Rags To Riches Chapter 640

 Qin Ming was fallen by the kiss.

                Young woman, young body, Lin Yurou seemed to have an endless magic that attracted him, causing Qin Ming's blood to burst and his body to rise with evil fire.

                Especially when Lin Yurou put Qin Ming's hand in her arms.

                This made Qin Ming think of the first time when they were two, and that scene was still vividly remembered. Qin Ming lost control in a flash, what patience, what men can't think with their lower bodies, what restraint, what persistence, all of it was left behind.

                He just carried out the most basic instincts of a man.

                At this moment, Qin Ming only wanted to ask for more, to plough his way through Lin Yurou's body, to kiss every inch of her skin, to caress her gently.

                Lin Yurou cooperated, this was the second time she had taken the initiative to enjoy the pleasure of fish and water, and although she was alone at the same time, her mood was different, without the fear and guilt she felt last time, this time it was more natural.

                In the single dormitory room, the wooden frame bed creaked and rattled as the two rolled into a ball.

                Late in the night, Qin Ming lay tangled on the wear, Lin Yurou was lying on top of her, gently stroking her back long hair, Qin Ming was lost in thought, how did it turn out this way?

                Lin Yurou had fallen asleep because she was too tired, Qin Ming had mixed feelings and regretted it very much.

                But so what if he regretted it, a moment of impulsiveness everyone results in bringing the two of them closer together.

                "Ugh, forget it, go to sleep." Qin Ming scratched his head in annoyance, he couldn't figure it out, so he could just think about it tomorrow.

                But the next morning, when Qin Ming woke up, he found that Lin Yurou had already left.

                She had made congee, bought doughnuts and left a note to go.

                Qin Ming picked up the note and saw that it read "Thank you for taking me in, I won't forget you", Qin Ming looked at the words on it, the corners of his mouth twitched and he covered his face in a tangle.

                "He felt he had betrayed his promise to Nie Haitang and Mu Xiaoqiao over and over again.

                Leaving aside what happened between Sun Changxi, what happened between him and Lin Yurou last night was simply that he couldn't control it, he slagged it off.

                Qin Ming lay in the dormitory all day and didn't go out, his mind was full of the process of the two of them rolling in bed last night, all because of self-blame and guilt, making the mood extremely complicated.

                During the day, Nie Haitang came to see Qin Ming twice, but Qin Ming found excuses to avoid it.

                He didn't know how to face Nie Haitang, who had betrayed his promise.

                In the evening, Qin Ming was so hungry that he had to go out for food. Qin Ming had locked himself up for the whole day and he had figured out that there was no need to think so much about it. Since Lin Yurou had left, she had forgotten about the past, and what happened last night could just be treated as a one-night fling.

                If he didn't mention it in the future, would the Lin family still chase after Qin Ming to be responsible?

                Anyway, he took a big advantage, no loss, he should do what he should do!

                Qin Ming walked alone in the street outside the school, a little lonely, wanting to contact Young Yong who had come to Beijing to accompany his girlfriend in the first place, but afraid of disturbing Young Yong's life.

                Although he had impersonated Zhao Zhengyan, he really had few friends, which made Qin Ming, who made friends widely on a daily basis, never quite used to it.

                As Qin Ming was bored and nibbling on pancakes on the road, he suddenly heard the noise of a few girls chattering behind him.

                Qin Ming looked back and his eyes stared at that familiar face again.

                Chang Miao Miao, he had recognised her at a glance when he first came to Qingda, the female bully of Bai Shui Town back then, his childhood friend, the woman who had given him the social beatings.

                The last time he settled the Sun family's case, he caught a mercenary who was muddling through the water, and the other party had a picture of Chang Miao Miao with an "X" drawn on it.

                Qin Ming muttered in his heart, "Qi Yundong's daughter is also called Miao Miao, is this Miao Miao so popular?"

                A girl said, "Eh, isn't that that punk Zhao Zhengyan? Tsk, what a loser, reduced to eating big pancake faces on the street. Chang Xue, he's looking at you eh?"

                Another girl said, "How disgusting, I heard he has a fiancĂ©e and is chasing that new school girl Nie Haitang, and he even made a special trip to the shop where people work part-time, working together."

                "So low class? Didn't he say his family was rich?"

                "Rich that's his? That's his parents'. Didn't he set fire to his fellow students' stuff last month? I'm afraid he wasn't warned?"

                Several girls were gossiping and gossiping like crazy, knowing more about Zhao Zhengyan's affairs than Qin Ming.

                Qin Ming smacked his lips, not bothering to pay attention.

                He had also heard that the woman in front of him was called Chang Xue, and the female bully he knew from White Water Town was called Chang Miao Miao, so maybe something had happened to her during these six years?

                In fact, even if they recognized each other, Qin Ming felt that there was not much significance.

                It was just a childhood friend, what was that worth?

                After six years of not seeing each other, how much love could there be? The most important thing is that the two of them had a falling out at the beginning, because Chang Miao Miao could not beat Qin Ming, who was growing up physically, so she called the youths from the society to come and pick a fight, which led to Qin Ming being seriously injured and hospitalised, and then left White Water Town.

                Afterwards Qin Ming learned that Chang Miao Miao's parents compensated the money while apologizing, stating that she had only made a mistake, not realizing that the jerks did not listen to her request to just beat Qin Ming and stop.

                Qin Ming recalled afterwards and felt that it was bound to be out of control, after all, he bit the ears off those gangster youths, how could the other side still keep their sanity.

                With some childhood memories in his mind, Qin Ming turned around and walked elsewhere, thinking it was better not to get involved again.

                "Hey, where are you going?"

                "Tsk, just now you visually raped our Chang Xue, do you know that?"

                "You want to leave after committing a crime? You've got a lot on your mind... You're going to pay a few hundred, if not a thousand, for the emotional damage?"

                "Do you believe I will scream molestation?"

                Qin Ming was suddenly surrounded by this group of female hooligans, he was torn, what was going on? What's going on? Are women so bold now?

                One girl even reached out and lifted Qin Ming's chin, saying, "Ouch, little man, you look a bit handsome, have you broken your body?"

                "Mu Xi, did you forget that this guy can't do it?"

                "Yeah? Forgot, forgot, hahaha ......"

                "You like it, he still has a tongue."

                "Hahahaha ......"

                Several female old hooligans burst into laughter, and the person who talked about tongue was not someone else, but instead the quiet and skilful looking Chang Xue.

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes, this was definitely the Chang Miao Miao he knew when he was a kid, she was a wild girl who liked to talk yellow, rivers and mountains are easy to change their nature, ah.

                Qin Ming pushed one of the females away and said, "Move aside, I didn't provoke you."

                The girl who was pushed suddenly said, "Ah, he touched my boobs, sisters, he touched my boobs."

                Qin Ming's face darkened and he cursed angrily, "Touch your sister, do you call that a breast? Call it a godboat flat."

                As soon as Qin Ming scolded, several girls immediately quieted down, seemingly surprised, while the girl who had been mocked by Qin Ming suddenly exploded, so angry that she directly threw the hot milk tea in her hand on the ground and angrily said, "Zhao Zhengyan, you piece of shit, I'll tear you up."

                Several of the girls made the same mistake and swarmed towards Qin Ming, pulling him towards them.

                Qin Ming naturally resisted, coming to beat one another, but several girls spilled out, shouting beating, molesting, biting up, and monkey stealing peaches, so to speak, in every way possible.

                And while Qin Ming was pulling, a photo fell off his body and landed on the ground.

                Standing at the back watching the fun, Chang Xue bent down to pick up that photo, and suddenly her eyebrows tightened.