Rags To Riches Chapter 626

 Qin Ming saw Bai Jingchen, who was already desperate, with his knife on Huang Shutong's neck, and was even trembling a little.

                Qin Ming said slightly unexpectedly, "It's just a matter of a few million, Bai Jingchen, look how anxious you are, how can you do something big like this?"

                "Just a few million?" Bai Jingchen was so angry that he gritted his teeth, "Do you think money is paper in the toilet? If you don't get the money in exchange, your woman will die here."

                Still calm, Qin Ming said, "But what proof do you have?"

                Bai Jingchen roared, "Laozi's knife is the proof! No matter how you think about it, I was really targeting you at that time, and the only one who dealt with me was you. You must have used some method to get rid of the money in my card."

                Qin Ming continued to pull the wool over his eyes and said, "I don't have a computer, how can I get it? And ......"

                "Shut up!" Bai Jingchen roared madly, "Give me the money."

                Huang Shutong's eyes were also revealing a pleading expression, she did not dare to move, but expected Qin Ming to save her.

                Qin Ming, however, smiled and walked forward, saying, "It's easy to give you the money, Nuo, give me your click and I will transfer the money to you."

                Bai Jingchen will believe it, hurriedly pull out money ah.

                But the moment he took out the money, Qin Ming suddenly shot out his hand and squeezed his small hand, in order to avoid stabbing Huang Shutong in a panic, Qin Ming was using his own hand to grab that small knife, directly skin open and blood flowing.

                "Ah!!!" Huang Shutong was splashed with blood on her face and was so frightened that she pushed Bai Jingchen away.

                "Zhao Zhengyan, are you alright?" Huang Shutong hugged Qin Ming in panic, seeing that he had hurt his hand in order to save himself, and was very chagrined and regretful.

                And Bai Jingchen was also panicked, not caring about anything else, he immediately fled back to his car, stepped on the gas and ran straight away.

                Qin Ming's hand was damaged by the cut, but it was not serious, said: "I am fine, you are not scared, right?"

                Huang Shutong said anxiously, "I don't care about me, I'm fine, but you're bleeding, a lot of blood, why can't you stop? You need to go to the hospital."

                Qin Ming said indifferently, "No need, just a couple of dabs of antiseptic water is enough."

                But Huang Shutong was so anxious that her eyes were tearing up and she said, "No, what if it's tetanus? Come with me to the hospital immediately."

                Qin Ming was dragged to the hospital to apply medicine and dress the wound, and it was already twelve o'clock.

                Huang Shutong asked, "How is that Bai Jingchen going to be handled? He's gone crazy lately because of the missing millions, and I'm afraid he'll target you again next time."

                Qin Ming said nonchalantly, "What can I do? I just took the video and threw it to the police station, let the police station deal with it, manage him for a few months, enough for him to suffer, and he is brother Bean batch."

                Huang Shutong laughed and said, "You've learned to curse now."

                Qin Ming said: "I often cursed, you do not know."

                Huang Shutong was silent for a while and said, "You're the one who's been avoiding me. Just now you were there all the time, weren't you? You heard it too, I'm not interested in that Bai Jingchen at all, I just hope that new medicine that their family is researching can cure your body."

                Qin Ming had actually heard it, and never expected that what he had thought was a cold and heartless fiancée would turn out to be a loving and righteous one.

                "Zhao Zhengyan is really happy." Qin Ming muttered in his heart, "Although his parents hated him, they didn't give up, and although his fiancée was indifferent, she also had bitterness. He himself didn't try hard enough, no wonder others were disappointed in him, and in the end he took the liberty of running away, then he lost it all."

                Things are unpredictable, Qin Ming's heart only thought of these four words.

                Huang Shutong said shyly, "Last time in Gushui Town, didn't you already have a reaction? I knew that your body was cured, so I wanted to cut off contact with Bai Jingchen, after all, he used to mock you in front of me all the time, and I heard it a lot and was very upset. But then he wanted me to testify for him, testifying that you copied his bank card chip and saying that you stole money from his bank card, which is simply shameless, when you clearly didn't do it."

                The corners of Qin Ming's mouth twitched, no, he did, but he wouldn't say so.

                Qin Ming said, "Just now, did you come to my school to look for me?"

                Huang Shutong nodded, suddenly becoming shy and coy, "Just wanted to see you, that body of yours, is it really okay? I ...... my great aunt is gone, ahem, I mean, do you still need me to check you?"

                Qin Ming's heart nest trembled, thumping accelerated straight, what does this mean? Was it a hint?

                In fact, both of them were adults, and engaged people, they belonged to a proper boyfriend and girlfriend relationship, it seemed normal to have a relationship.

                The only thing that was not normal was that he was Qin Ming, not Zhao Zhengyin.

                Qin Ming shook his head and said, "No, I'll go back to the dorm."

                Just kidding, he couldn't let himself make another mistake, one bad one and he slept with someone else's fiancée, that was something he couldn't even shake off.

                However, when Qin Ming got back to the entrance of the school, he was mercilessly turned away at the door, as it was already early in the morning and access was restricted.

                Qin Ming had no choice but to meekly follow Huang Shutong.

                The two arrived at one of Huang Shutong's upscale flats in the capital.

                Huang Shutong said happily, "I bought this flat on my own, and I usually come back here when I'm late for filming or a show. Because I live alone, it may be a bit messy, you wait for me at the door for a while, I'll clean up and then ......"

                Qin Ming said, "It's okay, I don't mind."

                Hearing that Qin Ming didn't mind, Huang Shutong's heart felt as if she had eaten honey.

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes, he had a feeling that Huang Shutong seemed to have changed and become especially close to him?

                "No good, will she be very active tonight?" Qin Ming's heart thumped and thumped, and he was nervous as hell.

                After all, Huang Shutong and him, had that experience of touching each other intimately in Ancient Water Town, and he was posing as Zhao Zhengyin, still in an unmarried couple relationship.

                Qin Ming was depressed in his heart and said, "Damn, if the school wasn't closed. How come I'm so passive, Qin Ming, ah, you can't make another mistake, that Sun Changxi thing is fine to solve, this Huang Shutong can't be messed up."

                Qin Ming was giving himself a pep talk.

                Suddenly Huang Shutong came up and undressed him, scaring Qin Ming, saying, "You, what are you doing?"

                Huang Shutong said shyly, "I'm helping you take a bath. You can't get water on your hands, so it's not convenient to wash your hair or body, right? I can help you."

                Qin Ming said awkwardly, "This, this is not good, right?"

                Huang Shutong also blushed and bit her lip as she said, "I, I can do it. After all, I'm going to marry you later too. Didn't you say so? You have changed, and I can feel that you are different from before. Then I have to learn to be a good girlfriend too. I, I know I was colder to you before, and although it was partly because of you, I was too cold and I felt I was wrong."

                "So, so ...... you can just treat me as your girlfriend if you want, whatever you want." The latter words, Huang Shutong said as thin as a mosquito murmur, inaudible.

                Qin Ming swallowed his saliva this Huang Shutong shy look, but really beautiful, he looked fascinated for a while.

                "Eh?" When Qin Ming reacted, he found that he was already in the bathroom, Huang Shutong was adjusting the water temperature, this was really going to give him a bath, huh?