Rags To Riches Chapter 637

 Qin Ming held up the mobile hard drive in his hand, and immediately had the illusion of holding a martial arts god, too many people grabbed this thing, it was full of detailed records of how the Lin family raised special compulsions, especially the longevity compulsion, the interests behind this were too big, enough to create a new Lin family.

                Qin Ming had no ill feelings towards the Lin family, but rather a good relationship, so naturally he would not harm them.

                At the side, Lin Yundong, Lin Yurou and several of the Lin family's descendants looked at Qin Ming expectantly, hoping that Qin Ming could keep the Lin family's secrets.

                Qin Ming said, "This item caused the murder case, so naturally I have to cooperate with the police investigation. But, the stuff inside has nothing to do with the murder case, right? Just now I looked at it, it was some gambling information, I have to let Director Sun confirm it first, so that when I get it back later, I will also know that it is the original mobile hard drive's original contents."

                Sun Renbing naturally obeyed Qin Ming, and he was also curious about the contents inside.

                Song Ying took out his computer again, inserted the mobile hard drive, and then opened the photos on the drive.

                Qin Ming actually showed them to the Lin family and then operated the computer to directly delete them all and format them, so that this mobile hard drive would become empty.

                This process was only seen by the people around Qin Ming. After seeing Qin Ming delete all the contents, the people of the Lin family were relieved that this time, the matter was finally resolved, and at the same time were grateful to Qin Ming.

                Qin Ming pulled out the mobile hard drive and said, "Look, Sun Bureau, don't change what's in it when you solve the case later. Can I go to the hospital first and then go to the office to take a statement? Look, my hand is dislocated."

                Sun Renbing took the mobile hard drive and said, "Well, yes, I've paged an ambulance, boss, you can go to the hospital together. Don't worry boss, just write a statement for me, you can go wherever you want."

                The latter remark was only whispered by Sun Renbing to Qin Ming.

                Qin Ming nodded and said, "Be careful yourself, what you have is a hot potato, don't take it home."

                Sun Renbing smiled sarcastically, "I understand."

                What happened after that, Qin Ming did not get involved, before he left he only heard that Mr. Shao instructed the bodyguards on his left and right to investigate Qin Ming's identity origin.

                Qin Ming was happy straight away in his heart, sure enough, these people would investigate him after it was over.

                He believed that very soon, the name "Zhao Zhengyan" would be known throughout the capital city and would no longer be as obscure as before.

                Qin Ming left the Xiaobao Building and went straight back to school after having his arm dislocated.

                Song Ying, on the other hand, followed Sun Renbing to investigate which boss was suspected of attacking Qin Ming when the lights went dark earlier, and she would not let go of anyone who intended to attack Qin Ming.

                On the way back Qin Ming asked, "What about it? Xiaoxuan did you win after you fought that old white lady?"

                Yang Xiaoxuan was in a depressed mood and said, "It was a draw. That old woman, although a handful of years old, is definitely as physically fit as a man in his forties or fifties, and her kung fu in actual combat is very high, her room was too cramped for me to exert myself, if it was in an open area, I would have had the confidence to take it."

                That was a given, as a master of the Lin family fortress, Sister Bai Ying must have gotten some body strengthening compulsions before, although she looked old, her body was far stronger than it looked.

                Qin Ming had taken a punch from Sister Bai Ying at the White Water Walled Village before, and knew then that it was very powerful.

                Lin Yurou hummed, "Not at all. When she was young, she was very powerful. Even Zhang had a fight with her and praised her as a heroic woman. Many of the masters who tried to invade our Lin family fortress in the past were also dealt with by Bai Ying's wife."

                Yang Xiaoxuan grunted, "She didn't win against me either. I learned fighting, which is suitable for an open environment, and not as good as her tricky martial arts,"

                Qin Ming was quite surprised, Sister-in-law Bai Ying had received praise from Zhang Quanzhen when she was young?

                He had seen that skill of Zhang Quanzhen a few times, especially when he had spaced one far away at the Lin's fortress and landed gently on the small boat he had left at that time, even Ah Long could not see through him.

                Qin Ming couldn't help but be curious about the kung fu masters he knew, like Ah Long, Zhang Quanzhen, Bai Ying's sister-in-law, Yang Xiao Xuan, Song Ying, and Cori? Olsen, who were they more powerful?

                Song Ying rubbed it in his face that she was not inferior to Ah Lung, but Ah Lung was not convinced that he would lose to Song Ying either.

                Ao Mei has to lose a bit to Song Ying in combat and cold weapons because she is more inclined to intelligence gathering and hacking skills as well as firearms.

                And Yang Xiaoxuan and Bai Ying's sister-in-law fought to a draw because of the venue, while Zhang Quanzhen seemed to be better than Bai Ying's sister-in-law a long time ago.

                Qin Ming was curious to have Song Ying compete with Yang Xiaoxuan.

                He laughed and said, "Tsk, that won't work, Xiao Xuan."

                Yang Xiaoxuan swept a breathless glance at Qin Ming and said, "I don't know you well, please call me by my full name."

                Qin Ming said, "Hahahaha, don't be so insensitive. You don't have the qualifications to fight me without promising that old woman here. Then how about I give you another chance?"

                Yang Xiaoxuan was moved, he had always been unconvinced by his loss to Qin Ming and was eager to get back on the field, but it turned out that he couldn't even win against an old woman today.

                "Are there so many Chinese masters? It's a pity that you can't use guns in China." Yang Xiaoxuan could not help but marvel, he originally followed his righteous father Sun Justice in Magnesia and could say that he had defeated many people, because of his Magnesia nationality, he also joined the army and was selected as a cutting-edge member of the Magnesia Navy Seals, and became an ace fighter of the Ten Thousand Snakes Association after he retired from the army.

                Yang Xiaoxuan said, "Oh, I'm not interested in working under you."

                Seeing his refusal and not being able to give up such an expert, Qin Ming said, "Then do you want to work with me, don't worry, I guarantee you will do better than in the Ten Thousand Snakes Association. You see your righteous father will stay in the capital city in the future, enjoying the happiness of heaven with his family, if you go back to Magnesium, there is no point at all, the days are passionless and you won't see more experts. A person like you wouldn't be the type to crave for pleasure and peace for the rest of your life, right?"

                Yang Xiaoxuan's hand, which was gripping the steering wheel of the car, moved, Qin Ming's words spoke to his heart.

                He had been a soldier, so naturally he was not someone who liked peace and quiet, he had been forced to leave the army in the first place, and after working in the Ten Thousand Snakes Association for over a year, he was indeed very bored.

                So this time, when he accompanied Sun Justice back to China, his aim was also to seek the excitement of killing.

                He had pulled a bunch of rabble-rousers and actually had a selfish motive, he wanted to find trouble with those people and then start conflicts followed by fights to vent his anger, which he had hidden from Sun Justice, so those hired men, who were easily bought by Qin Ming in the first place, had a big reason for him.

                Qin Ming approached him and let him have his way with the best, and now he can't get enough of it.

                But to be the subordinate of someone younger than himself, Yang Xiaoxuan was a little resistant, he knew Qin Ming was not a simple man, but he did not care, he was, after all, Chinese in Magnesia and the cultural differences existed.

                When Qin Ming saw him hesitate, he knew there was a play and hurried to strike while the iron was hot, saying: "If Sun Justice agrees, you agree too, right? Moreover, I don't necessarily alas Chinese activities in the future, the people I have to face are also all globally oriented, and you will also carry a lot of minions under you in the future."

                Yang Xiaoxuan's face tensed up, this condition, too tempting.