of your injuries, call home if you need anything."

                She then looked at the soup Qin Ming had brought over and said, "Don't drink the soup Zhao Zhengyan sent you. I will go and talk to Zhao Zhengyan's side and tell him not to come to you anymore, even though he helped our Sun family, there are some things that cannot be backed off. He's a man with a fiancée and he's still coming to mess with you, scum."

                When both her parents left, Sun Changxi's heart was empty, but she didn't stop her mother because she also felt that she couldn't go near Qin Ming anymore.

                Otherwise she wouldn't be able to hide it anymore.

                "Vomit~!" Sun Changxi suddenly vomited like a vomit, her stomach regurgitated acid, yet nothing came out.

                After a short while, Sun Changxi felt relieved again, she covered her stomach and muttered to herself, "Baby, you might not have a daddy in the future, will you blame mommy for being useless? Not being able to keep daddy for you."

                At the university, Qin Ming was approached by Yang Lu and was asked not to approach Sun Changxi again, on the grounds that he had a fiancée and was afraid that Sun

                Read the whole article for free on My Book City Changxi affects Huang Shutong's reputation with Zhao Zhengyan.

                Of course, the attitude and tone are more polite and low, but the meaning expressed is that, Qin Ming can naturally hear it.

                Qin Ming although very do not understand, but the other party's own mother has come to the door, but also a "please let my daughter go" attitude, he can only temporarily deal with a few voices.

                It was one thing to deal with it, but it was another to say yes or no.

                However, Qin Ming was deceived by Sun Changxi, thinking that the baby was gone, and he blamed himself inwardly. When he learned that Sun Changxi would be discharged from the hospital soon and would be recuperating at Sun's home, he didn't want the Sun family to misunderstand him as a stalker, so he could only contact them by mobile phone.

                "Ugh." Qin Ming was in a melancholy mood after sending Yang Lu away.

                He had a strong feeling that Sun Changxi's pregnancy was related to him and that the miscarriage was the result of his lack of protection.

                He also had no way to prove that the lost child was not his anymore, and was very conflicted in his heart. Although Sun Changxi did not say anything and did not blame him, Qin Ming's guilt was not high, but he always felt that something was wrong.

                "But the child is gone, perhaps time is the best medicine." Qin Ming shook his head and regrouped, "Perhaps, this is the last chance God has given me. I have to make a choice."

                Qin Ming took a deep breath and muttered to himself again, "I have to make a choice as soon as possible."