Rags To Riches Chapter 645

 Qin Ming was like falling into a state of emptiness, everything around him was invisible and inaudible, it took him a long time to come back to his senses, holding the one lab slip in Sun Changxi's bag, the name was Sun Changxi yes, it said something about human chorionic gonadotropin, greater than normal value, diagnosis of early pregnancy.

                Qin Ming felt a little hard to breathe, he was about to suffocate.

                The two of them were also on a yacht on the Bund waters of Guangzhou City a month ago, and they fucked until dawn, and then two months before that, that was the first time the two of them lost control after drinking, and that bloody bed sheet Qin Ming still collected in that villa in Guangzhou City.

                "Well ...... three times without taking safety measures." Qin Ming naturally would not guess with the utmost malice that the child was someone else's, because he knew that Sun Changxi was not the kind of person to mess around.

                "Shit, last night with Lin Yurou didn't take safety measures either." Qin Ming covered his face in a tangle of some pain.

                Suddenly, a nurse in the emergency room came out and saw Qin Ming's painfully tangled face and comforted him, "Don't worry young man, we will keep the baby and the adult, although he hurt his head, he is conscious and has woken up and can communicate normally, just a little dizzy. We won't use drugs indiscriminately. You go ahead and pay the bill for your girlfriend."

                Qin Ming propped his head up even more tangled as he paid the bill and returned with Sun Changxi already awake, her head cradled in blood-stained bandages and dangling from the medication.

                When Sun Changxi saw Qin Ming, she couldn't help but reach for him, seemingly seeking peace.

                Qin Ming's hand just let her grasp it, knowing that at this time Sun Changxi was vulnerable and needed to be relied upon, he also held Sun Changxi's hand in a backhanded manner.

                She asked with concern, "Where is the man who rewarded me? You're not hurt, are you?"

                Qin Ming's eyes narrowed fiercely as he said, "That person is dead, and I won't spare anyone who hurts you."

                Sun Changxi said in surprise, "You killed someone with your hands?"

                Qin Ming shook his head, "It wasn't me, I only injured him, it was someone else who did it. But if the others didn't do it, I would have done it too."

                Sun Changxi was touched in her heart, but she grabbed Qin Ming's hand and said, "I still don't want you to kill someone, that's not a good feeling."

                Qin Ming smiled and said, "I don't usually do dirty work."

                Sun Changxi became more aware again and asked, "By the way, where's my gun?"

                Qin Ming handed her bag over and said, "I grabbed it back, it's inside, I haven't touched it."

                Sun Changxi took the bag and found that the gun was still there. She let out a sigh of relief and said, "Thank you, it would have been troublesome to lose it. By the way, has the person been rescued?"

                Qin Ming nodded and said, "Rescued, but that fatty escaped. That Wildrose man was also arrested by the police. By the way, I haven't told your family about this."

                Sun Changxi grinned and said, "Then don't say anything. In my line of work, injuries are a regular occurrence. This mission was just a reconnaissance to confirm the location of the hostage, and I ended up being impulsive, luckily I ended up saving the person, otherwise I would have to take the blame. This will be treated as a normal bump on the head."

                Qin Ming took out the lab slip and said, "What about this? You have such a good body line segment, you won't be able to hide it in another two months."

                Sun Changxi looked stunned, never expecting Qin Ming to have turned her lab slip over.

                She snatched it away, biting her pale lips, her eyes dodging as she turned her head sideways, her long hair hanging down, covering half of her face.

                Only after a long time did she say, "I'll think of a way to do this, it's not like it has anything to do with you."

                Qin Ming was silent for a moment and said, "It really has nothing to do with me?"

                Sun Changxi didn't respond, just as Qin Ming's mobile phone rang and he found out that it was an internal call from the group, so he immediately walked out to answer the call.

                As soon as the person left, the nurse came over to take the temperature and said, "It's still been a month, right? Why are you so careless? Luckily you're awake, otherwise it could be troublesome, where else is your head uncomfortable?"

                Sun Changxi shook her head, "Much better, thanks."

                The nurse added, "You didn't tell your boyfriend, did you? When I pushed him out, he was unconscious. He was probably afraid that something would happen to you, so he stood at the entrance of the emergency room for a long time without moving. Don't worry, the mother and child will be safe."

                Sun Changxi smiled bitterly and looked outside at Qin Ming who was on the phone, she also tangled and stroked her hair, thinking, "You philandering villain, if not yours or someone else's? But ...... alas ...... you may like me, but you like other women better. What else can I do but bleed?"

                Sun Changxi took that nurse's hand and said, "Girl, can you do me a favor? I need to conceal this for personal reasons."

                The nurse tilted her head in confusion and said, "You said ......"

                At this moment, at the door, Qin Ming answered a call from Duan Bo, Chang Hongxi's butler: "Young master, has Chang Lao's child from his relatives' family been saved?"

                Qin Ming responded, "Saved, didn't Song Ying report? The person who did it was called Fatty Liang, and he was shot and wounded and escaped."

                Uncle Duan smiled and said, "Young master is really quick."

                Qin Ming asked again, "Uncle Duan, how is his health?"

                Uncle Duan responded, "Elder Chang's health is fine, he has been taking the most advanced anti-cancer medication and seems to be taking longer than the six months the doctor expected. Recently Elder Chang also checked the summary report of the data of China's domestic industries under Young Master's management, the output value has risen by 20% and he even complimented you on your good management."

                Qin Ming smiled sarcastically, it wasn't really his doing, it was Song Ying who had been helping him.

                Qin Ming added, "Please relay to my righteous father for me, ask him to take good care of himself, he will definitely live a long life."

                He had just hung up the phone when the nurse in the emergency room came running out again, saying, "It's not good, your girlfriend is having a pre-miscarriage."

                Qin Ming froze for a moment and asked, "What's going on? Didn't you guys guarantee ......"

                The nurse said, "It's so sudden, we're surprised too, it was all fine just now. We have gone to ask the specialist from the obstetrics and gynaecology department to come down, I'm informing you, be prepared, wait outside."

                "......" Qin Ming rubbed his face in a tangled way and said, "How could this happen?"

                He wasn't cold-blooded enough to expect the child to be saved, he very much wanted it to be saved, after all, it was a living life.

                He was anxious, pacing back and forth, trying to look inside the emergency room but unable to see, sometimes punching his fist into the mud wall in chagrin because he blamed himself.

                This anxious and overwhelmingly worried look on Qin Ming's face was all in the eyes of the nurse from earlier.

                That nurse walked back again and said to Sun Changxi, "Sister, don't worry, your boyfriend was in a hurry and didn't act relieved. He may be a bit abrupt, but he should accept the change of status to become a father. I've seen a lot of men who ask for an abortion as soon as they hear their girlfriends are pregnant, your boyfriend can be heartbroken."

                Sun Changxi smiled happily when she heard this, and she rubbed her stomach, not knowing what to think.

                He ran into the patient's resting area and saw Sun Changxi lying flat on her back, covered with a quilt, her beautiful face with tear marks in her eyes.

                Sun Changxi bit her lip and swallowed even more, "Well, it wasn't saved."

                He grabbed Sun Changxi's hand and said a thousand words, but he didn't know how to say them, he just said, "It's okay, I'm here."

                Sun Changxi's heart was warmed and her tears gushed out even more uncontrollably, she didn't even know how she was going to walk down this road.