Rags To Riches Chapter 624

 The Sun family's matter was finally resolved perfectly, as brothers who were separated decades ago put aside their hatred and were reunited today.

                The only unlucky ones were the mercenaries that Sun Justice had recruited at random, who were wiped out by the police force under the two brothers, Sun Renfa and Sun Renbing, along with the money they had eaten from Qin Ming and Sun Justice.

                The four Sun siblings could not vent their anger on Sun Justice, but could only vent it on these mercenaries who had personally murdered the Suns.

                There were some casualties in the process, but that was not something Qin Ming needed to know.

                Qin Ming later got the money back from those people as well, which he had counted on early on, but he didn't care about the money or not, he was really relieved that Sun Changxi was no longer in danger.

                Before leaving, Sun Renli left Qin Ming alone.

                First of all, he expressed his gratitude to Qin Ming for his several attempts to help the Sun family eliminate disasters and calamities, and at the same time, he bragged about how he was better than blue, and how his demonic skills were amazing, but he bragged so much that Qin Ming could see that he was different from Sun Yue, who thoroughly believed in Qin Ming, and that he was hiding doubts in his heart.

                Sun Renli also asked Qin Ming if the long-lasting lantern in his house should be kept lit, and Qin Ming casually put off a few questions.

                In the end, Sun Renli, on behalf of the Sun family, gave Qin Ming what he wanted, a promise from the entire Sun family that in the future, whenever Qin Ming asked, the entire Sun family would do their utmost to fulfil Qin Ming's requests, provided of course that they did not break the law or violate moral requirements.

                Qin Ming did not ask for any money, saying that he was not short of money, and he knew that the Sun family was not considered a wealthy family and had a lot of money to spend, so he took the money once before and let it go.

                Finally, Sun Renli lit a cigarette and asked, "Master, I would like to talk to you in a personal capacity. Do you know my daughter well?"

                Qin Ming's nerves jumped, which should have triggered a misunderstanding when Sun Changxi suddenly hugged him before his match with Ah Xuan.

                Qin Ming said, "I know her, I've met her a few times, accidentally chatted with her, I guess."

                "That's not right." Sun Renli continued to light his cigarette and said, "This daughter of mine, she is rather capricious, after graduating from the non-commissioned officer school, she secretly ran away to Guang City to join the workforce without her family's knowledge, and it has been more than two years. And didn't you come from Hai City to study in Beijing only three years ago?"

                The timing was almost perfectly staggered.

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes and lied, "It was actually just a month or so ago, when I went back to school, that's when I got into trouble and she was the one who helped me, and then it was full of familiarity."

                Sun Renli took a deep drag on his cigarette and said with a laugh, "Really? That's really fate, hahaha. Perhaps it was destined by the heavens that Master could help our family, and Chang Xi she was partly to blame."

                Qin Ming looked at Sun Renli in silence, what kind of parent doesn't understand such things? Obviously, Sun Renli did not believe Qin Ming's words, but could not find any evidence.

                It was just a test to find something fishy.

                There was nothing Qin Ming could do, the circumstances at the time made Sun Changxi too excited and did that kind of thing, he was not expecting it and had to accept the consequences.

                But after all, he had helped the entire Sun family, and this kindness was not something that could be so easily questioned and maligned.

                Sun Renli said, "By the way, the girl who was with you is from the Lin family in western Hunan, isn't she? I've seen it before, a really rare and beautiful girl."

                Qin Ming answered plaintively, "Hmm."

                Sun Renli chuckled, "So your fiancée isn't jealous? I heard that your fiancée is also the goddess of the Northern Cinema, a minor flower girl in the entertainment industry, and seems to have played a role in 'Little Days', with excellent acting skills. Maybe it's inappropriate for me to say, but young people have to handle relationships well, otherwise it will tarnish your reputation as a master in the future."

                The corner of Qin Ming's mouth twitched, was this a reminder to him? Don't mess around when you have a fiancée, especially his daughter.

                Qin Ming was helpless, he had a hard time saying anything, so he could only pretend that he didn't understand.

                Then Sun Renli added, "My father means that he does not want to pursue the two fathers and sons of Sun Justice, and he will have a big banquet later to celebrate Sun Justice's return, and I will invite your Zhao family to the banquet then, so please make sure Master is present."

                Qin Ming said flatly, "Well, I'll see how it goes."

                Qin Ming led Lin Yurou back, he actually didn't really like the idea of Lin Yurou following him around all day and staying in his dormitory.

                But his secret had been inspected by the Lin family, moreover, Lin Yurou had no malice towards him and had even helped him twice, Qin Ming could not afford to drive Lin Yurou away too forcefully, it would be bad if she were to jump into the river again and seek death.

                "Ah ......" Lin Yurou stretched out when she returned to the dormitory and said, "I'm so tired. What do you want to eat, Qin Ming? I'll make it for you."

                Qin Ming suddenly asked, "Didn't you used to call me Master Qin? Now you're calling me by my name directly?"

                Lin Yurou's delicate body shook as she blushed and said, "I, I feel that calling you Master makes you sound nebulous, and I actually found out that you are also human and not really half immortal. Besides, isn't your name Qin Ming? If you want my respect, then how about I call you, Brother Qin ......?"

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes, the woman was getting ahead of herself and said, "Forget it, it's better to call me by my name."

                Qin Ming added, "Speaking of which, what is your family doing here in the capital city? They haven't gone back yet, have they? I'll go and talk to your grandfather about it."

                Lin Yurou's body stiffened and she said, "Eh, I don't know where they are now. Because everything was taken away from me ah, I can't contact them either. "

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes and asked, "In the beginning, wasn't it Zhang Quanzhen who called for help?"

                Lin Yurou asked, "Help with what?"

                "......" Qin Ming didn't know how to respond for a moment.

                He sighed and said, "Nothing, you make something to eat, later on I have to deliver takeaway after attending the evening study, after all, I agreed to work for a month, I can't apologize to the takeaway shop owner."

                Lin Yurou said with amusement, "You, you are quite stubborn in some ways."

                In the evening, Qin Ming was in a rather irritable mood, driving his battery-operated car on the street to deliver takeaways, he didn't want to go back on his word on the one hand, he wanted to be alone on the other.

                The women around him have been appearing one after another lately, giving him help, needing his help, giving him trouble, expecting him, Qin Ming's rhythm of life is too much leading to his heart being too tired.

                Sending outside to be alone and quiet instead is very comforting to him.

                Qin Ming blamed himself while riding his bike: "Ah ...... just had a few words with Haitang and failed to say the words that Lin Yurou was staying in my dormitory. How can I explain this? It's simply something that gets darker and darker. Why does she keep clinging to me? Didn't we say we'd forget about what happened in the first place?"

                "Alas ...... still have to maintain his "relationship" with his fiancée for Zhao Zhengyan, not too good, not too bad, last time in Gushui Town ......" Qin Ming thought in his heart, suddenly his body was a little hot, that incident in Gushui Town, he is not the same as green Zhao Zhengyan?

                The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.

                Qin Ming had delivered two rounds of takeaway and Qin Ming was almost off work.

                But he saw two luxury cars on the roadside outside the school, that Bai Jingchen came out, Qin Ming didn't think, the Sun family had something to do now, the Bai family also had connections in the capital city, Bai Jingchen shifted the blame out, there was a scapegoat.

                "Let go of me!" Suddenly, a woman came out of the other car, wasn't it Huang Shutong?

                She said with fierce words, "Bai Jingchen, I said, let go of me!"