Rags To Riches Chapter 630

 Lin Yurou saw that Qin Ming really wanted to talk to her grandfather in detail, which meant that she was going to be sent back.

                She hurriedly took out her mobile phone to send a message, because Qin Ming did not know that she had not actually been kicked out by her grandfather, it was all just her plan to stay by Qin Ming's side smoothly, to draw closer to him smoothly, to make him like her smoothly.

                But Qin Ming's hard-heartedness also left her helpless, and now she had brought an expert to their Lin family. Although Sister-in-law Bai Ying was a kung fu expert, she might not be able to take down this Yang Xiao Xuan without difficulty when she faced him.

                Lin Yurou said to herself, "What a strange man, he obviously didn't want to keep the bet, let alone be responsible for me, but he is afraid that the bet will come true and has brought a fighter with him. However, Grandpa and the others came to the capital city to do something important besides meeting old friends, so I'm afraid you won't be able to find them."

                Yang Xiaoxuan drove on and asked, "Hey, where are you going? There has to be an address, right?"

                Qin Ming looked at his phone and said, "Oh, I found it, Jade Street, Old Pioneer Road."

                "How? How is that possible!?" Lin Yurou was dumbfounded and looked at Qin Ming who was sitting in the passenger seat, her grandfather's location, how could it be found by Qin Ming so quickly?

                Lin Yurou puffed out her small mouth, thinking, "It doesn't matter, my family will definitely not agree with Qin Ming, he will still have to take me back in the end. I'm a Miss Lin, but I've been reduced to the point where I don't even want to be paid.

                On the way, Qin Ming asked with interest, "Ah Xuan heard that you are the ace fighter of the Ten Thousand Snakes Association."

                Yang Xiaoxuan grunted, "Just your underling, and we are mainly in business, my best skill is shooting, after all, guns are rife in Magnesium."

                Qin Ming teased, "Is that so? You look very unconvinced at losing to me with that. Wait until you defeat one person, then you can challenge me. By the way, I have a brother who is very powerful, I can introduce you to him."

                Yang Xiaoxuan coldly shot back, "No need, I don't have that much time. I just want to defeat you and wash away yesterday's shame."

                Qin Ming laughed, "Actually, I was lucky yesterday, so you don't have to care so much. By the way, have you ever thought of leaving the Ten Thousand Snakes Society to hang out with me? You can see that your righteous father has also recognized his relatives and his hatred is gone, so I guess he is thinking of enjoying the happiness of heaven and family, and you don't have much talent in business in the Ten Thousand Snakes Society, follow me and I can let you use your talent."

                "......" Yang Xiaoxuan frowned.

                In fact, he was somewhat tempted, because after he lost to Qin Ming yesterday, he frantically inquired about the word "Zhao Zhengyin", although the results he got were not satisfactory, either a waste of time, a wastrel, a dead geek, or else a loser, with no tools for crime and other irritating words.

                Suffice it to say it was nothing like the impression he'd made when he'd come into contact.

                Moreover, he seemed to be very rich.

                The most surprising thing to Yang Xiaoxuan should be the identity of the son of the Zhao family, the Zhao family in the capital city, but it was an existence that had to carry more weight than the Sun family.

                "I'm going to stay in the capital city for a very long time, let's talk about it." Yang Xiaoxuan glanced at Qin Ming, not very interested look.

                The car soon stopped at Jade Street, where Song Ying was already waiting for Qin Ming.

                A black half-body dress, draped in a windbreaker jacket, her long dark hair tied into a braid, and her slender and graceful body, standing there in the street, attracted a lot of attention.

                Yang Xiao Xuan was also stunned to look at her, Lin Yurou was even more willowy, this was too much of a surprise, another stunning beauty, Qin Ming was surrounded by too many peach blossoms.

                Lin Yurou hummed reluctantly, "This woman's bust seems to be a little bigger than mine, cut."

                Qin Ming was surprised, "Why did you come in person?"

                Song Ying smiled gently, "Idleness is idle, and your father's investment in the African oil fields is settled. The company's headquarters has invested and controlled the situation there, and it is also good news that the epidemic is not only under control, but the plan is going well."

                Qin Ming listened with little interest, it was strange how he gradually lost interest in money when he became rich.

                "Well, it's good that it went well." Qin Ming said, "If you're here, come along. Ah Xuan Yu Rou, this is a friend of mine, but I hope you can keep it a secret."

                Yang Xiaoxuan said, "I'm not a loud-mouthed person."

                Lin Yurou immediately stepped forward and grabbed Qin Ming's arm, pretending to be intimate, and said, "People are now eating and living in your house, whatever you say."

                These words were clearly intended to stimulate Song Ying, who had indeed become somewhat discontented and her eyes locked with Lin Yurou's.

                Both women were full of hostility, and the atmosphere became depressing all of a sudden.

                However, Song Ying would not lose her temper in such a place and she said, "The Lin family is competing for an antique from the Tang Dynasty, please follow me. But I'm curious, Miss Lin shouldn't not know where her family is."

                Lin Yurou flattened her mouth and grunted, "I've been kicked out, can't I? Apart from Qin Ming, no one wants me anymore. I don't want to leave Qin Ming either."

                Qin Ming said in a very straightforward manner, "Don't worry, I'll make sure your grandfather takes you back and won't reprimand you again."

                "......" Lin Yurou was speechless and alone with a sorrowful look.

                This jade street in Beijing already has some history, surrounded by old buildings, the street is also potholed, as if the city twenty years ago, and there are still many three-wheeled electric to and fro.

                "Boss come in and take a look at the sprinkles, exclusive news, new tomb production."

                "European antiques, anyone who knows what they're doing? Five thousand, help me identify it, save your eyes."

                "Ten dollars a piece, take your pick, take whatever you want."

                Qin Ming and his group were still quite conspicuous in this narrow road, after all, two fairy-like women together, and Yang Xiao Xuan such a high-cold handsome man, really gave people the feeling like fat sheep, so everywhere they went, Qin Ming would be dragged to see the goods.

                However, the crowd drove straight in and arrived in front of a two-storey next building, which looked like a hotel, with a number of luxury cars sitting in the open space in front of the door.

                A few plainclothesmen at the door blocked Qin Ming, saying, "Got an invitation? You can't enter without an invitation."


                Lin Yurou sniggered and said, "Haha, now there's no way out, right? The ones in here are all connoisseurs, or acquaintances, who have come to plunder treasures. Not just anyone can get in."

                Lin Yurou said, "Qin Ming, since we need an invitation and we don't have one, why don't we let the two of them wait here and let's wander elsewhere?"

                Qin Ming said, "You still need an invitation to this kind of place? Who are you looking down on? Call out all your best fighters, or I'll call a police force to seal this place off."

                Jing ......

                The few plainclothesmen at the gate were surprised and then laughed out loud: "Hahahaha, you met a fool early in the morning. The first thing you need to do is to get a few dollars, and then you'll be able to get a few dollars. Hahahaha, get lost, I don't have time for you. You can really call the police force over, I'll piss upside down."

                Qin Ming was shoved and stumbled backwards, he was also annoyed, these people were too contemptuous of others.

                Qin Ming really took out his phone and called Sun Renbing, saying, "Hey, Xiaobing. I've been bullied, are you going to stand up for me?"

                On the phone, Sun Renbing was completely convinced by Qin Ming and said seriously, "Boss, where are you? How many people do you need? I'll be right there."

                Qin Ming said, "This is Jade Street, there is a black shop here that specialises in selling fake goods, you come and investigate."

                "Jade Street? What a coincidence, I'm nearby, I'll be right there." Sun Renbing said.

                Qin Ming hung up the phone and said, "Wait for me, I'll have you guys in a minute."

                The few plainclothesmen watching the door lit a cigarette in boredom and said, "Alas, there are stupid dicks every year, but today there are especially many. You think you're dressed like a man and have some money? In this place, money doesn't matter even if it comes."

                As soon as the words left his mouth, Sun Renbing came out from inside.