Rags To Riches Chapter 632

 Inside the auction room of the Little Treasure House.

                After listening to Sun Renbing's introduction, Qin Ming more or less understood that this Xiao Bao Lou was a famous auction house for collectibles, but it was more private, which meant that some things were of unknown origin.

                However, there were never any fakes and it was also trusted by enthusiasts in the industry.

                The most important thing is that the Little Treasure House auctions are very special, and there will be some medicines or magic weapons and so on.

                Of course, the so-called magic weapon is just a connoisseur's term, not that it will really have any special effects.

                At this moment, Boss Dong of the Little Treasure House came out and said, "Alright, this is the time to start. You are all bosses and connoisseurs, so I can't be rude with the first item. Yuan blue and white porcelain, today the world remains but a hundred pieces, fortunate, I old Dong got a piece, but unfortunately lost a lid, huh ...... the so-called cultural relics, not money can measure its value, but after all, missing a lid, five hundred million to start the auction."

                Said a beautiful woman beside him carrying a plate out and walking around each guest boss.

                Qin Ming looked at the Yuan blue and white porcelain, a bit like the ashes jar inside the ancient costume drama, and it had no lid, to discount some price.

                Boss Dong said: "How about it? There is no boss who wants to put together the full Yuan blue and white, this might be to make up for one of the pieces."

                "Six hundred million." Suddenly a thin, middle-aged boss started the auction straight away and said, "It's quite a coincidence that I've taken this Yuan blue and white porcelain, and by taking it, I'll have eighteen of the thirty-six full models of Yuan blue and white porcelain I've collected over the years."

                Boss Dong praised, "Boss Xiao, really rich and generous, six hundred million, which other boss wants to compete with Boss Xiao?"

                Qin Ming raised his hand, "One billion."

                The plain and simple words immediately attracted the attention of the whole room, and everyone looked at Qin Ming incredulously.

                "Who is this guy? Coming up with a billion? Can he play?"

                "That rich second generation who is showing off with Laozi's money, right? But the two women around him, extremely good."

                "Isn't that woman Lin Yurou of the Lin family?"

                "Does anyone know this kid? The name of Zhang Zhen Zhen's disciple is indeed loud enough, but what's his real name?"

                "I don't know him, did he just get angered by Mr. Shao? Haha, young people are just easy to get on top of."

                Qin Ming suddenly laughed at the man with glasses who bought you, "Heh heh, I am really guilty of this, Shao. It's just looking down on you, why do you have to prove anything to me? Have trouble with your own money?"

                "Haha ...... You're too bad too, Sir Shao, what kind of anger did you make this kid, he came up and went crazy."

                "Not so, Chief Sun is going to arrest you later oh."

                Shao Gongzi smiled sarcastically and said, "Aiya, Sun Bureau, I am telling the truth. He said he had a billion, isn't that what he could buy here for one or two items? If I anger your friend, don't take it personally, Bureau Sun."

                Sun Renbing sipped his tea as he kept to himself and said, "The master won't see eye to eye with you, but the master has more than just a billion."

                Boss Dong also interjected, "Indeed, Master Zhang's name is as famous as thunder, how can his disciple be poor, it is impossible to guarantee that he is also here to buy something for Master Zhang today. What is the name of this ...... person, please?"

                Qin Ming said, "Just call me Stormy, when the auction is over, you will naturally investigate my name."

                Jing ......

                The crowd all looked at Qin Ming incredulously, what this guy said was too arrogant, right?

                What do you have that warrants these super rich bosses present who are worth over a hundred billion dollars to investigate you? Zhang Quanzhen's disciple? That was only Zhang Quanzhen's fame.

                All the people present did not care, except for Lin Yundong and his group from the Lin family, who were frowning.

                Sun Renbing knew the power and just advised Qin Ming not to be common with these mundane people.

                Qin Ming's one billion directly made Boss Xiao, a rival, angry, and he slapped the table and said, "One billion and one."

                Qin Ming directly extended two fingers and said, "Two billion."

                The scene was again quiet, and a few bosses were about to drink tea when their movements froze.

                Boss Dong was torn, would this guy be shouting casually, right?

                Boss Xiao immediately got up and reprimanded, "Hey, you hairy boy, do you know what two billion is? Do you think this is game gold? This is not the place for you to throw a tantrum, tsk, how did Real Zhang find an idiot as his disciple, not like his style of a high ranking person."

                "Hahahaha, so it's an eye candy."

                "Tsk, kid, can you get two billion? Didn't you just say that you only had one billion?"

                Qin Ming was upset to hear so many people questioning him, "As long as no one can auction it, what's wrong with me making money immediately?"

                Boss Xiao immediately said, "Okay, I won't compete, although it hurts a little, but this Yuan blue and white porcelain is yours."

                Qin Ming waved his finger and said, "Type the money."

                Song Ying immediately took out her computer and transferred the money to Boss Dong, who received it in no time.

                Boss Dong stood stunned in place for a long, long time before he popped out, "The World Bank is directly remitting ...... this this is really rich."

                At the auction site of the Little Treasure House, the crowd was shocked to see the expression on Boss Dong's face when he received the money, and it even caused some commotion as they looked at Qin Ming incredulously.

                "He really has money."

                "I couldn't tell, I thought it was just a stupid cunt with a sister to show off."

                "Now there's an extra rival."

                "It's not like he's also coming for that finale treasure, is it?"

                There was a lot of discussion, and the man with glasses, Shao Gongzi, who was directly opposite Qin Ming, also sank his face; most people had come for one item today, and no one would be happy with one more opponent for the bidding.

                Qin Ming laughed and said, "Gee, you guys finally seem to know that I'm scary. However, you all will soon know that I am more than scary."

                After gathering his emotions, Boss Dong stepped forward again and said, "The second item in the collection is one that I had to compromise quite a few experts to get my hands on. A heirloom jade seal from the Qin and Han dynasties, authentic Hetian jade, this can be considered an excellent collection full of historical vicissitudes and it is impossible to measure its value in monetary terms. The starting bid is two hundred million."

                The pretty lady carried the treasure around the room again, the heirloom jade seal was clearly visible and still stained with blood.

                Qin Ming said flatly, "One billion."

                As soon as he opened his mouth, there was silence from the people around, wasn't this a farce?

                "Hey, kid, what do you mean by suddenly asking for a billion? Are you a rich man?"

                "That's right, how can you shout prices like that?"

                "Don't think you have a few bucks and forget your surname."

                In the face of these bosses' angry denunciations, Qin Ming laughed and said, "Can't you afford to pay? Boss Dong has already said that many people have been lost for this item, isn't a human life worth this price? Don't rob me if you can't afford it. If you want to raise the price and suddenly pinch off and frame me, I don't care, let's see who can pinch the price correctly."

                Mr. Shao said, "This heirloom jade seal, although collectible and meaningful, is not worth a billion dollars. Bosses, he's showing off his wealth with us."

                "What? Which one of us is not a billionaire with hundreds of billions of dollars, Laozi even bought two cruise ships, just short of buying an aircraft carrier as a gambling ship, showing off his wealth in front of us?"

                "Oh, it's true that the newborn calf is not afraid of the tiger, the young man lacks a lesson."

                "Well then, let's teach him a lesson, hehehehe."