Rags To Riches Chapter 633

 Qin Ming's overly high opening price, with the obvious purpose of provocation, made the big bosses present, who were very wealthy, very unhappy.

                They were all super-rich people from all over China and collectors of all kinds of strange antique collections, and had come here today in admiration of their names, naturally thinking of exchanging ideas and at the same time bragging about them to each other.

                As a result, a youngster suddenly appeared, and although the group despised Qin Ming at first, the way they completely despised people later on and threw away thousands of dollars irritated them even more.

                Although it was said that the value of the collection was not in the money, the price Qin Ming offered was completely off the market price, he was sniping at everyone present even at a loss, it was too arrogant.

                But Qin Ming just had to be so arrogant, he wanted to make Zhao Zhengyan's reputation in the capital city, he was under orders to play hard to get.

                Sun Renbing on the side was a little embarrassed, he had only come to buy some small valuable collectibles and was mostly coming along for the ride, but seeing Qin Ming offend so many people at once, he was a little worried for him.

                He persuaded, "Boss, it's better to settle grievances than to make knots, they are all rich and powerful, there's no telling where there will be cooperation in the future, why don't I step in and say a few words to the boss?"

                Qin Ming raised his hand to stop Sun Renbing and said, "Xiao Bing, I don't want to line them all up, but I want these people to know what it means to be rich. Don't they look down on me? Then why should I look down on them? Don't worry, this has nothing to do with you, this is a legitimate deal, isn't it the highest bidder who gets it?"

                Sun Renbing sighed secretly and said, "The boss is still young, although he is very capable, he is inevitably angered. If Zhang Zhen Zhen were here, wouldn't he have already made friends with all the rich bosses present? But how much money can the boss have? Ten billion is the limit, right?"

                Qin Ming made another succession of bids, buying each antique collection at sky-high prices, spending tens of billions in no time, and the breadth of his hand could be said to have put the big bosses present to shame.

                On the side, Lin Yundong's brows were locked and his fists clenched, looking over every now and then, thinking to himself, "There were already many competitors, but I didn't expect to see another Master Qin now, alas, is this how the secret of my Lin family is exposed?"

                At this point, Lin Yun Dong gritted his teeth and said to himself, "If it wasn't for that door-to-door son-in-law of Qin Wei Yuan messing up and stealing a copy of our Lin family's insect breeding scripture, the Lin family wouldn't have been so passive and had to take money out to buy back that stolen insect breeding scripture when they already didn't have enough money."

                "That guy Dong Boss ...... has bargained for it many times, yet he has to take it out to auction, money-grubbing guy, he's obviously rich enough."

                "Should we join forces with Master Qin? If we join forces, our Lin family will owe him even more, and my old face is no good."

                Lin Yundong had concerns, so did Lin Yurou. The Lin family had lost its important insect breeding scripture, and if it was leaked, the experience accumulated by the Lin family for generations would be known to others, and then the Lin family's various parasites with special functions would no longer be the only ones, and the fall of the Lin family would become inevitable.

                As a child of the Lin family, Lin Yurou certainly did not want her Lin family to fall because of this, but unfortunately the Lin family was not strong enough.

                She looked to the very domineering Qin Ming at the side and said to herself, "It might still be a good thing for him to come over today. Qin Ming, please, please, please help our Lin family today, I will promise you anything. Although ...... you don't seem to be interested in me."

                Once he thought of Qin Ming's cold attitude towards him, Lin Yurou was deflated again.

                Here at the Little Treasure House private auction house, the auction was still going on.

                "Qi Baishi's famous painting 'Shrimp' ......"

                "Northern Song Dynasty Ru Kiln Tianqing Glazed Sunflower Wash ......"

                "The Night Urinal of the Daoguang Emperor, Qing Dynasty ......"

                Qin Ming yawned as he called the auction, "Paintings and calligraphy? It's too shabby for you guys to raise your bids by 10 million to 10 million... 1.5 billion, who's going to grab it from me?"

                "Green Glazed Sunflower Wash? 2 billion, who dares to fight with me?"

                "Night urine pot? 1 billion, don't doubt that I don't have the money, I can pay immediately, how about that? Boss, how about taking out the entire collection, I'll buy it all in one go in a package, money is not a problem."

                As Lao Dong auctioned off one piece of the collection after another, Qin Ming collectively called out the price, moving hundreds of millions, even if the original price he shouted was not worth hundreds of millions, Qin Ming shouted so lazily.

                Because Qin Ming had delivered a sum of money at the beginning, no one cared whether he really had that kind of money or not.

                One by one, their faces were very ugly and they could see that Qin Ming was just trying to steal the limelight and overpower them all.

                They had originally wanted to teach Qin Ming, an amateur, a lesson, but in front of their absolute banknote ability, they were defeated so thoroughly that they were simply no match.

                Although amateurs were amateurs, the rich ones were really rich.

                He felt that it was not worth the price at all and deliberately raised it a little, shouting out 400 million, only for Qin Ming to shout out 1 billion.

                Mr. Shao immediately did not dare to shout because he was afraid that once he called for the price, Qin Ming would immediately not want it, then he would lose a lot of money.

                Obviously Qin Ming was not afraid of losing money, he didn't want to lose money, his wealth was incomparable.

                The Shao gongzi completely lost his initial attitude of underestimating Qin Ming and said to himself, "Forget it, the real treasure is still the Lin family's insect breeding scripture, huh, Qin Weiyuan stole it at the beginning, tossed around tricky and killed a lot of people, and finally it fell into the hands of Boss Dong, what a bloody thing. I just need to keep my money on the insect breeding scripture. I don't know who you are, but any more money you have, it's still your parents' money, right? Which is so much for you to squander?"

                Boss Dong, who was sorting out the auction items at the front, also wiped his sweat nervously and said to himself, "This time, I've compromised a lot of people and put down a lot of blood money to get the Lin family's lost insect breeding scripture. Using this as a gimmick and getting some fakes to attract rich people from all over the world, I had wanted to rake in a billion or so to emigrate to Magnesium and live my retirement."

                "I didn't expect ...... to suddenly kill a fool from nowhere, hehehe ...... is a complete amateur, juvenile intention, the real antique transaction rate can be low, where there are so many genuine products in this jade street? "

                "But it doesn't matter, he doesn't have a decent appraiser either, it will be a long time before he knows these are fakes, and he won't be able to find me if he looks for them."

                Boss Dong wiped his sweat and said, "That, this gentleman, soon it will be the last treasure of the shop's grand finale. You bought all the previous collections, so I wonder if I can pay half the amount first? Then we'll continue."

                "Oh, here comes the grand finale, it must be very valuable." Qin Ming said, "It doesn't matter if I pay all the money, it's just under ten billion."

                "Gulp ......" The big bosses around swallowed their mouths, this was as big as eating garlic.

                Despite their wealth, but the liquidity of ten billion is not to say that that is the main to take, moreover, the next is the finale, obviously feel that this suddenly appeared young man, to compete with them to grab the finale treasure, are feeling a certain pressure.

                While Song Ying was dividing the money, Qin Ming asked, "Boss Dong, are all these collectibles real? Don't give me any certificates or anything like that, I don't believe in that sort of thing."

                Boss Dong was flustered, but put on a Maitreya Buddha smile, "Little brother, don't worry about this, I have been in business for over twenty years at Little Treasure House, but I am very reputable, absolutely genuine, my life is guaranteed."

                But in his heart, Mr Dong said to himself, "Except for one or two pieces that are genuine, the others are all fakes. But no matter, anyway, I was planning to finish this job and leave, hehe, you won't be able to find me."

                Qin Ming nodded and said, "That's good. Alright, let me see your Little Treasure House's grand finale treasure, who can grab it from me, a thug."

                As soon as Qin Ming said this, the atmosphere immediately became grim.