Rags To Riches Chapter 622

 The atmosphere in the lobby of the spa hotel's mid-level villa was unusually agitated.

                Qin Ming's strength was unexpectedly strong. Apart from practising the breathing and exhalation method provided by Zhang Quanzhen for a long time, Qin Ming's own strength was not small, and coupled with his unorthodox fighting style, Ah Xuan also found it surprising.

                With a grim look on his face and a clenched fist, Ah Xuan took the initiative to attack this time, with each move being orderly and powerful.

                Qin Ming was punched three times in a row as soon as he came up, but Qin Ming didn't just fall to the ground and faint like the previous two, and blood was spilling out of the corner of his mouth.

                "Hm! Impossible." Ah Xuan frowned and looked at Qin Ming who was still alive and well, very surprised, his three punches did hit his face, his abdomen, and at first he wanted to laugh at him, but suddenly this man who looked like nothing special, was not hurt at all, and he was surprised at heart.

                Wasn't this the same as him tickling Qin Ming?

                Qin Ming spat out a mouthful of blood and scoffed, "Tsk, are you tickling me? Wouldn't you like to say that you let your water down?"

                "Hm!" Faced with Qin Ming's mockery, Ah Xuan's teeth clenched in annoyance as he charged up once more.

                His fist proved to strike, and his footsteps followed, surprisingly taking Qin Ming's throat straight.

                "Watch out!" Sun Changxi and Lin Yurou shouted in alarm at the same time.

                After shouting, the two looked at each other again, as if they felt some emotion from within each other's eyes.

                As soon as the words left their mouths, Ah Xuan's fist brushed against the side of Qin Ming's cheek, the wind of the fist blew, Qin Ming clearly felt the powerful force, the skin of his face was actually torn as a result, blood dripping out.


                But this time, Qin Ming parried the attack, he hadn't studied Taiji Sanshou for long, but to say that he was incomparably good at street fighting.

                The moment Qin Ming received his opponent's punch, he immediately lunged forward, brutal brute force to push Xuan to the ground.

                But Ah Xuan was very experienced, his underhandedness was stable, his body kept retreating, and he was not pushed down by Qin Ming.

                And in a flash, he twisted and reversed, and had swiftly circled around to Qin Ming's back, followed by a vicious elbow dropping down towards the back of his vest.

                "Ugh~! Ah~!" Qin Ming suffered a heavy blow directly to his back vest, spitting out a mouthful of blood as his entire body flung forward and fell to the ground.

                "Ah!" The people on the Sun family's side were all worried when they saw Qin Ming being hit again, if Qin Ming was to faint, they, the people, would undoubtedly have less of a backbone.

                From the moment they saw Elder Sun, he hadn't said a word, he might have been given some kind of drug.

                Without Qin Ming, who had been helping them, I was afraid that the three brothers would have to quarrel again and show Sun Justice the ugly state of the Sun family again.

                A Xuan held his chin high and disdainfully said, "Just a beginner in kung fu, brute strength is an accident to the two of them, from your movements, you are at best at the level of a street gangster fight, you can't win against anyone just by being ruthless."

                "Cough cough cough." Qin Ming coughed and spat out another mouthful of blood.

                He wiped his mouth and said, "What are you so proud of? Scratching an itch for me and gaining confidence?"

                Ah Long's pupils shrank, this could still stand up?

                "This guy grew up as a sandbag?" He couldn't help but question in his heart.

                That's right, Qin Ming had grown up like a sandbag.

                When he was very young, he was a "bad boy" whose parents did not care about him in Baishui Town. His mother was sick and bedridden all the time, so she could only do ordinary household chores, and his father had to work to support the family of five and pay for the children's education.

                Qin Ming was not much hated as a child, but Yang Wei, with his family's money, often bullied some of his peers, and over time, Yang Wei got into trouble, and Qin Ming was often active with Yang Wei, and the two were beaten together.

                Of course, Qin Ming felt that he had never bullied anyone, so why should he be beaten up too? He resisted, and the more he resisted, the more severe the social beatings became, and the more people Qin Ming provoked.

                Yang Wei was too scared to be an arrogant bully, but Qin Ming became more and more brave and made a name for himself, getting injured twice in three days and becoming a famous bully in Baishui Town.

                Later he also met a similarly powerful girl, Chang Miao Miao, and the two of them engaged in fights for seven or eight years from primary school to junior high school, often with more people on the other side and less on Qin Ming's side, often getting beaten up.

                Ah Xuan's elbow just now was indeed powerful, but it was not a fatal wound for Qin Ming.

                Qin Ming got back to his feet, again surprising the crowd, they would not deny the power of this man called Ah Xuan, and the blow just hit the back of the heart, the shock was enough to penetrate to the heart, but Qin Ming was still standing.

                Qin Ming smiled, "I remember when I I was fourteen years old, I was hit hard with a hammer to my back heart, I almost died then, you are too weak with this power."

                Ah Xuan frowned, his face became even more grave heart said, "What has this guy been through? Being hit in the heart with a hammer?"

                Similarly, the people of the Sun family were dumbfounded, wasn't this the child of Zhao Songli, the illegitimate son of the Zhao family? No matter how loathsome it was, it was still the Zhao family's bloodline, and to suffer such inhumane persecution as a child? A child of fourteen years old, being punched in the heart with a hammer? How did he survive?

                "You've gotten carried away!" Xuan raged and charged again.

                But Qin Ming suddenly spat into the ground, a mouthful of blood that he had held in his mouth suddenly spat out and spat in the exact spot where Ah Xuan's front foot was about to step down.

                Ah Xuan's pupils shrank, and the moment he stepped down, his foot slipped.

                "Impossible, this is a coincidence, right?" Ah Xuan's foot slipped and his body lurched forward, extremely shocked inwardly, "Or did he foretell it?"

                Qin Ming had foretold it, but only with his opponent's anger and anxiety.

                After failing to beat himself several times, Qin Ming clearly felt that Ah Xuan's breathing had become anxious; after all, he was someone who practised exhaling and breathing every day, so it was easy to tell.

                He had wanted to provoke his opponent into revealing a break when he lost his mind, then he felt blood spilling out of his chest again and vomited in the process.

                There was no way around it, his opponent just coincidentally stepped on it and slipped.

                Looking at Xuan who was lunging at him, Qin Ming swung his fist without saying a word and threw a right hook.


                The fist hit Ah Xuan square in the face, his whole head was deflected and his body was sent flying backwards in a forward leaning state, rolling five times in a row before he fell to the ground, a tooth knocked off the ground.

                Xuan fainted on the spot.

                There was silence here in the hall, Qin Ming so suddenly, just one punch? How strong must his fist have been?

                Qin Ming shook off his hand, not even looking at him, and turned back to say, "Sun Justice, you have lost, be a man and practise what you preach."

                Sun Justice looked at Qin Ming with a stern face, and after a moment's hesitation, he took out a drawing and a remote control and said, "This is the controller and the place where the explosives are hidden."

                Seeing this, Sun Renbing immediately rushed forward, took the remote control and the drawing, and said, "I will go and find someone to defuse the bomb."

                "Alas ......" Sun Justice let out a long sigh, "As a result, I still lost, ah."

                Sun Justice looked somberly at Elder Count and asked, "I want to see your Sun family fall apart and the drama of each son killing each other will not be seen."

                Qin Ming suddenly said, "No, Sun Zhengzhi, you have won. You have won your life back. Here's a phone number I got this morning, you can try to get in touch."