Rags To Riches Chapter 642

 Inside a private medical facility, Magnesia.

                Chang Hongxi has not had much contact with the outside world for over a month, and has always been announced to the public as undergoing chemotherapy and surgery.

                As the leader of the Huan Yu Century Group, a man who has worked hard all his life to reform the corporate empire that is Huan Yu, he is called an emperor of the past and present.

                He was currently sitting on his hospital bed eating breakfast, and although his hair had fallen out, he seemed to be in pretty good spirits.

                At this moment, his butler, Uncle Duan, came and said, "The Second Miss has been captured by the Zhao family, and to our surprise, the people we sent to protect the Second Miss included people planted by the Zhao family."

                Chang Hongxi wiped the corner of his mouth with his handkerchief and asked, "Where is Qin Ming? Is he still in Canton City?"

                Uncle Duan shook his head and said, "He's gone to the capital. It seems that the contact with the Second Miss coincided with the time when the Second Miss was taken captive."

                Chang Hongxi thought about it and said, "Let's do everything according to plan, it's an eventful time now, and those on the Supreme Board can't sit still, this time, I'm going to wipe them all out. Take the entire Huan Yu ...... cough ...... into the bag."

                Duan Bo stepped forward and patted Chang Hongxi on the back, saying, "Then I will order it down now."

                Chang Hongxi nodded and said, "Go on."

                At this moment, in Beijing, China.

                Qin Ming was sitting in the passenger side of the car when he received an urgent letter from Song Ying on his mobile phone, saying that Chang Hongxi had given an assignment to an assassination squad in Beijing to rescue a girl from a side branch of the same clan who had been taken by robbers not long ago.

                Qin Ming saw the photo sent over and was surprised. The person in the photo, wasn't it Chang Xue?

                Qin Ming was confused, was Chang Xue still related to Chang Hongxi? Although they were both surnamed Chang.

                Song Ying had come to ask him if he was rushing the assassination squad, as the whole of China's assassination squad was now listening to Qin Ming.

                Qin Ming sent a message back to Song Ying to send out the assassination squad and said that he would also go.

                "What's the conversation about?" Sun Changxi asked as she watched Qin Ming's finger click endlessly, "Talking to which girl?"

                Qin Ming said, "Chatting with a big beautiful girl."

                The corner of Sun Changxi's mouth twitched as she gritted her teeth and said, "Yo, how beautiful is she? Why don't I send you to her place, to save you from ruining your date."

                Qin Ming wondered if it was an illusion, why did he feel that there was some resentment in Sun Changxi's tone? Seemed to be angry?

                Qin Ming said, "Just kidding, I'm just looking for someone to help. I'm afraid there's danger if we're alone."

                Sun Changxi hummed, "That woman? The one who disguised as a woman with you and broke up the con man's lecture in Guangcheng?"

                Qin Ming said, "It's her."

                Sun Changxi asked, "What is her relationship with you? My third uncle said that she followed you all the way to Jade Street yesterday and even helped you with the accounts."

                Qin Ming scratched his head and said, "She ...... is very important, my partner, and takes better care of me ...... probably so."

                Qin Ming was hiding something, Sun Changxi felt it and stopped asking questions, but his heart was inexplicably uncomfortable.

                "That woman is indeed very beautiful, and very cold, and also gave me a very dangerous feeling. Why would Qin Ming go with her ......" Sun Changxi suddenly couldn't see through Qin Ming at all.

                In the past, it always felt that Qin Ming could not have a future with her, so she never got to know Qin Ming too well.

                But during the previous incident with the Sun family, she suddenly realized her inner feelings. She did like Qin Ming, otherwise she would have enjoyed every time she had sex with him, especially the other day when her parents wanted to introduce her to a blind date.

                She knew in her heart that Qin Ming could not have come to Beijing posing as Zhao Zhengyin for her, but she had an unstoppable hope in her heart that Qin Ming was doing it for her.

                It didn't take long for the car to pull up in one of the city's older urban areas, where the lights were bright, the advertising signs for bars and hotels were particularly blinding, and the engines of many modified cars roared along the roadside.

                This is exactly where the nightlife of young people begins.

                According to the traffic department's assistance, the car that took Chang Xue last stopped here and then left," said Sun Changxi. It's likely that it left the person here. Colleagues from nearby have backed up and investigated the nearby surveillance, there is indeed suspicion of something being moved, we need to go into this bar to investigate."

                Qin Ming looked up at the bar called the Wild Rose, it was wild and deafening waves of electric sound could be heard just outside the door.

                There were a few police officers outside talking to a bar manager about something.

                Sun Changxi was dressed in civilian clothes, still skirt and black silk, over a trench coat, and led Qin Ming towards the Wild Rose.

                Sun Changxi said: "Although, you have fought and won with that Yang Xiaoxuan before. But in a realistic conflict, it's not that you can fight and win for sure, many uncertainties."

                Qin Ming said, "I know, the ruthless win in a narrow fight, I grew up as a street fighting punk, can I not know that? Anything can be a weapon, and there is no moral humanity to speak of, to the death, right?"

                Sun Changxi looked at Qin Ming with a surprised face, hearing something else she never knew, but she had no more time to explore it now.

                Sun Changxi said again, "Anyway, just follow me, the purpose of this time is to go in and explore with the help of the other colleagues, not to save anyone, and not to cause unrest. What's more, no one should be killed."

                Qin Ming responded and said, "I just want to make sure you're safe, I don't care about the rest."

                The two of them walked into the Wild Rose Bar, there was nothing unusual about the place, the customers and female publicists in the card tables were laughing, getting up and down, gulping down drinks, the young urbanites on the dance floor were hot and dancing, and the front desk tunes and dj were high as hell.

                Sun Xi looked around and didn't see anything unusual.

                But Qin Ming saw a passageway next to the toilets, one to the top and one to the bottom, both watched by security guards.

                Qin Ming said, "Sister Changxi, the one above is also a drinking place, but then it's more ambiguous, usually men and women go up there to mess around, and the one below is probably where the bar offices are. Where do we go first to search?"

                Sun Changxi said, "I'll go upstairs, you go downstairs, we have to find a way to distract the two security guards. If we can't, we'll have to seek help from other colleagues."

                Qin Ming looked around, "There are security guards watching the rest of the bar, it won't be easy to lure away the two guards guarding the passageway. Unless someone makes a scene."

                A disturbance? Qin Ming's heart stirred and he immediately dialed Song Ying's number.

                "Where has Xiao Ying arrived?"

                Song Ying said, "Young master, I've just arrived outside the Wild Rose Bar and was planning to go in to take a look."

                Qin Ming said, "You tell Ah Hu to come in and make a scene to attract the attention of most people."

                Ah Hu was the current leader of the Beijing City Assassination Squad and a comrade of Wu Long's, and was overly capable, so Qin Ming believed that he would not be killed if he caused trouble here.

                Qin Ming hung up the phone and said to Sun Changxi who was struggling to think of a countermeasure, "Sister Changxi, I can do a spell to make this place chaotic, do you believe me?"

                Sun Changxi gave him a blank look and said, "You're bragging. What other tricks do you have up your sleeve when you suddenly come here today? Be serious, save the people first. Did you think of a way to take advantage of me?"

                Qin Ming laughed cheaply, "What advantage has Sister Changxi not been taken advantage of by me?"

                Sun Changxi was not good enough to say, "Good for you, Qin Ming, you bastard. I'll pinch ......"

                Boom, suddenly the door was pushed open and a man with a face of steel walked in and cursed, "Ah Long, come out, I know you're hiding here, come out!"

                There was an immediate commotion at the bar scene, several security guards went up to dissuade him, only to be knocked over by Tiger in three or five blows, then more security guards watching the venue joined in, but Tiger remained brave and did not lose out.

                One of the two security guards went down to inform the crowd and the other came up to support them.

                Qin Ming and Sun Changxi exchanged a glance and immediately took the opportunity to slip up.