Rags To Riches Chapter 644

 Sun Changxi's left eye was all bloody and her vision was very hazy, although her wrist was desperately holding the gun, it was still snatched away by the other side.

                The man's chattering could be heard in her ears: "Don't blame me, blame the wrong master for you, the Zhao family is not something you little people can offend. If I kill you, I'll get a lot of credit, and our boss will have a backer to make a lot of money from now on."

                In her blurred is vision, she saw a sharp knife stabbing at her, and at the same time saw behind this security guard, Qin Ming was running over at a fast pace.

                "Qin Ming, don't come over, go, go ......" Sun Changxi mumbled out of the corner of her mouth, "It's dangerous, ah, you don't come."


                A knife entered the neck and blood flowed.

                Qin Ming's knife was a little faster.

                Qin Ming walked out of the warehouse, passing by the kitchen to grab a kitchen knife, then rushed up in a hurry.

                He was also stunned when he got up to the first floor, which was quite big, but the first floor was soundproofed and it was very chaotic, with some men and women fucking away in public, unpleasant to watch.

                On the other hand, the other side of the corridor was unusually quiet. Qin Ming saw Sun Changxi on the floor, with a face full of blood, and the man guarding the entrance to the staircase had taken Sun Changxi's gun and was about to stab her with a knife.

                Thanks to the loud music and the chaos of the place, Qin Ming walked to the end of the corridor and slashed at the man who was attempting to stab Sun Changxi, hitting him squarely in the neck.

                But it wasn't fatal yet, as the knife was a little blunt and the force of Qin Ming's force was downward, cutting into the bone.

                But the guard's body trembled and then bled profusely.

                Qin Ming came close to his ear and said, "As soon as my knife strikes across, you are going to meet the King of Hell. Put down your knife."

                The guard was scared out of his wits and immediately dropped his knife and gun, saying, "Don't, don't kill me."

                Only at close range did Qin Ming see clearly Sun Changxi, who had fallen to the ground and could hardly lift her eyelids. Do you know who she is? She my woman. You die."

                Coldly, a woman's voice came from behind, "Young master, I'll do it."

                Qin Ming looked back and saw that it was not none other than Song Ying, who had also sneaked in.

                Behind her, she was followed by two members of the assassination squad, both in civilian clothes.

                Song Ying didn't want to dirty Qin Ming's hands, so she stepped on his foot and the knife that the security guard had thrown on the ground immediately shot up, then she kicked him again, hitting him squarely in the heart.

                Qin Ming dropped the man on the ground, picked up Sun Changxi's gun, picked up Sun Changxi and said, "The man is up there, you save him down. After all, it's what Yi-Father said, there's no room for error."

                Song Ying slightly owed his body and watched Qin Ming carry Sun Changxi away, his eyes cold but full of envy.

                In her heart, Song Ying looked sourly at Sun Changxi, who was being held in Qin Ming's arms: "He clearly said he only liked Nie Haitang, but he was still preempted by other women. And I can't? If I were seriously injured, would you say such things to me?"

                As she watched Qin Ming leave, Song Ying felt melancholy and lost, when, still well aware of the task at hand, she walked up the stairs alone.

                Here on the third floor was a boxing ring and a lot of gym equipment to supply the fighters and security guards here for their daily training.

                And there were only two people here, the big fat old Liang, and Chang Xue, who was tied up next to the weightlifting machine.

                When Chang Xue saw Song Ying, she shouted happily, "Look, I told you someone would come to save me soon, you fat bastard, you're dead. Hahahaha."

                The big fat man didn't panic, squinted his eyes and laughed, "Tsk, another beautiful woman, my old Liang is lucky today, two big beauties came to me."

                Song Ying said, "Fatty Liang, I can't believe it's you, so it's the Zhao family who did this."

                "Tsk tsk, I didn't expect my big fat name to be so famous." Fatty Liang dropped the cloth bag in his hand and looked at Song Ying warily, "Who the hell are you? You're not really a police officer, are you? Are you really a police officer?"

                Song Ying sneered, "Humph, you Zhao family people are really backward in information, are you looking down on our young master?"

                Fatty Liang looked as if he had suddenly realized, saying, "Oh oh oh, you're that little prince's man. That's a quick move, he's not coming tonight too, is he? Hey, Chang Hongxi's lackey."

                Song Ying was furious in vain, and without speaking, suddenly started off with a dash, then swung back with a flying kick, kicking at Fatty Liang's lower back.

                But Fatty Liang dodged it with a slight jump.

                Song Ying slapped the floor with her left back, and the moment she got up, she had a silenced gun in her hand, pointing it at Fatty Liang's head.

                But Fatty Liang reacted quickly, his hands blocked and stuck, the direction of the gun's chamber was perfectly avoided. At the same time, his hands pressed against Song Ying's wrists, trying to forcefully knock the gun out of Song Ying's hands, but Song Ying's hands let go and her left hand caught the gun.

                Song Ying hadn't yet squared the gun's chamber when, off to the side, there was a commotion downstairs, the sound of many people going upstairs.

                Fatty Liang squinted his eyes and laughed, "It's so lively with so many people. I won't play with you then."

                Fatty Liang suddenly pulled out a remote control, and the moment he pressed it, the entire third floor went dark.

                "Hahahaha, pretty girl won't be accompanying you." Fatty Liang laughed and quickly ran towards the special passage behind him.

                Although she couldn't see, Song Ying listened to the sound and still fired her machine gun in quick succession.

                "Bang, bang, bang, bang" The sound of the gunshot after silencing was very low.

                After a few steps, Song Ying did not chase after her, after all, her mission was to save people, but she saw a trail of blood on the ground, stretching all the way down towards the stairs of the special passage.

                Song Ying looked at the assassination squad coming up, turned the lights back on, signalled for them to take Chang Xue away, and took out her mobile phone to send a message to Qin Ming reporting the situation.

                A team member asked, "Secretary Song, the owner of this Wild Rose Bar, is a small local power, their people have all been beaten down by us so far, when the young master went out just now, he alerted a few police officers investigating at the entrance? The police, but their boss has already run away. What should be done?"

                Song Ying said without the slightest emotion, "Dispose of them all, if the boss has run away, then find him and deal with him again."

                The team members all swallowed in fear at hearing such a cold-blooded way of dealing with Song Ying, many of the members of this group of assassination squad were newcomers, as well as comrades introduced by Ah Long.

                They hadn't experienced as much bloodshed as Song Ying.

                Seeing that the other party was standing still, Song Ying frowned, "Have you forgotten what you learned in the training class? Any leak could be the key to turning the tables on the enemy. If you've done this job, you should understand whose fangs you're going to be. Do I need to teach you again? Get out."

                "Yes! I'll take care of it." That assassination squad rookie immediately set his attitude straight, he didn't want to lose a high paying job.

                And at this moment, Qin Ming was guarding the bedside of the hospital emergency room, Sun Changxi had been struck from behind with a stick, causing a concussion, and haemorrhage, and was in a coma all the way.

                Qin Ming blamed himself, he was already worried about Sun Changxi's safety, and as a result, he came accompanied by himself, but still failed to protect

                The attending doctor asked, "The patient needs a CT scan of the brain, is there any past medical history or pregnancy or anything like that? Are you allergic to any medications?"

                The attending doctor was speechless and pushed Qin Ming away, saying, "How can you be such a boyfriend? What's your name, let the nurse see if you've been seen in the city's medical system."

                Qin Ming licked his lips, "Her name is Sun Changxi, the consultation card is in, here, she also has her ID card in her bag."

                In a panic, Qin Ming flipped open Sun Changxi's bag and took out all the cards inside, but when he opened the bag compartment, he found a white hospital test paper and was dumbfounded and motionless.

                The next one don't look away, said: "Oh, early pregnancy, can't find ct, first deal with the wound and blood transfusion. Boyfriend out first, we'll take care of it, it won't affect the baby."

                "Wh, what? What the hell is an early, early pregnancy?" Qin Ming snapped back to her senses, only to find herself pushed out by the nurse, standing dumbfounded at the entrance to the emergency room.