Rags To Riches Chapter 636

 The room suddenly went dark and a smell of blood filled the air.

                Qin Ming was hugged by Lin Yurou in the confusion and dragged backwards, he heard Lin Yurou's voice in his ears, "This way, go."

                Qin Ming's heart was warmed, at such a critical moment, Lin Yurou was so worried about him.

                Although the light was dim, Qin Ming's position was by the window and he could still vaguely see two fierce big men lunging towards him, squeezing Qin Ming's wrist with one hand.

                The force, was so great that Qin Ming's arm was directly dislocated by the dislocation.

                "Ugh~!" Qin Ming let out a grunt of pain, knowing that the other party was a professional bodyguard, or maybe even a killer.

                It was too late, Lin Yurou twisted her arms extremely quickly in front of Qin Ming, and in a few movements she pinned the man to the ground and with the same violent twist, dislocated his arm.

                Qin Ming said in surprise, "You ......"

                Lin Yurou said, "Don't you dare, I didn't say I couldn't fight. I've been following Sister Bai Ying since I was a kid."

                Qin Ming suddenly realized that Lin Yurou had some fighting skills, he had thought that Lin Yurou was an ordinary woman.

                As Lin Yurou kept backing away from Qin Ming, Sun Renbing's arm was slashed by someone, and blood was pouring out.

                And in an instant, Song Ying rushed back and said, "Is everything alright?"

                Qin Ming frowned and endured the pain, saying, "It's fine, it's dislocated. The other party was moving too fast and I had to protect the mobile hard drive and got caught in the way."

                When Song Ying heard that Qin Ming had only dislocated his arm, she felt a little relieved, but then her eyes were glowing with fierceness. When she saw the bodyguard who had fallen in front of her and was trying to get up, Song Ying immediately stepped forward and kicked him in the neck with the tip of her high heel.


                The guy who had just hurt Qin Ming immediately covered his neck and kept retreating, but he couldn't stop his throat from breaking and spitting out a large mouthful of blood, and gradually found that he couldn't breathe and the blood was flowing backwards into his lungs, which was very unpleasant.

                As the hall was in chaos, the lights suddenly came on.

                At the door Yang Xiao Xuan and Bai Ying's sister-in-law came in, the two of them had been sparring in the other room earlier and now, after the incident, they both dared to come to the scene.

                "What's going on?" Sister-in-law Bai Ying exclaimed, "I knew it was bad when the power suddenly went out, and we caught this guy at the main switch."

                Saying this, Bai Ying's sister-in-law pointed to a backwoods boy that Yang Xiao Xuan was pinching with injuries.

                Immediately someone pointed out and said, "I recognise him, he's Boss Xiao's driver."

                Qin Ming frowned, the person who had just attacked him and snatched the mobile hard drive was also one of Boss Xiao's men.

                And the person who had just attacked him had been killed by Song Ying with a kick, and several other bodyguards had also been injured.

                "Ah~! Our boss ...... is dead." Suddenly a beautiful female secretary next to that Boss Xiao let out a scream before the crowd's eyes focused on the hall, only to see that Boss Xiao with his head thrown back and foaming at the mouth.

                This was really outrageous, the person who started it all was dead?

                But everyone at the scene was injured, that Mr. Shao had been stabbed in the abdomen and Lin Yundong had similarly injured his arm.

                Several other big bosses whom Qin Ming could not name were also in a very bad way, with a few knocks and stab wounds.

                The most frightening of all was the death of Xiao Bao's old proprietor, Boss Dong, and even his employee, the pretty female assistant, was dead, and Boss Dong's trunk was turned over.

                One and all who saw such a bloody scene were a little sickened, but did not dare to move indiscriminately.

                Boss Dong was ordered by Qin Ming to be taken out by Song Ying, for this bastard who sold him fake goods, Qin Ming would not be merciful, this was a matter of tens of billions, he didn't mind spending it out, but was very mindful of buying fakes.

                Qin Ming looked at, the overturned case, which originally held Boss Dong's computer.

                He looked to Song Ying, who smiled faintly at him, indicating that everything was under control, and patted her computer bag, Boss Dong's computer she already had in hand.

                Several people were dead at the scene, and even more were injured, and no matter how Qin Ming looked at it, it didn't look like Boss Xiao was the only one who had stormed out.

                It was too dark just now, but his position was by the window, and he could vaguely see three groups of people lunging towards him, but he couldn't see who had done it.

                However, the people on Lin Yundong's side were the ones who blocked two sets of people, so Lin Yundong and the others were all injured.

                Qin Ming laughed coldly, "Hahahahahaha ......"

                The crowd was puzzled by Qin Ming's sudden laughter, and it looked very scary to laugh with such a dead person.

                Qin Ming said, "You people, you made up your minds a long time ago. If you can't buy it, you will violently rob it by force."

                Shao Gongzi said, "Don't spray people with blood, I was also attacked, look at this stab in my abdomen, a cheaper one would have pierced my kidney. I'm a victim too."

                "I'm a victim too, my head, ouch ......"

                "It's the uninjured ones that have problems, blackmail."

                "Nonsense, I haven't moved, it's too dark, how dare I move around, it's you guys who can't rob and get hurt, right?"

                The bosses at the scene blamed each other, because here was a Sun Renbing, the director of the General Public Security Bureau of Beijing, Sun Renbing had been stabbed in the arm and was bleeding a lot, he was contacting the institute to send someone over, everyone did not want a lawsuit, they were all shirking their responsibilities.

                Qin Ming said, "Yurou, have your men come over and we'll stand in a pile to save us from another attack."

                Lin Yundong then begged for it, and a total of six people, counting Yang Xiaoxuan and Bai Ying's sister-in-law, came together to protect Qin Ming.

                Qin Ming then gave a hint to Song Ying, later when the police came, it would be inappropriate for Song Ying to steal Boss Dong's computer, and it would take this amount of time to get that money back.

                Seeing that Qin Ming had created confusion for her, Song Ying immediately turned her back, took out Boss Dong's computer and used virus software to hack into it, retrieving the money that had been transferred earlier, and incidentally, taking away all of Boss Dong's own 200 million dollars, counting it as compensation for Qin Ming's injuries.

                After Song Ying took care of all this, she dropped the computer under the table and winked at Qin Ming like it was nothing.

                "That's enough, let's all stop fighting." After Sun Renbing's wound stopped bleeding, he said in a majestic and deep voice, "Everyone will be investigated in the clubhouse, you can get a lawyer, but no one is leaving. I will find the murderer."

                Mr. Shao said, "Chief Sun, that mobile hard drive is the stolen property, the focus of this dispute, and I suggest that it be handed over to the police for safekeeping. Wait until this incident is closed before returning it to this young man."

                "Yes, yes ...... it was all triggered by that thing."

                "If it wasn't for that portable hard drive, this wouldn't have happened at all. That's stolen property that has to be handed over to the police."

                "Young man, hand over the mobile hard drive. You haven't transferred the money to Boss Dong anyway. It doesn't count as your stuff."

                The various big bosses all took a stand and demanded that Qin Ming hand over the so-called stolen goods.

                Wasn't this an ulterior motive? It was easy for things to be handed over to the police and mistakes could be made in the process, which was obviously what these people were planning to do!

                Sun Renbing was also in a difficult position in the face of these people's demands, but the reasoning was that it was time to do so. The cause of the matter was undoubtedly the mobile hard drive, and as evidence that triggered the murder, it really needed to be investigated.

                But the other party was Qin Ming, the big brother he had willingly acknowledged after losing the bet, and he could not let Qin Ming get upset.

                Sun Renbing felt like consulting Qin Ming's attitude first and said, "That boss you ......"

                Qin Ming smiled and said, "Of course I am cooperating with your work, after all, you are eating public food. The mobile hard drive I am willing to hand over to the police for safekeeping, but ......"