Rags To Riches Chapter 641

 "Indecent assault, indecent assault."

                "Someone's beating me up, a lecher is beating me up."

                The four women grabbed Qin Ming and pulled him to and fro, and one female hooligan even touched Qin Ming there.

                Qin Ming didn't want to make a big deal out of it, he just used a force or two to push them away, but these female hooligans just wanted to grab them, and those long nails were scratching people, it was too painful.

                Qin Ming was furious and used violence directly, he did not have the principle of not hitting women.

                After a few punches, these female hooligans were all beaten up by Qin Ming, their make-up was all messed up, and one even had a nosebleed. A big man bullying a few girls?"

                Qin Ming was too lazy to make a fuss and, based on his years of experience, just ran away.

                Qin Ming ran a long way before he breathed a sigh of relief and laughed to himself, "I'm really trouble everywhere I go, I should have known better than to order takeaway."

                "Qin Ming, where are you going?" Coldly, a panting voice came from the front.

                Qin Ming's tiger body shook, this voice didn't sound like Nie Haitang!

                No longer as clueless as when he first arrived, Qin Ming naturally looked over, but there was no answer, only that the person who came up after him in a roundabout way was surprisingly Chang Xue.

                Qin Ming looked back and then asked in confusion, "Are you talking to me? My name is Zhao Zhengyin, don't tell me you don't know."

                Chang Xue showed a puzzled expression and said, "It's nothing, I noticed that you look a lot like my boyfriend."

                "Your sister's boyfriend!" Qin Ming really wanted to slap him across the face, this woman was testing him on purpose.

                Qin Ming laughed and said calmly, "Is that so? Coincidence, I guess. What exactly do you want? I didn't provoke you guys, why are you bullying me?"

                The corners of Chang Xue's mouth lifted as she said, "Isn't the point of your trash existence to amuse us? What? You disappeared for a month and suddenly came back and changed your nature? I heard that you even worshipped a big shot as your teacher, and by the way, you helped the Sun family deal with the crisis, while also helping your dad's pull in investments. One person, one month, can change that much? You were taken over by some immortal emperor from some immortal world, right? Then it's like a protagonist in an urban novel, trying to play against the odds? Hahaha."

                Qin Ming's face changed, and Chang Xue's words were tempting to make it clear that she didn't believe what she was saying about Qin Ming being Zhao Zhengyin.

                But he was surprised and shocked!

                Zhao Zhengyin and Chang Xue were in different classes, and by definition didn't have much interaction, so how come Chang Xue was so familiar with Zhao Zhengyin? Even what Qin Ming had done after impersonating Zhao Zhengyan was so clear?

                Why did this Chang Xue know so much?

                Chang Xue gasped and said, "So, you're willing to admit that you're Qin Ming?"

                Still biting off more than he could chew, Qin Ming said, "Who is Qin Ming? I don't know him, do you know him well? Does he look that similar to me?"

                Chang Xue rolled both eyes, with an expression like you don't shed tears until you see the coffin, and said, "There is a row of teeth marks behind Qi Ming's left shoulder, I bit it, it was bloody at the time, it's only been a few years, it should still be clear. You show me your left shoulder."

                "......" Qin Ming's left shoulder subconsciously moved, this ...... can't be hidden ah.

                Qin Ming's junior year, he has forgotten why he fought with the Chang Miao gang, anyway, that was all in Qin Ming's daily routine, and then that conflict, Qin Ming pounced on Chang Miao, but Chang Miao bit directly at Qin Ming, biting his shoulder to bloody, the oldest a wound.

                But that was just one of the many wounds on Qin Ming's body and he didn't put much thought into it, never expecting it to be pointed out by Chang Xue.

                Qin Ming said to himself, "So she is 100% Chang Miao Miao, just with a different name. But even if that's the case, I can't admit it. Damn it, Zhang Quanzhen you awful old man, when exactly are you going to implement your plan, it's hard for me to impersonate someone else."

                Qin Ming straightened his emotions and said, "Chang Xue, what are you mad about? I don't have time to bullshit with you here, get out of the way."

                Chang Xue crossed her arms and said, "I just won't leave. If it was just Zhao Zhengyan, how could he have carried my assassination photos with him?"

                Chang Xue shook off the photo she had just picked up and laughed, "How did you get this photo? Did you keep it because you were worried about me being ......"


                The words have not fallen, the road behind Chang Xue, suddenly a black Honda nanny car braked sharply to stop behind Chang Xue, then the car door suddenly opened, the car stretched out a pair of hands, directly in the middle of talking Chang Xue to captivate the car.

                The Honda nanny car then drove away in a huff, leaving only that one lost photo of Qin Ming at the scene.

                "......" Qin Ming's entire body was dumbfounded, could this still happen in the capital city?

                Qin Ming thought back to what Chang Xue had just said, although he didn't know why Chang Xue was being chased, he still couldn't do nothing about it.

                After all, it was a childhood friend.

                So Qin Ming called the police and went back to school.

                Just kidding, even though they were childhood friends, they were also enemies, not the kind of childhood friends who grew up playing together, the kind who grew up fighting.

                Qin Ming didn't want to get involved in those things with Chang Xue again.

                Despite growing up and maturing in thought, the fights of the past seemed to have become petty, but not good enough to fight.

                Sun Changxi made a special trip to question for a statement: "I say, how is it still you? Just yesterday I was dealing with the murder case and the owner's money theft case of Xiao Bao Lou in Jade Street, oh, and the previous case of Bai Jing Chen's bank card theft, each of which seems to have your figure. Today, the leader sent me to understand the case of the female university student's captivity, and it's related to you again. Qin Ming, you're the reincarnation of a demon, aren't you? Everywhere you go, you cause trouble."

                Qin Ming was speechless and said, "Sister Chang Xi, I can't be blamed for this, we just ran into each other on the way and we had a chat. Then he was taken away by the car that appeared out of nowhere."

                Sun Changxi hummed, "How can you be so good at attracting women you? Where's that Miss Lin family girl who was following you around? Why do you smell of her perfume all over you? Hmm? Why does your dormitory smell like her."

                Sun Changxi came up and nudged her high nose at him, Qin Ming hadn't taken a shower today, so naturally the scent from last night mixed with Lin Yurou was there again.

                Qin Ming hurriedly explained, "She, she has been under my care recently, in fact ......"

                Where Sun Changxi listened to Qin Ming, already walked to Qin Ming's bedside and said with a lot of resentment, "The whole bed is full of that Miss Lin's body fragrance. Hmph ......"

                "You're a dog!" Qin Ming cursed in his heart.

                He said, "I slept on the floor and she slept on the bed. Besides, she's gone, I have no relationship with her anymore. Don't misunderstand anything."

                Sun Changxi nuzzled her mouth and hummed sulkily, "What did I misunderstand about you? When I was in Guang City, I knew that you were a peachy, philandering man. Forget it, I'm going to find someone."

                Qin Ming froze and said, "You're alone?"

                Sun Changxi said, "What else? The case at the Little Treasure House on Jade Street is too big, the top asked us to solve the case within three days and everyone is busy. Now there's another case of people from the Chang family being taken, so I have to work overtime."

                Qin Ming frowned, he felt sorry for Sun Changxi and said, "It's too dangerous, you have to call more people, or wait until tomorrow."

                Sun Changxi shook her head and said, "It will be too late if we delay, I don't know if the robbers are seeking money or what. The others are too busy to investigate the case, and I'm alone. Let's go, philanderer."

                Sun Changxi straightened her hat and turned to leave, when Qin Ming suddenly stepped forward and took her hand, saying, "Forget it, come along."

                Sun Changxi bellowed, "What are you doing? Do you think it's a police movie? Showing off as a hero."

                But Qin Ming said firmly, "I'm not sure about you. Is that okay? If you don't let me follow, I'll sneak up behind you. You can't take me with you anyway."

                When Sun Changxi saw Qin Ming being so domineering, she was inwardly delighted instead, because Qin Ming was worried about her.

                Sun Changxi coyly pouted and said, "I don't allow it, but if you have to follow me, I reserve the right to pursue you for harassing me that's all."

                Qin Ming's face darkened and he scolded, "Let's go, what's the point of all this nonsense?"