Rags To Riches Chapter 635

 "Eleven billion!" Duke Shao revealed a resentful look, Qin Ming's appearance had pushed up the value of the Lin family's Bug Breeding Scripture mindlessly, he was also determined to get it, otherwise the men who had died for it earlier would have died for nothing.

                On the contrary, Lin Yundong was relieved that the Lin family's insect breeding scripture could not fall into the hands of anyone, instead he was not worried if it fell into Qin Ming's hands.

                Qin Ming's wealth was enough to buy the entire Xiangxi Lin family, and he was also convinced of Qin Ming's character, if his character was poor, Zhang Quanzhen would not have accepted him as his disciple.

                If Qin Ming had got it, Lin Yundong would have had a better chance of getting it back instead.

                When Qin Ming saw that someone was carrying on with him, he said directly, "15 billion, Mr Shao, money is just paper in the toilet to me, and you don't even bother to investigate my name, so you're comparing your wealth with me?"

                "You ......! Duke Shao was furious enough, but was indeed overwhelmed by Qin Ming's bravado.

                "One, fifteen ...... billion? This guy ......"

                "Hey, do you have so much money? Is the bank run by your family?"

                "Kid, here's a computer, how about lighting up the account first?"

                Qin Ming waved his hand and let Song Ying use the computer to take the back-end data of one of the accounts and show it, the hundreds of billions of dollars on top of the World Bank account directly caused the many bosses on the scene to collectively lose their voices.

                They seemed to have received some kind of shock and were all dumbfounded.

                "Is this, is this a fake website? How is it possible, how can there be so much money."

                "That's still dollars, there are also pounds, euros and francs in the breakdown column ...... none of which are shown."

                "If you have so much money, why do you need to come and rob this insect breeding scrip from the Lin family?"

                Qin Ming saw the shocked expressions of these people and was quite pleased with himself, this was a great way to pretend, a group of people, despite being tickled with anger, could not do anything to him yet.

                The group of big bosses clenched their fists reluctantly, when suddenly Duke Shao said gloomily, "Everyone, I have a method, please listen to me."

                "It's true that using too much liquidity would be more than worth the loss for each of us. But as far as the original situation is concerned, there is no identity of this kid who came out of nowhere. He's just auctioned off enough stuff, so how about we exclude him from the bidding?"


                "Minority obeys majority, it's decided."

                "Right, kid you go home and eat your milk, this is not the place for you."

                "Boss Dong, you're not going to offend all of us for this kid, are you?"

                "Tsk, tsk, tsk." A mocking sound came out of the corners of Qin Ming's mouth, these people had used such dirty tricks in order to deal with him.

                But Boss Dong was obviously reluctant, he knew very well that by auctioning this item, he had completely offended the Lin family, he had been in this business for a long time, he knew many big bosses, and was also aware of what the Lin family's background was, the Lin family also had experts, if he wanted to retaliate back in the future, his life would not be easy either.

                He said, "My family has long since emigrated to Magnesium, I've reached retirement age, and I've already paid for the resettlement of my men, so I can get away with as much as I can today.

                He pulled a face and said, "Sorry, but the rules of my Little Treasure House are that the highest bidder wins. Since this little brother is the highest bidder, then this item can only be given to this little brother. Little brother, please transfer the money, it would be best to transfer all the collection just now to my name as well, this item is yours."

                Qin Ming laughed, looking at the crowd of defeated roosters, Qin Ming was full of vigour, he really hadn't been afraid of anyone compared to money.

                Qin Ming took the mobile hard drive and threw it to Song Ying, saying, "Can you crack it?"

                Song Ying nodded and said, "This is Corrie Olsen's computer. Olsen's computer has virus software that can break into extremely complex systems, and I still know how to use these virus software. Please wait a moment."

                It didn't take long for Song Ying to crack the firewall of this bloodied mobile hard drive, and the contents inside were thoroughly presented, which were a bunch of photos, filmed with an old book, and finally a video of Qin Weiyuan letting loose a ruthless message to destroy the Lin family, to vent his heartache and humiliation from being the son-in-law of his family for so many years, etc.

                Lin Yurou, who was standing on the side, saw the contents and thought, in an excited mood, thinking, "Our Lin family, again, is indebted to you."

                Qin Ming took the hard drive and showed it off to the group of bosses, "Tsk tsk tsk, such a simple firewall and you guys couldn't crack it before? Hahahaha, are the hackers you guys hired too lame?"

                Mr. Shao, Boss Xiao and the others were all furious and some left on the spot.

                And Boss Dong urged again, "That, young man, can you pay the final payment today? You don't need this much money anyway, do you? It's just as well that I need the money urgently."

                Qin Ming oh, normally auctions don't pay off the full amount immediately, but the boss had urged again and again, and Qin Ming didn't want to owe someone something.

                As he was about to ask Song Ying to pay the final payment, Song Ying approached Qin Ming and said, "Young master, I have found that a few pieces of the collection are fakes. The Yuan blue and white porcelain at the beginning is real, but the painting by Qi Baishi at the back is fake, so is the night urine pot of the Daoguang Emperor, and the heirloom jade seal from the Eastern Han period is also fake ......"

                When Qin Ming heard this, his heart surged with anger, he had just followed Boss Dong to confirm it, and Boss Dong even guaranteed with his life that it was not a fake, but he did not expect it was all a lie.

                But Qin Ming is not much of a change in expression, he was cheated, but nothing like, he did not expect what famous bidding place in this circle, the risk is too big, right? A bunch of fake goods.

                However, it was true that this insect breeding scripture of the Lin family was filmed and placed in a mobile hard drive, so that wasn't too bad, right?

                Qin Ming ran his thumb across his neck, imploring Song Ying to deal with this pit boss Dong, who had a murderous cold glint in her phoenix eyes, and she knew what to do.

                Qin Ming said: "I can pay the balance tonight, but there's no rush, how about we go for a meal first, Boss Dong? Chief Sun here still has to buy one or two more goodies, so let's ...... wait."


                Suddenly someone picked up a tea cup and threw it to the ground, followed by three able bodyguards rushing over in Qin Ming's direction.

                One rushed towards Song Ying, one rushed towards Director Sun, and one rushed towards the mobile hard drive cupped in Qin Ming's hand.

                "Turn off the lights!" It was unknown who shouted, the Little Treasure Building was originally the first floor, and the surrounding area was still buildings, so the sightline on the first floor was not good, once this light was turned off, even if it was daytime, it was still dark.

                How could Qin Ming not know what was going on?

                This was an open robbery.

                As soon as the room was darkened, the scene was immediately chaotic, with some not knowing what to do, some muddling through, and some staying put.

                Lin Yundong immediately shouted, "Yurou, protect him."

                Lin Yurou was right by Qin Ming's side, so naturally she knew how important Qin Ming was, and without Lin Yundong having to say anything, she knew that she had to ensure Qin Ming's safety.

                Song Ying's eyes flashed with a cold aura, seeing that Boss Xiao's bodyguard crashing towards her, she gently sidestepped to avoid it, then casually wrenched it down with a kick, followed by rushing towards Boss Dong not far away while it was dark, a small knife quickly poking out of her sleeves.


                In the darkness, Song Ying slashed directly at Boss Dong's throat and whispered before he died: "Dare to sell fake goods to our young master? You're tired of living. This is the guarantee of your life."

                After killing Dong, Song Ying took his wallet and computer from his pocket and quickly stowed them in the bag she carried with her in the darkness.

                Song Ying's movements were as seamless as a flowing river.

                But the situation next to her was not promising. After a commotion, there was a mixture of shouting, cursing and table-flipping.

                "Ah!" Only a miserable cry could be heard from Qin Ming.

                "Young master?" Song Ying's delicate body shook, so short a time, could it be that something had happened to Qin Ming in the chaos?