Rags To Riches Chapter 634

 Boss Dong took out a bloodstained yellow cloth with a "USB stick" wrapped inside.

                As soon as this item was brought out, it immediately made many of the bosses in the room glow with emotion.

                Boss Dong said, "I'm offering a mobile hard disk, I don't know what's inside, but once you bosses take a single shot, just put it into the computer and open it, you'll immediately know exactly what it is."

                "Despicable!" Lin Yurou clenched her fist in anger, but there was nothing she could do.

                Qin Ming asked in confusion, "What is that thing?"

                Lin Yurou explained reluctantly and said, "It's our Lin family's insect breeding scripture, which was stolen by my sister's door-to-door son-in-law, Qin Weiyuan, and filmed as a computer file. When he first wanted to bring down our Lin family and risked coming back to Xiangxi, he originally had this hard drive hidden in the hands of his cronies, with the intention of not letting us harm his life. But as a result, he died of poisoning when he clashed with you, and his cronies sold the hard drive. This mobile hard drive is what our Lin family has been tracking down and tossed around a few hands, only to have it snatched away halfway."

                "Was it this Boss Dong's people who snatched it away?" Qin Ming asked.

                Lin Yurou shook her head and said, "Can't be sure. We chased hard in the previous months and bounced around quite a few forces in between, without evidence pointing to Boss Dong, it's pointless to say anything. Moreover, even now Boss Dong wouldn't admit it. But it's true that it's such a mobile hard drive."

                Qin Ming frowned and said, "What if it's a fake? Had to let Boss Dong use the computer to open it and take a look first?"

                Lin Yurou said, "Even if it is a guy, at this time, no one thinks that way. They all want to get our Lin family's bug breeding scriptures. And for our Lin family, even if it's fake, we still have to take a shot at it. If it is found to be fake afterwards, we can only pursue the blame afterwards."

                Qin Ming lamented, "Your family is really miserable. A door-to-door son-in-law has gotten into constant trouble."

                Lin Yurou nuzzled her little mouth in aggravation, leaned close to Qin Ming's ear and said, "Then help us out. If you want to help, I will promise you anything."

                Qin Ming smiled mysteriously and did not give any reply, causing Lin Yurou to be so torn.

                At this moment, Boss Dong said again, "I believe I don't need to say much about this treasure, this mobile hard disk was flowed out from the rich businessman Qian Boss in Chongjin City a month ago, and the whole family of Qian Boss took their lives for this, it was really tragic. As for what's inside, I don't know, and it's locked, so ordinary people may not be able to break the firewall and see what's inside."

                Qin Ming laughed lightly in his heart, "This Boss Dong is really talking blindly with his eyes wide open, since he got his hands on it and didn't let the wind out, how could he attract such a big and rich big boss. It's purely for the sake of money. But then, the Lin family won't be able to take it well."

                "Give them a hand. After all, it's an acquaintance of that old man Zhang Quanzhen, and it counts as an acquaintance of mine." Qin Ming rested his chin, feeling that he could meet things everywhere he went.

                "Two billion."

                Before that boss Dong could open his bid, Duke Shao, who was directly opposite Qin Ming, spoke up directly and said, "Bosses, I hope you won't grab it from me, we at Shao's are determined to get this item."

                One of the bosses in the crowd scoffed, "Hmph, Duke Shao, isn't 2 billion too much for you to underestimate Master Lin? Don't you ask Master Lin how much this item is worth?"

                Lin Yundong's face was grim as he slowly spoke, "Two billion ...... is already more than worth, I'll add another million."

                "Ah ah? Is Elder Lin short of money?" Boss Xiao on the scene teased, "I heard that your Lin family didn't find a great benefactor and borrowed tens of billions, which is a very exaggerated amount of liquidity, why do you offer such a low price? I'll offer 2.1 billion."

                "Boss Xiao, don't be sarcastic, you think you can take it? I'll offer 2.4 billion. Come on, we all know this stuff by heart, let's see who raises the price higher."

                "2.5 billion." Duke Shao bid again and said, "Didn't everyone hear what Boss Dong just said? This thing was in Jin City last month, in the hands of Qian Yongning, the richest man in Jin City, and it turned out that Boss Qian's family had all gone to reincarnation, this is a hot potato, it's not safe to get your hands on it."

                Someone said, "Aiya, Mr Shao, you're scaring people here in broad daylight, Chief Sun won't just sit back and do nothing, will he?"

                Sun Renbing frowned, lit a cigarette and warned, "I won't let any wrongdoer go."

                Boss Dong narrowed his eyes and said, "Bosses, please don't argue, our rule at Little Treasure House is that the highest bidder wins. Please continue with your bids."

                "Three billion." Lin Yun Dong gritted his teeth and directly shouted out a high price, for the sake of the Lin family's secret, this item had to be taken, otherwise the past few months would have been in vain.

                "Wow!" The crowd gasped in amazement, the way the people of the Lin family had gone out of their way, and it did make them more confident and more eager to get this copy of the insect breeding scripture.

                After all, the Lin family's companions were very mysterious, and buying hundreds of millions for one bug was simply exaggerated, especially that longevity companions that brought back life from the dead, they were all money-making businesses.

                "3.5 billion. Hey hey, I also put down my blood money. I'm not going to hide it from you guys, I knew this thing was on the firewall, I originally found a computer expert to crack it, but it was robbed again halfway." A big boss surnamed Ma in the scene broke a fierce story.

                "3.6 billion." Another boss laid down his blood money and said, "The highest bidder wins, who here is not a rich master?"

                Duke Shao suddenly grunted and said, "4 billion! Don't bet all your coffin money in, bosses, do you have that much liquidity? Don't put everything you have on the line."

                Faced with Duke Shao's forcefulness and reminder part of the bosses backed off a little, the 4 billion was already a sky-high price, and for them, liquidity was indeed important.

                Coldly, Qin Ming spoke up, "Duke Shao, right? If you are poor, you have to admit it, and if you can't buy it, you have to admit it. Stop bluffing here, ten billion. Who's with?"

                "......" The atmosphere was extremely silent.

                Qin Ming was scaring people to death if he didn't open his mouth.

                This ten billion can build a highway, is this something that ordinary people can take out?

                "Does your family own a bank? ......" someone couldn't help but question with envy and jealousy.

                Not to mention, Qin Ming now has really a lot of banks under his name.

                When Qin Ming saw the shock and awe of his wealth, he enjoyed it and said with a sarcastic smile, "It's only 10 billion, you don't need to be surprised, it's not much money to me. I'm not like you guys, who have companies valued at tens of billions or hundreds of billions, I have a hundred billion in savings, hahaha ......"

                The scene once again fell silent, Qin Ming's words were undoubtedly a heavy bomb, of course, the group did not know whether he was bragging or serious.

                Duke Shao's fist clenched, so angry that he gritted his teeth, the nobody he despised at the beginning turned out to be the most difficult to deal with in the end.

                He said, "If you are so rich, why do you have to come and fight over this insect breeding scripture of the Lin family?"

                Qin Ming said indifferently, "No he didn't, I just came to see Master Lin and had a good time by the way."

                A big boss shook his fist and said, "Grass, this is too rich, so envious."

                Duke Shao said gruffly, "Can you get ten billion? You just bought a lot of collections at a premium. I don't believe you still have ten billion."

                Qin Ming said, "Is that so? If I take it out now, will you guys just numbly get out?"

                Duke Shao immediately couldn't say anything.

                Boss Xiao asked, "Young man, who are you really? Your accent isn't from the capital city, but there's no reason why we wouldn't know someone of your status."

                Qin Ming laughed loudly, "I told you, after this auction, you will go and investigate who I am. Alright, let's not talk about useless things, this ten billion of mine, is there any boss who is with it?"

                The group of big bosses clenched their fists reluctantly, when suddenly Duke Shao said, "Everyone, I have a way, please listen to me."