Rags To Riches Chapter 627

 Qin Ming swallowed hard, Huang Shutong in front of him was trying out the water temperature, her back was to herself, her shapely body, that ass was big and round, her waistline was slender, her long legs under her skirt were wrapped in black stockings, it was a slender leg that was full of feminine charm just looking at it.

                Qin Ming found himself stripped down to his trousers, revealing a body full of fine muscle muscles and a scar.

                Since he had already lied last time and said that it was caused by Zhang Quanzhen taking him to the grind, Huang Shutong was not surprised this time.

                "What are you looking at, you're so horny." When Huang Shutong came back to her senses, she saw Qin Ming staring at her legs, and immediately threw a face, she was still very confident in her body, and she was very proud of herself for having charmed her fiancé this time.

                "Ahem, it's nothing." Qin Ming grinned awkwardly and thought, "This is too hard to top, isn't it? A beautiful woman throwing herself at you is not something you can just put up with."

                Huang Shutong picked up the shower and sprayed hot water on Qin Ming's body, while a pair of small hands smeared with shower gel wandered over Qin Ming's body.

                "Lift your hands up, don't get them in the water." Huang Shutong carefully helped Qin Ming lift his hand, looking at his injured hand, and said heartily, "That Bai Jingchen is simply crazy, he will definitely not be spared."

                Qin Ming didn't say anything back because Huang Shutong's hand tickled a little, her fingers were long and her movements were gentle, touching his rough body, crispy and soft.

                Especially when she bent over, the raging peaks at the mouth of her bodice pressed in, their bulbous contours making people reverie on the side, their bodies shamefully hard.

                Huang Shutong noticed Qin Ming's change, a glimpse of his eyes, is also shy red face, eyes quickly deviated, scolded: "Do not think blindly, give you a bath, see you dirty, this day is cold, but also so big Han, today why go."

                Qin Ming was speechless, if you didn't have to be like this, would we be imagining things? He couldn't control this physical reaction either.

                "But, great." Huang Shutong said with relief, "You've had this problem since you were a kid, right? Now that it's finally cured, it's great."

                Qin Ming didn't know how to respond, so he could only say, "Mm-hmm."

                Huang Shutong added, "You used to be dishevelled and had low self-esteem because of this, right? Now that you've recovered, you don't need to care about other people's eyes in the future, do well for yourself, just like you did before. I, I will also be a good fiancée for you."

                Saying that, Huang Shutong suddenly lay down on Qin Ming's back, the pushing and pressing feeling of that back Qin Ming immediately felt, so big, this woman's body was too good, right? And it was still Qin Ming's favourite back hug style.

                Qin Ming was now in a cold sweat, this woman was getting more and more active, he was about to be unable to hold on ah.

                "What's going on?" Qin Ming was actually devastated in his heart, his original plan was to maintain a nonchalant relationship with Huang Shutong and wait for Zhao Zhengyan to return, and he would be considered to have completed his mission.

                But now Huang Shutong's attitude had shot up all the way and the relationship was too good.

                The water from the shower this time directly drenched the two of them, and Qin Ming said, "I, I never cared about other people's eyes either, if I did, I wouldn't have survived long ago. What? What are you doing?"

                As Qin Ming was talking, he suddenly saw the washing machine next to him, and Huang Shutong had taken off her clothes and put them in.

                Huang Shutong bit her lips and hummed in Qin Ming's ear, "Are you a dumb ass, I'm, I'm already like this, and you still ask me what I'm doing. I, we've been engaged for a long time, right? It's not unusual to do this right? Or do you not like me? Dislike my ugly looks?"

                Qin Ming said, "No, no, if you call it ugly, every other woman in the world would just be called Piggyback."

                "Hehehe." Huang Shutong smiled heartily, "You can also talk to coax me, this is the first time. Since you came back from Guangzhou this time, I have tried many firsts with you. The first time we kissed, the first time we hugged, the first time we were mean to me, the first time we coaxed me, the first time we helped me, the first time we ...... took a bath."

                This was a complete change of person, of course it was the first time.

                Gulp, Qin Ming gulped, the touch of this back is too real, there is no longer clothes, I smooth skin, let his blood burst.

                "Ah ...... what can I do now?" Qin Ming's eyes were dizzy, he was going to be unable to hold on.

                Huang Shutong hugged Qin Ming from behind, Qin Ming could feel her body seemed to tremble a little, she was also very nervous.

                Huang Shutong ho breathed in his ear and said in a tiny voice, "Tonight, it's my first time too."

                Qin Ming endured the pain and pinched his thigh to keep himself awake and said, "I, of course I like you. But I'm more traditional and I'm saving my first time for the night of my wedding."

                "Huh?" Huang Shutong was dumbfounded, there were still men under this heaven who saved their first time for the wedding night?

                She sneaked a glance down, obviously the bullet was now loaded, and she had to hold back so desperately?

                Qin Ming did not desperately hold back can not ah, this is forbidden fruit, stolen taste can not, this a hair out of control, he will definitely not be less trouble in the future.

                Qin Ming hurriedly corrected, "Oh, I mean, your first time, save it for the wedding night."

                Hearing this, Huang Shutong snickered, "Well, I'm glad you're thinking of me."

                Huang Shutong hugged him tightly from Qin Ming's back, feeling the delicate soft and delicate body, Qin Ming's heart was racing and he was nervous, Huang Shutong laughed instead, "You really, don't know anything, look how nervous you are, your heart is beating so fast."

                Qin Ming was too nervous, instead, Huang Shutong misunderstood Qin Ming's first relationship and the novice's nervousness was quite in line with her expectation.

                After all, the two were relatively pure at first, and something happened soon after they got engaged, and they rarely interacted afterwards. Qin Ming's performance as a novice was proof that he was not messing around outside.

                However, Qin Ming said sheepishly, "I, I've never been in love after all. Aren't you nervous?"

                Huang Shutong hugged Qin Ming tighter with her arms and said sheepishly, "Of course I'm nervous. But I've acted a lot before, so I'm a bit used to it, and besides, I'm the one taking the initiative, so I have to hold my emotions steady anyways."

                After a while, Huang Shutong asked, "Zhao Zhengyan, you wouldn't like me taking the initiative like this, would you? Will you think I'm indiscreet? In the past, I was too reserved, you ignored me, and my family laughed at me, and having a fiancé was the same as not having one. And they said you hated me."

                Qin Ming thought about it and later changed back to his identity, benefiting from the real Zhao Zhengyin, right? Perhaps if one of them took the initiative, he could still get the two of them going, and he was happy to be a good guy, so he said, "No matter, it's good for girls to take the initiative. You should also take more initiative in the future."

                When Huang Shutong heard this, she raised her little mouth again in joy and beauty.

                She bit her lips and said, "It's almost time to wash, shall we ...... we get into the bathtub?"

                "......" Qin Ming's face darkened, this was too active, right? Who could stand up to this?