Rags To Riches Chapter 63-64

 Chapter 63

Since the suspension of Li Meng, Nie Haitang no news, badminton club's WeChat group directly kicked Qin Ming, when to do activities also did not notify him.

        Qin Ming did go to Nie Haitang's class to ask, but got the news that Nie Haitang was sick these days and had taken a leave of absence.

        Qin Ming's heart was empty and he felt that Nie Haitang was deliberately avoiding him, and he gradually became disillusioned.

        His life resumed as usual, with the dormitory, the classroom and the library in one line, and he was able to forget everything by burying himself in his studies.

        For several days in a row, however, Qin Ming was invited to Wei Ming Lake for fried chicken.

        In the evenings after school, Qin Ming went to KFC to do his homework while waiting for Bai Yuchun to finish her part-time job. Qin Ming couldn't say what kind of feeling he had, he felt that Bai Yuchun had many, many things to say to him and he acted as a listener every day.

        But as he watched Bai Yuchun cheer up day by day, he didn't mind being a listener.

        This night, Bai Yuchun was in KFC clearing his plate, his eyes peeking out from time to time, and from time to time, he glanced at the time with a look of longing.

        Usually Qin Ming came at nine o'clock, but now it was almost ten o'clock and Qin Ming hadn't come yet.

        Suddenly, a middle-aged woman next to her sniggered, "What's wrong? Our little cutie's boyfriend hasn't come yet?"

        Bai Yuchun shyly denied, "Li, sister Li, there's no such thing. He's not my boyfriend, he's just a good friend."

        Sister Li, the head waiter, laughed and said, "You're such a child, Sister Li's children are almost as old as you, can't you tell? You like him, don't you? He should have a crush on you too, otherwise why else would he wait here for you for an hour every day after evening class."

        Bai Yuchun looked gloomy and said, "No, he has someone he likes, but he has recently had a conflict with the person he likes. I don't think he'll come back after he's clarified. But he and I are still good friends, and as long as he's willing to listen to me, I'll be satisfied."

        Suddenly, a man in his thirties with glasses came up behind the two women and scolded, "Tsk, are you here to chat at work? Dock your wages for chatting again."

        Both of them were startled at the same time and said, "Manager."

        The man with glasses held his chin high and said, "Bai Yuchun, you come with me for a moment."

        Bai Yuchun showed a depressed expression, but had to follow the manager to the office at the back.

        The manager's office was not big, with an office chair and a sofa. When the manager came in, he changed his face and smiled, "You don't have to be nervous, Xiaochun. In fact, there is no intention to blame you."

        Bai Yuchun secretly breathed a sigh of relief, covered his collar and bowed, "Thanks a lot manager, what is it that you want from me then?"

        The manager sat down on the sofa and gestured for Bai Yuchun to sit next to him.

        She shook her head and said, "No, manager, I can just stand here."

        The manager's face suddenly sank and he said, "What? I'm not big enough to be the manager? I've been kind enough to let you sit down, but you want to go against me."

        Bai Yuchun shrank in fear and bowed her head, "Manager, if there's nothing else, I'll go out to work."

        He suddenly grabbed Bai Yuchun's hand and said, "You're off duty at the end of the day, where are you going? Today is also the end of your three months of part-time work here, and according to the company's rules, you can transfer to establishment benefits."

        Bai Yuchun heart a happy, said: "The manager means ......"

        Bai Yuchun suddenly stretched over his head, close to Bai Yuchun deliberately inhaled a fragrance on her, said: "I mean, you are fired, or enhance the salary package are my say."

        Faced with the sudden approach of the manager, Bai Yuchun was startled and hurriedly broke away from the manager's hand and took three steps back, saying, "Manager, what do you mean? What am I doing wrong?"

        The manager raised the hand that he had just grabbed Bai Yuchun with, put it to his nose and sniffed it, and said, "Bai Yuchun, if you are good and obedient, I can pay for you to finish university, but if you don't know any better, hum ...... then pack your bag and get out."

        Bai Yuchun's heart nest trembled and he said, "No manager, I, I will work harder, please don't fire me, I need this job badly, my mother and my brother are still in the hospital and my whole family depends on me to work."

        A lecherous smile appeared on the manager's face as he slowly approached Bai Yuchun and said, "That's fine. Not only can I not fire you, I can also upgrade your benefits, all at my word. As long as you obediently listen to me."

        The manager reached out and grabbed Bai Yuchun's shoulder as he spoke, the strong desire in his eyes showing through.

        How could Bai Yuchun not know what the manager was thinking? Wasn't it that he wanted her to be the manager's woman?

        The fact that she had a family background, with her face, was a source of misery. When she was in middle school, she was jealous of the girls in her class and was rumored to have seduced men and to be a prostitute, and she didn't even have a chance to explain herself.

        When she went to university, she was also named as a commoner school girl, she hated this kind of name, and someone even asked her directly if she wanted to buy her first night for 10,000 yuan, and she was scolded for pretending to be cool and white lotus.

        Whenever Bai Yuchun heard these words, she felt humiliated, she was a serious girl, but because of this face, she suffered a lot of humiliation.

        The first two are very smart, they listen to me completely, they don't even work much, but they get paid like a foreman, more than five thousand dollars a month, and they live a very prosperous college life. "

        "And that kind of thing, you don't know until you've experienced it, but once you've experienced it then you eat it up and you're willing to do it. You lie in bed and get money, there are not many such good things under the sky."

        "Bai Yuchun, I am also helping you. I'm doing you a favour, seeing as your family is in such a bad situation.

        "Don't worry, I promise not to tell anyone about this kind of thing, and pretend to be often mean to you in front of people, to ensure that your reputation is not damaged."

        "Isn't it just a layer of film? If you find a man in the future, if that man only loves your membrane, does he still really love you? Or else you go to the hospital to repair the membrane, or have intercourse with your husband when you have your period, won't you be able to hide it from the world?"

        "Think about your mother, your brother, they all need you to save them with money."

        The manager baited step by step, with all the lust on his face.

        He was not a novice, he had lured several female university students into becoming his playthings before by rating this kind of tactics and the convenience of his authority, and he certainly did not let go of such a heavenly beauty as Bai Yuchun.

        Bai Yuchun was like a rabbit being targeted by a jackal, shrinking against the wall and shivering. In her desperation, her mind recalled Qin Ming's face and Qin Ming's words, "You have to be tough when you should be tough."

        She pushed the manager away with all her strength and ran to the door in a panic, her chest swelling with anger and blood as she gritted her teeth and said, "It's shameful if you can't be a man from one to the other. Manager, I'm quitting."

        Bai Yuchun was about to open the door to leave, but found that the door had been unlocked at some point?

        The manager pushed up his glasses, his eyes glowing fiercely, and said hideously, "Grass, if you don't want to be punished for your wine, then there's no way out, I'll have to bully you. Let me remind you that this office has been specially decorated and is completely soundproof. I hope you scream louder later, not only will no one hear you, I'll get even more excited instead, hahahaha."

Chapter 64

Qin Ming went to buy a gift, a mid-range cell phone, just over a thousand vivo, many girls in working-class families are quite fond of it.

        He intended to give Bai Yu-chun as a gift.

        Qin Ming naturally has the money to buy more expensive and better, but the thought of Bai Yuchun is also a poor student, she suddenly has a million yuan machine in her hands, that can not be misunderstood? Qin Ming has also experienced, once hated, then all kinds of foul language will be sprayed over, he also do not want to harm her ah.

        Enter KFC, Qin Ming found Bai Yu pure people are not in, and then look at the time, it should be the end of the point ah.

        At this time, the foreman sister Li saw Qin Ming, said: "You are waiting for Xiaochun, right?"

        Qin Ming nodded and said, "Yes, is she off duty yet?"

        Sister Li said, "She was called in just now, and it's been ten minutes. She's probably talking about ending her three-month part-time trial period and upgrading her salary and benefits. You can wait."

        Qin Ming nodded and sat aside to wait, she touched the gift bag and suddenly smiled, will it become a surprise later?

        And at this time, in the office, the manager pushed his glasses, sarcastically said: "Toast to the wine, I'll be honest with you, my office is soundproof, no one will come to your rescue even if you shout through your throat."

        Bai Yuchen kept pulling at the door handle, but the door just wouldn't open.

        The manager has begun to undress, he said while taking off: "Even if something happened to you and me, will anyone believe you? You are just a poor student, no social status, no one will care what you say. Instead, people will blame you, accuse you of not being cheap, seducing your boss and asking for favors, and then things will just go away, hahaha."

        Bai Yu Chun panicked and nervously shook her head, "No, no, please manager, I don't want my salary, please let me go."

        The manager has taken off the rest to leave a pair of pants.

        Bai Yuchun squinted not dare to look, the body kept shaking, her eyes were full of tears, crying: "Qin Ming, Qin Ming ......"

        This critical juncture, and there is no friend of Bai Yuchun, the only thing that can think of is Qin Ming.

        But today Qin Ming did not come ah!

        He probably went to make up with the girl he likes, right?

        Bai Yuchun's heart was sad: "Yes, he is so good, how can he be interested in someone like me, but he comes every night to listen to my heart's misery, I am also satisfied. He and I are just friends in general, I have no reason to expect him to protect me all the time."

        The manager pushed his glasses and smiled fiercely, "Didn't your school teacher teach you? Don't resist, or you'll easily lose your life, as long as you don't resist, I'll be very gentle."

        The words just fell, the manager pounced on, Bai Yu Chun screamed in fear and hurriedly dodged.

        With a snap, the cell phone that was calling out in Bai Yuchun's hand fell to the ground.

        Beep ...... beep ...... drops, the phone was connected.

        "Hello? Pure pure? I'm right here in the restaurant on the first floor, where are you?" Qin Ming's voice came from the other end of the phone.

        Bai Yuchun shouted, "Help me."


        The manager violently stomped Bai Yu-chun's old man's phone with one foot.

        The manager smiled treacherously: "Can't hear, he can't hear, hey hey hey, you're really a little resourceful, so afraid of the situation, but still able to call. Now the phone is broken, after sleeping with me, I will buy an Apple MAX for you, OK? Good boy, do not resist. Resist but to be beaten oh."

        The manager threatened while inducing, before a girl is also so rigid, but in his layers of inducement to relax their vigilance, when touching the girl's body that moment her psychological defenses relaxed, then all the actions behind, the girl wants to resist will also become futile.

        The manager's hand a little closer to Bai Yu Chun shoulder.

        The manager looked like a good guy and persuaded, "Don't be afraid, I will be very gentle, I won't hurt you, I will also give you improved benefits, that can be all money."

        Bai Yuchun has shrunk to the corner, she even kept shaking, tears like a flood that broke the bank, simply can not stop ah.

        Suddenly, she took out a knife, the manager was shocked, this little girl how to hide a knife with her?

        Bai Yuchun used to lower their necks, threatening: "You do not come over, you come over again I will self ......"

        The manager yelled violently, "Who are you scaring? Who will not be afraid of death?"

        The manager quickly reached over and attempted to snatch the knife, and in the nick of time, there was a loud bang.

        "Ah!" The manager was also startled, and he turned back to look at the door.

        There was another loud bang, and the door shook again.

        Then came Qin Ming outside him calling loudly, "Open the door!"

        The manager stirred, the east window, he hurried to get dressed.

        Boom, another loud bang, Qin Ming kicked the door with a big foot, the lock by that door slit shook.

        Two KFC employees ran over and said, "What are you doing, kid? This is a staff place, you hurry out."

        The other side of the staff also threatened: "Get out, you want to die?"

        The female employee was too scared to come over, but the two male employees were speaking out to stop them.

        Qin Ming said loudly, "Get out of the way! I want to save people."

        Save people?

        The female employees each showed a surprised expression, and they whispered.

        "Thought that scum manager would not make a move on Xiaochun, but it turned out to be ......"

        "Alas, what a good child, hardworking, her life should not be like this."

        "Shhh, don't say it, don't want to do it, don't feed your family? The person is the manager. Can't you see his two dogs are watching the door?"

        The two male employees guarding the door said, "What are you talking about? Our manager is discussing with Ms. Bai about a pay raise, and it takes time to write a report to the boss.

        One of the men whispered to his companion, "Tch, things are not right, will the manager close early?"

        Another male employee whispered: "early closing we will not have the opportunity to play la, so positive girl, so many years or the first time to encounter, not cool it is a pity. How about we take this poor? Pan should carry milling plate Buu? The narrow play? Knock on the Chun Tun larvae Luo wormwood? Forgive uan Zhi? Pan Jun? The down? The company is a member of the Board of Directors of the University of California. The two of them are the same.

        Two pairs of eyes, think feasible, from the miscellaneous boxes copied a hammer, a wrench, unsuspectingly came up.

        "Kid, the work of the important place, idle people do not enter, you are trying to come to poison and set fire?"

        "Kid, if you don't go, blame us for being merciless, look at your poor face, what kind of hero?"

        Qin Ming, filled with righteous indignation, grabbed a plastic box and rushed up.

        He knocked one of the male employees to the ground and hit his waist against a hard object, screaming in pain, while another employee swung a hammer and knocked Qin Ming's back.

        Qin Ming reacted quickly and dodged to avoid it, and the hammer landed on his companion's chest on the ground in a moment.

        "Ah! Wang Liang what are you up to."

        That Wang Liang anxious, hit the wrong person, about to turn back to Qin Ming, but see Qin Ming grabbed the wrench, a wrench knocked over.

        With a thud, Wang Liang suffered a heavy blow to the head and fainted on the spot.

        Qin Ming angrily walked to the manager's room door, the third foot roughly kicked the door.


        The door was kicked open by Qin Ming, the lock was broken, only to see the office, the manager was panicking in his pants, saw like a god of killing Qin Ming, he was so scared that he shouted: "Do not hit me, I have not gotten it, she is still fine. This is a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding."

        And Bai Yuchun intact, hiding by the corner, clutching the phone that was crushed.

        "Phew." Qin Ming breathed a sigh of relief and asked, "Pure, are you all right?"

        Seeing that Qin Ming had really come to her rescue, Bai Yuchun ran over excitedly, hid behind Qin Ming, and said nervously, "I'm fine, Qin Ming you came too timely."

        Seeing Bai Yuchun safe and sound, Qin Ming was also relieved, fiercely, Qin Ming looked back at the manager who was still pulling his trouser chain, he rushed up in three steps, pinched the manager's neck, roughly pressed him against the desk, and slammed him down heavily.

        "Uhhh~!" The manager wailed in pain in the dark: "I really didn't do anything ah, please let me go."

        Qin Ming squeezed the manager's neck and said angrily, "Scum of the earth, die."