Rags To Riches Chapter 623

 In the hall, the old man Sun drank a special potion and was finally able to speak.

                A kind of grandson came up and surrounded Elder Sun to shush him, and even more so, barred Sun Justice from pressing.

                However, after the old man Sun could speak, the first thing he did was to get up and shake Qin Ming's hand, saying, "Thank you ...... worthy of being Zhang Zhen Zhen's senior disciple, if our Sun family hadn't had you there, if you hadn't been able to understand my intentions, I'm afraid that by now I would have ......"

                Qin Ming said, "No need to be polite, old man, this is what I should do."

                "Dad, your intentions?" Sun Renli asked, not understanding.

                Sun Yue also said with a dark face, "What are your intentions, Dad? To sanction this Sun Justice?"

                Elder Sun shook his head and said, "No, you guys let go of him and let him go call his former family. My real intention is not to give my brother a fight to the death, but to let go of past grudges properly. There is no need to impose our previous generation's grudges on you, the younger ones. I have long been determined to die, and if my death must be used to exchange for the peace of the two families in the future, I would rather die."

                Hearing Elder Sun speak with such great righteousness, the crowd was speechless.

                Sun Renfa sighed with emotion, "No wonder you were deliberately captured by him, Dad. But this kind of self-sacrifice ......"

                "That's enough, don't say anything." Qin Ming reached out to stop the crowd's words and said, "The result is now, enough for anyone to accept. That's right, isn't it? Sun Justice."

                Although Qin Ming did not agree with Master Sun's spirit of "self-sacrifice", his starting point was for the sake of his children, and the outcome was a happy one for all, so there was no need to look into it.

                Sitting on the sidelines with Qin Ming's phone, Sun Zhengzhi was dazed. There was a number on it, with the name "Jiang Yan" as a memo, a name he was familiar with, he was only thirty years old that year and had been in love with Jiang Yan, a year younger than him, for eight years.

                The year he was supposed to get married, he was suddenly told that his biological father had been betrayed and exposed by his adoptive father, and that he would not have the right to inherit the Sun family.

                Angry and resentful, having been raised by an enemy and unable to look his adoptive mother and brother in the eye, he chose to leave his homeland.

                He also abandoned his fiancée, whom they were supposed to marry that year.

                Qin Ming's words now carried a different meaningful weight, and when he spoke, the heat of the Sun family obeyed, following his gaze to Sun Justice.

                Sun Justice hesitated for a long time, but eventually dialed the number.

                At that moment, Sun Renbing walked back, his face very gloomy, apparently he had really found a large amount of explosives and the place was becoming very unsafe.

                He walked up to Elder Sun and said, "Dad, please leave here immediately, it's not safe here, there are too many explosives and one could easily detonate if not well."

                Elder Sun suddenly shouted, "What? No explosives? It's all fake? Those mercenaries are actually hired actors? So that's how it is. ...... Sun Justice, you've put on a big show. Hehehe, I know, you wouldn't do something that stupid."

                Justice Sun glanced over in silence, but immediately became frazzled when the call was answered.

                "Eh? No ......" Sun Renbing's mouth opened in surprise and said, "Dad, you ......"

                Qin Ming stepped forward and pressed Sun Renbing's shoulder, who said in surprise, "Zhao ...... cough, big brother, what's wrong?"

                Qin Ming smiled faintly, "Since you are calling me a big brother, listen to me. All of you go, let the old man and Sun Justice be here can. There will be a guest coming over later."

                Master Sun said, "Listen to the master and go do it. It's already fine."

                Sun Renli and the others hesitated for a moment and said, "We'll stay with you, Dad, and the children can go first."

                "Grandpa, Dad, if you don't go, I won't go either." Sun Changxi said firmly, while also looking at Qin Ming, at this moment, her heart was incomparably clear, the man she liked was not out of danger yet, she did not want to go.

                Sun Changxi seemed to have made a bad start, and the other grandchildren of the same age also said that they refused to go and wanted to stay with their families.

                Master Sun covered his forehead in depression, the family style was good, but at times like this, it was also more of a headache, every one in the Sun family was afraid of death.

                Sun Zhengzhi suddenly said: "Don't worry, I have no other means to deal with you. Thank you, Zhang Quanzhen's disciple."

                He handed a phone call towards Qin Ming, who silently ended it and asked, "Congratulations, reunited with your family. I'm not wrong, you've won your life back."

                Sun Justice looked at Qin Ming in silence and suddenly bent towards him and bowed, saying, "Thank you. Without your ability, I wouldn't have lost and I wouldn't have let go of my hatred."

                Qin Ming hurriedly helped Sun Zhengzhi up and said, "That's because you still remember the Sun family's kinship, the brotherhood of Master Sun, and the expectation of your fiancée and child. In the end, you are not completely bad people, it is hatred that has blinded your hearts. Besides, your adopted son, who should also be close to your heart, you don't want him to die with us here, do you?"

                Sun Justice acquiesced, he did hate the Sun family, but he had grown up in the Sun family, and his three views were still relatively normal.

                And the Ten Thousand Snakes Society he had joined was just a business organisation, although it would involve some violence, it was still mainly a legitimate money making organisation, all of which Qin Ming had his subordinates investigate, so like Elder Sun, he felt that Sun Justice had not lost his conscience and was not an outright evil person.

                Qin Ming's concessions also made Sun Justice back down, defeating him in a more "zero-sum" way and pushing him from hatred to affection.

                He began to understand the meaning of Zhang Quanzhen's work.

                Perhaps sometimes pretending to be a god was really fooling people, or even asking for a bargain, but the result was still helping people and resolving grudges and conflicts, which gave Qin Ming a sense of achievement.

                Not long afterwards, Jiang Yan's family came to the spa hotel.

                The pair of bitter lovers, Sun Justice and Jiang Yan, reunited after decades. Qin Ming, as an onlooker, also learned that Jiang Yan, who was unmarried and pregnant back then, had a notorious reputation and did not remarry, and had been raising her son on her own with great hardship, and life slowly got better, and now her grandson had married, and as Master Sun said, Jiang Yan's family also received help from the Sun family from time to time, and was considered a relatively happy family.

                Sun Zheng thought he would be extinct, but he never expected to find his family still alive in his old age, while he had left his country, the people he loved most and his family for decades in order to take revenge, which almost led to a big mistake, and regretted it so much that an old man cried into tears.

                Qin Ming couldn't watch the bitter drama for a while, he walked out into the open and saw Lin Yurou resting outside.

                "Qin Ming, you're really something." Lin Yurou praised him when she saw him, "So you thought of saving the Sun family from the beginning instead of solving the trouble, no wonder there were so many incomprehensible actions, the choices to reach such a perfect ending, you chose each one right ah."

                Qin Ming wondered, "Aren't they all the same?"

                Lin Yurou shook her head and said, "It's not the same, you were solving trouble for our Lin family back then. Today it's saving the Sun family, it's not the same. My sister is still living in pain, but everyone in the Sun family is happy."

                Qin Ming knew that what happened to the Lin family was the result of a son-in-law who came to the house.

                Qin Ming lamented, "Back then I hadn't learnt from that stinking old man Zhang Quanzhen either, so I must have only been able to smash money."

                "What about me?" Lin Yurou suddenly smiled, put her hands on her back, stood on tiptoe and looked at Qin Ming, smiling as she asked, "Now that I've been kicked out by grandpa because you wanted my body, can you make us all happy? Can you save me?"