Rags To Riches Chapter 643

 Tiger, the leader of the Assassination Squad, stormed into the Wild Rose Bar, beating people and cursing angrily as he yelled for someone to come out.

                The security guards at the Wild Rose were no slouches and immediately rushed in, but they were no match for Tiger, a retired special forces soldier, and were put down in a couple of blows.

                This made the two guards not allowed to run for support and had gone to the back of the office area to shout at the person in charge.

                Qin Ming looked at the chaotic scene with groups of three or five security thugs surrounding Ah Hu. He exchanged a look with Sun Changxi and immediately followed them in, one going up and the other down.

                Qin Ming was heading down and found that this was the back kitchen, across the long corridor were the cold room and the warehouse, and an office with a locked door.

                Qin Ming had looked at the cold room and the warehouse, and there was no Chang Xue in sight.

                "Someone is causing trouble? Rubbish, can't even win this fight?" Suddenly, Qin Ming heard a roar from the office, "We're a regular bar, and we have a background, no one has ever dared to make trouble. It must be to save that woman, get the man under control."


                Qin Ming heard the slamming of the door and immediately leaned against the doorway of the warehouse to listen to the conversation between the two men outside.

                "I'm going to check outside, you go up immediately and inform Zhou Yuqi to move the people away, the place has been discovered. Damn, it's only been a while and they've been discovered, I told you, just kill the man."

                "But Boss, there's nothing we can do about what the other side wants."

                Qin Ming listened to the conversation between the two men outside and frowned, Chang Xue was not here? He was in the wrong place, instead it was Sun Changxi who was in the right place.

                Qin Ming thought to himself, "That person in charge went out, so it should have been a short while. But who exactly is the Zhou Yuqi he talks about? Could it be very powerful?"

                Qin Ming wanted to make a proper plan, but the noise outside was getting louder and he didn't have any more time to think.

                He dashed out of the warehouse and immediately ran up.

                And at that moment on the first floor, Sun Changxi had just arrived and saw many unpleasant scenes under the neon etc. The men and women were in an even hipper soundproof hall, stripping down to their underwear and dancing close to each other, even kissing in the corner.

                Sun Changxi was inwardly disgusted by such thoroughly indulgent and promiscuous behaviour, which could easily lead to illness and also to the path of drugs.

                However, the scene was fairly orderly, not overly out of place, and no illegal drugs were seen being smoked here.

                It's just that the people here seem to be more open and out of the ordinary than the people drinking and guessing, groping, mooching and dancing below.

                There were many more rooms here, and Sun Changxi didn't care about the people, and as she passed by some of the rooms, she heard the sound of some men and women pressing their beds inside, and even heard philosophical shouts between the men, making her pores stand up.

                Growing up with a good education, as well as strict family traditions, Sun Changxi almost threw up.

                Sun Changxi secretly opened the doors of those rooms, but did not see Chang Xue.

                After exploring seven or eight rooms in a row, there was no sign of Chang Xue.

                Sun Changxi became more and more anxious, she didn't know how long the commotion below would last. When she reached the end, she found that there was a staircase up to the third floor, and there was a big fat man sitting here, eating snacks and watching videos with his headphones on, looking like he was the one in charge of guarding the place.

                That big fat guy quickly noticed the unusual Sun Changxi and said lecherously, "Yo, pretty girl, up there is a private place now, even if you are a vip, you can't go up there, or are you interested in my old Liang? Hey hey hey."

                Sun Changxi looked at the big fat man, almost three hundred pounds in size, like a small mountain of meat, she felt her fist hitting the other side, scratching the itch almost.

                Sun Changxi threw a wink and said, "Handsome, just let me go up there, I'm curious. I'm tired of playing here, it's no fun."

                The big fat old Liang grunted, "No, the boss will kill me. But the beauty is interested in me, come on, sit on my lap, I'll do a magic trick for you, I guarantee you'll be surprised, isn't it more interesting than going up there?"

                How could Sun Changxi possibly say yes?

                Just as she was hesitating, the big fatty suddenly jumped up and reached out towards Sun Changxi's neck to grab it.

                The speed was not fast, but definitely not slow. Sun Changxi had her guard up and jumped back, but the two buttons and fabric at the collar were shredded, exposing her left shoulder and corset suspenders.

                With a hissing sound, the big fat man took a piece of fabric and put it to his mouth and sniffed it, smiling cheaply, "Hey hey hey, like, not like other bad women. Your body is also top notch and your face is even more stunning, it would be even better if you were my girlfriend. It's that girl's man, right? Hehehe ...... Don't you know that the women who come up to the first floor to play are all just looking to be fucked, no one is ever interested in the third floor."

                Sun Changxi frowned, not expecting the other side to watch so many people.

                The big fat man dug his nose in that rag and said, "Ah, to get such a beautiful woman killed, I'm still a little bit indifferent. But you guys don't deserve sympathy."

                Bullet, the big fat man's finger flicked, a booger flew out, he once again previously rushed to run, obese body, running, that is fat shake, full of impact, Sun Changxi are a little afraid.

                Since he was discovered, Sun Changxi had to risk lifting up her dress skirt and pulling out a gun hidden under her dress thigh!

                She raised the gun and immediately pointed it at the big fat man in front of her, saying, "Put your hands on your head and lean against the wall for me."

                The big fat man's pupils flinched and his movements had to stop, he couldn't be faster than a bullet in any way.

                "Hmph, this system, how did your people get a police gun?" The big fat man said as he retreated back to his original position.

                Sun Changxi was confused, what did he mean by "your people"?

                She responded, "I am a police officer! Police! Keep your hands up, do you hear me?"

                The big fat man suddenly looked behind Sun Changxi, grinned and said, "Sorry, I'm a special forces officer. No matter what your status is, pretty girl, you should know that you have failed in your mission."

                Sun Changxi's expression was stunned, and then she sensed someone at her back.

                The moment she turned back, she happened to see that security guard who was guarding the entrance to the ground floor before, he had come back somehow!

                The music on this first floor was very harsh and the lights were dim, which made Sun Changxi completely unaware of what was going on behind her, and the moment she turned back, she happened to be hit in the forehead with a stick.

                "Ugh~!" Sun Changxi's whole body fell sideways, her head cracking and bleeding, while her eyes were bleeding and her body was so weak that she had no strength left to lift her arm.

                "Boss Zhou, no, is everything alright?" The security guard asked, "Boss Zhou, the situation has changed, our boss told you to hurry up and leave. Leave this woman to me."

                Zhou Yuqi said, "I thought your place was secluded enough, I'll leave now, but this woman's identity is yet to be confirmed, don't mess around."

                The security guard said unimpressed, "I've seen many of the East's enemies. If things go well this time, our boss would like to get the East's favour and take her under his wing, so Boss Zhou can put in a good word."

                Zhou Yuqi said as he went upstairs, "No problem, this is a big fish. It's been baiting our boss for years, I didn't want to do it myself, but I can't rely on outsiders."

                After Zhou Yuqi left, Sun Changxi sat by the wall with the blaring music of the disco in her ears and some double vision in her eyes as the security guard in front of her reached out and grabbed her gun.

                The guard pointed the gun at Sun Changxi, then pulled out a small knife from his waist and pointed it at Sun Changxi's neck, saying, "Don't blame me, blame it on the fact that you followed the wrong master, the Zhao family is not something you little people can offend."

                Sun Changxi looked at the sharp knife stabbing at her throat, her eyes gradually closed, and only one person came to mind, Qin Ming.

                "Qin Ming, don't come up here, go."